Centennial Activities

SMPTE Founder - C.F. Jenkins

Turning 100 years old is a milestone achievement that few organizations can claim. In 2016, SMPTE will be one of them. Join us in celebration as we reflect our history and look to a bright future.

Vision Statement
SMPTE shall be the preeminent leader in the advancement of the art, science, and craft of the image, sound and metadata ecosystem.

Preparing for the Next 100 Years
SMPTE will celebrate its centennial in 2016 and we know that the next 100 years will be very different from the first. Every step along the media chain is changing.

New entrants are challenging every aspect of the media workflow, from technology tools to the business models. 

SMPTE’s role is becoming more vital to the industry as standards become fundamental to ensuring ongoing interoperability. 

The Society is currently planning other events to celebrate its 100th anniversary, including a gala banquet event.

To stay tuned of further developments, or to volunteer, email centennial@smpte.org.