Centennial Predict-the-Future Contest

Where will the state of television and cinema technology be in 2016, the 100-year anniversary of SMPTE’s founding?

Tell us your thoughts and the winners — identified by renowned analysts — will be recognized during the Gala SMPTE Centennial Event in 2016.

Open to all interested participants, the Centennial Predict-the-Future Contest asks questions about the future of television and cinema technology. At the contest entry deadline on 1 November 2013, the answers submitted will be sealed until 2016, when a select group of analysts and their firms will identify the correct answers to the contest questions and determine the winners. Prizes will be awarded to those who answer questions correctly.

The Society is currently planning other events to celebrate its 100th anniversary, including a gala banquet event. To stay tuned of further developments, email centennial@smpte.org.


SMPTE Centennial Predict-the-Future Contest Terms

1.     Participants enter the contest by completing any or all questions to “Predict-the-Future” contest located at www.smpte100.org.

2.     Contest will be in effect from 7 April through 1 November 2013.  Participants’ answers will be stored away until 2016.  SMPTE will reveal answers to questions in 2016.  These answers will be used to select the winners of the individual questions. 

3.     Participants must click to consent to SMPTE Contest rules as a prerequisite to entering.

4.     Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.  No purchase necessary.  Only one family member may enter.  No present or former employee of analyst firms may enter.  Violation of these rules will void any winning or award of prizes.

5.     Prizes will be awarded to correctly answered questions.

6.     The value of a prize is treated as ordinary income by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).  It is the responsibility of each prize winner to report the value of his or her prize in a lawful manner.

7.     The decisions as to who are the winner for this contest are subjective.  The decisions will be made by SMPTE analysts, and their decisions are final and unappealable.  The SMPTE analysts have full power and discretion to award said prizes.

8.     All prize winners consent to the use by SMPTE of their images as prize winners of the Predict-the-Future contest, and said winners agree that they will not be compensated for the use of their images.