2014 Society Elections

The 2014 Elections for Officers and Governors of the Society open on Monday, 18 August, and close at 11:59pm GMT on Monday, 29 September.  All Active category members are eligible to vote (this includes Professional, Executive, Fellow, Life, and Honorary members). 

All voting members are eligible to vote for Board Officer Candidates as well as Governor Candidates within their Region.

For SMPTE policies and procedures regarding Society Elections, including determination and appeal of election results, please see Section 9.5 of the Governance Operations Manual.

All members* who cast their vote will be entered into a raffle to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 Grand Prize - Complimentary registration 2014 Annual Technical Conference OR One complimentary year of membership dues
  • 1 Second Prize - DSC Labs Cam White test chart
  • 3 Third Prizes - $50 gift certificate to the SMPTE Store
  • 5 Runner Up Prizes - $25 gift certificate to the SMPTE Store

*Election Candidates and Current SMPTE Officers are not eligible


2014 Board Officer Candidates

The Board Officers comprise the Executive Committee, which, according to the Governance Operations Manual,  "takes interim action on urgent policy or business matters which arise between Board meetings, and serves the Board by maintaining a close and continuing supervision over the operations of the Society." A listing of current Board Officers, can be found here: https://www.smpte.org/about/board

The following Candidates are running for a Board Officer position in the 2014 Society Elections.  All Officer Candidates are running for a two-year term, beginning 1 January 2015 and ending 31 December 2016.


President for Two-Year Term, 2015-2016 - One Open Position

Robert Seidel
Vice President, Engineering and Advanced Technology, CBS

I graduated from Lehigh University with a BSEE. After graduation, I worked for the U.S Dept. of Defense in Electronic Countermeasures, but quickly realized I enjoyed broadcasting more than Defense Electronics after designing and operating Lehigh University’s FM radio and Campus Cable TV stations. As a result, I joined CBS Engineering as a Design Engineer and in 1989 was promoted to V.P. Television Engineering.  I directed the engineering team that made broadcasting history when CBS affiliate WRAL-HD, became the first television station to transmit HDTV on July 23, 1996. I was responsible for transitioning the CBS and CW TV Networks to Digital HDTV. In 1993, I received an Emmy for pioneering work in portable Newsgathering satellite uplink systems.

In 2014, I received the National Association of Broadcaster’s Television Engineering Achievement Award. I strongly believe in giving back to the industry and serve as the Chairman of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Engineering & Technical committee, as well as serving on the ATSC Board of Directors. I am a member of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, where I have presented numerous papers.  I also serve on the NAB Technology Committee and the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Committee. My involvement in SMPTE includes serving as the SMPTE Television Editorial Director:  1997 – 2001; Finance Vice President:  2007 – 2012 and Executive Vice President 2012 – 2014.

As the Society approaches its 100 year anniversary, it needs to embrace adjacent market industries, such as over-the-top television that use motion imaging and file based work flows. The Society needs to expand the number of student chapters to infuse the Society with young members, whereby ensuring the long term growth of the Society. As the leading technical society in motion imaging, we need to expand the Society’s on-line educational course offerings to include basic audio / video technologies for the young engineers, as well as offering advanced courses in new file based and IP technologies to the seasoned professional engineer.


Executive Vice-President for Two-Year Term, 2015-2016 - One Open Position

Matthew S. Goldman
Senior Vice President, TV Compression Technology, Ericsson

My name is Matthew Goldman and I am running for Executive Vice President. I have been involved actively in the development of digital television solutions since 1992. I first became excited to be part of our industry during my contributions to the MPEG-2 Systems standard, which fundamentally changed television and entertainment video by enabling virtually all forms of digital video to become a reality. This led to my interest in joining SMPTE. I have been an active member in SMPTE for 17 years, participating in or leading the creation of many SMPTE standards. In 2008, I became a Fellow of the Society. From the camaraderie and friendships that grew from being part of SMPTE, I decided to increase my involvement. I served as Eastern Region Governor from 2010 to 2012 and then the Finance Vice President from 2013, where I continue in my second term. I also have presented several times at both the Annual Technology Conference in Hollywood and the Australia Technology Conference in Sydney. I was part of the Annual Technology Conference Committee in 2012.

With a broad understanding of SMPTE financials, operations, education and standards, I wish to serve as your next Executive Vice President. As your Executive Vice President, I will lead the long range planning efforts of our Society, to ensure its long term relevance, viability and sustainability as we approach our centennial. I also will continue my prior efforts in the SMPTE‐HPA partnership to ensure that we maximize the exciting opportunities this creates for both organizations. In addition, I will work with other members of the Board of Governors and SMPTE Staff to improve further the financial health and stability of the Society.

Outside of my SMPTE activities, I am Senior Vice President of TV Compression Technology for Ericsson, where I am focused on video compression systems products and solutions. I have been issued six patents related to digital video transport and four of my projects have been recognized by Technology & Engineering Emmy® awards. I have been influential in the development of ATSC, DVB, and SCTE standards. A regular speaker and panelist at trade conferences, I also have published many technical papers and articles related to digital video/television. I received BS (high honors) and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am a Senior Member of the IEEE and an inductee of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers. My wife, Kathleen, and I have three children.


Paul Stechly
President, Applied Electronics Limited

As the president of a company started by my late father in the same month I was born in 1958, I have quite literally grown up in the broadcast industry.  Applied Electronics Limited, is now about 4 times larger than 20 years ago with 128 full time employees across Canada. In my 31 years as a full time employee, my primary focus is the strategic planning of the technology offering that we bring to the Canadian Broadcast Industry.    

I am in my 7th year on the SMPTE Board of Governors and in my 3rd year on the Executive Committee as Membership Vice President. Prior to that, I came up through the ranks of the Toronto Section as Manager, Secretary/Treasurer, Chair, and Past Chair. My time on the Board has been a wonderful experience. I’m personally proud of the accomplishment of re-writing the Membership Operations Manual and participating in the revisions process as a whole. Other accomplishments include the re-organization of international Sections, the creation of new Sections and establishing a Section “Chairs Council” as a regular forum of dialogue between Sections, the Membership VP and SMPTE staff. It’s so exciting to see the new energy within SMPTE and the growth in all areas of the Society’s endeavors.

I believe I am well suited to progress to the role of Executive Vice President. Seven years on the Board has given me invaluable experience in terms of SMPTE operations. In my career as our company’s president I’ve demonstrated organization and leadership skills that have allowed our company to grow in the fast changing world of media and entertainment.  I strongly believe the future of SMPTE lies in our ability to extend our reach to the world of new media.

As we approach our centennial, there are so many wonderful opportunities ahead for SMPTE. Our Membership and conferences continue to grow, and our finances are strong.  I envision a SMPTE that is more industry diverse. By expanding our reach to other sectors of the media industry, we not only grow membership into those areas, but we help our traditional membership migrate to the world of new media. Hand in hand with industry outreach is the goal of improving the age and gender demographic of The Society.

It’s been such a rewarding experience to serve on the SMPTE Board comprised of such enthusiastic volunteers. It would be a great privilege for me to carry on in the new role as your Executive Vice President.


Education Vice-President for Two-Year Term, 2015-2016 - One Open Position

Patrick Griffis
Executive Director, Technology Strategy, Office of the CTO, Dolby Laboratories

In my current position at Dolby, I am charged with helping define and execute future technology strategy for the company. I have been active in SMPTE for over 2 decades and responsible for initiating and driving a number of SMPTE standards initiatives, including VC-1 standardization, DVCPRO standardization, and more recently as drafting group Chair for a SMPTE standard in high dynamic range.  I am a SMPTE Fellow and the current SMPTE Education Vice President.  I have previously served as a member of the SMPTE Foundation Board, and as SMPTE Secretary-Treasurer, where I drove the effort to update our Bylaws and develop the operations manuals, in addition to updating our reserve fund investment policies and processes.  I have also been active in other standards organizations, having served as Vice Chairman/ Member of the Board of the Digital Living Network Alliance, past member of the Board of ATSC and the ATSC Forum, and past President of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society.

As Education Vice-President, my goals are three-fold: first, to help SMPTE become more effective in accomplishing its core mission and assure its financial stability by updating its processes and policies; second, to help expand participation from other industries, which are increasingly intersecting the entertainment ecosystem; third, to improve and evangelize the quality and caliber of SMPTE, its membership, and resulting work products.  Regarding the first goal, as Education VP, I introduced and secured Board approval for our first Education Fund policy as well as the formation of an Education Strategy Committee.  For the second goal, I initiated an effort to expand our conferences into the on-line media world creating the “Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age” conference which just enjoyed its second successful year.  For goal three, I have expanded the number of Education Directors and sought to bring leaders from both academia and industry to create the best educational programs to serve our membership. Despite good progress, there is much more to do including taking full advantage of our new Digital Library, increasing student participation, and improving our Journal processes. I look forward to continuing these efforts with your support.


Secretary/Treasurer for Two-Year Term, 2015-2016 - One Open Position

Peter Wharton
Vice President, Technology & Business Development, BroadStream Solutions Inc.

I have always being fascinated by electronics, although the Heathkits I remember have been replaced by Raspberry Pi and Mods for Minecraft in our next generation of members. My journey in broadcasting has included working for radio, TV and satellite networks, and now product development and marketing. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to meet many brilliant and passionate colleagues. Whether it’s our technology conferences and seminars, our local section meetings or the seventeen years of the Bits By The Bay conference that I help produce outside Washington DC, it’s a privilege to be able to help these bright lights share their expertise and nurture our members.

In my past roles as a section manager, governor or the position I currently hold as Secretary-Treasurer of SMPTE, I seek to provide a solid foundation for members of our society to participate, share and excel. Through SMPTE we can build a stronger community while providing global technology leadership. Our community starts with our local sections, and we must empower our section leaders and help them with membership outreach, monthly meetings and special events. I will use our success with the Washington DC section to help other sections achieve similar strength. Growing our membership means starting with high school, college and university students; developing student sections is a high priority. SMPTE needs to have a stronger global presence and I will help create more international sections and events.

2016 marks SMPTE’s 100th anniversary, and as Secretary-Treasurer I will work to make sure we are prepared to be as vital to our industry over the next 100 years as we have been over the past century. I also would like to encourage all SMPTE members to be involved, even if it’s simply just sharing your ideas on how we can better serve our community.


2014 Regional Governor Candidates

As stated in the Governance Operations Manual, the Board of Governors "is the top governing body of the Society and within the framework of the Bylaws decides policy which governs all Society activities...[The] Board is comprised of Society Officers, Regional Governors, and members elected by the Board."   Specific information on the duties and responsibilities of the Board can be found in Section 7 of the Governance Operations Manual.

A listing of the current members of the Board of Governors can be found here: https://www.smpte.org/about/board

The following Candidates are running for a Regional Governor position in the 2014 Society Elections.  All Regional Governor Candidates are running for a two-year term, beginning 1 January 2015 and ending 31 December 2016.

Asia/Australia Region - One Open Position

Lam Kwok-Luen
Vice President, Broadcasting & Engineering Operations (Retired since 2011), Hong Kong Cable TV Ltd.

KL is the current SMPTE Asia/Australia Region Governor, and has formerly held the positions of  Hong Kong Section Chairperson and Governor at Large.  He is a SMPTE Fellow and has managed the Hong Kong Section for the past 19 years since the Section’s inception.

KL has been with Hong Kong Cable TV Ltd for 17 years and had has been worked in TV engineering field for 39 years in various TV Engineering positions for engineering operations and TV project management. He manages a team of 268 engineering and broadcasting, News and Production technical operational staff in order to keep the 800,000 subscriber cable network in good services. Introduce new TV technology to Senior Management for building up new business opportunities. Currently, He is the Director of Tech-ex Co Ltd , who manage the professional team of 100 editors, sales marketing, production and engineering to build up the new media publishing platform and professional education platform in China.
KL will manage the Hong Kong Section and the Hong Kong Student Chapter by the help of current Chairpersons to promote the SMPTE to Asia Pacific such as Singapore, Taiwan and China. In order to expand the reach of membership, we will keep closer contact to CSMPTE by co-organizing technical seminars. Also, he will keep on the directive and contribution to the industry and members by the organizing of professional TV/Film technical conferences and seminars and Training Courses. Also, keep the outreach of SMPTE (HK) Section by Broadcast Asia Exhibition, Singapore, BIRTV, China and co-organize technical conference and exhibition supporting with Technical Exchange Ltd, SMPTE & CSMPTE, China. Will keep close relationship with China Government and Institutes, China Education Sector, Hong Kong Government Tele-communication Sector and Education Sector to provide the member more opportunities long life learning and human networking.


Canadian Region - One Open Position

Pierre Marion
Director, Media Engineering, French Networks, CBC/Radio-Canada

My name is Pierre Marion. Following the completion of my Bachelor Degree in Applied Science from the Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, in 1984, I have been involved, at different levels of project engineering, in the world of Broadcast, always working for the engineering department of the Société Radio-Canada (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Over these last 30 years I have seen the technological evolution of the Broadcast industry and its relationship with the motion picture industry (often new technologies arrive in the film industry and then migrate to television production). This is where I have seen the importance of SMPTE, first in the role the local Montreal chapter played locally, bringing the different broadcasters together technologically and socially and increasing the level of technical knowledge of its members, and then in the role of standard development that SMPTE brought to the industry, establishing and normalizing new standards.

In the last 15 years I have been involved with SMPTE in the local Montreal chapter, organizing evenings and other events. Then in 2009, I had the privilege of being elected as one of the two Canadian Governors, where I had the opportunity to chair the 2012 Archival Technology Award Committee.

As the traditional broadcast industry is moving towards the web and Over the Top distribution, our challenge will be to bring younger members to the world of the “moving images’’ industry, not just the Broadcast or Film industry. This is the challenge we at SMPTE have to meet and that I will aim to achieve if I am reelected to the position of Canadian Governor.


Central Region - One Open Position

William T. Hayes
Director of Engineering and Technology, Iowa Public Television

I am currently the Director of Engineering and Technology for Iowa Public Television. I have worked in broadcasting my entire professional career starting while attending Loyola Marymount University. My television experience includes the construction of two startup stations, rebuilding and renovation two other stations and the complete transition of the IPTV network to digital and begin high definition production in 1999.  In addition to my position at IPTV, I am an author for TV Technology magazine and the Vice-President of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning and development. From 1999 through 2008 and I lead the team and created the technical program for the Iowa DTV Symposium, an internationally recognized and attended educational event that helped technical and creative professionals understand and prepare for digital broadcasting and high definition content production and workflow. I was recognized as the 2008 Educator of the year by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Within SMPTE, I am the current Central Region Governor. I am also involved in standards including the TC-31FS30 WG on AXF, the TC34CS AHG on media device control over IP and the Joint Task Force on Professional Networked Streamed Media.

Professional societies exist to serve the membership and the industries in which the members work. Among my goals are working within SMPTE on developing educational programs and products for media industries. I would also work to develop and grow the Society’s international footprint through cooperative ventures with other organizations on both global educational initiatives and standardization projects.


Eastern Region - One Open Position

John McCoskey
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

I am running for re-election to Eastern Region Governor after being appointed by the Board of Governors for my first partial term in 2013.  I am currently Executive Vice President & CTO of the Motion Picture Association of America.  MPAA is the trade association representing the six largest studios and the interests of the motion picture and television industries worldwide.  I am responsible for development and execution of MPAA's global technology strategy and agenda covering: advocacy and communications, content protection, industry technology, industry relations and standards.  I spend half of my time in Washington, DC and the other half in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, working closely with studios and supporting the technology interests of our industry.  My background includes positions as the first CTO of the largest broadcaster in the U.S. (PBS), head of product development for the largest cable operator (Comcast), and CTO of one of the largest cable television programming entities (Discovery Communications).  

Our society faces significant challenges in the coming years.  Technology continues to change at an increasing pace based on the advances predicted by Moore’s Law.  Standards activities and the relevance of the society hinge on recognition and acceleration to match the realities of these rapid technological changes.  Based on my role and experience, I am uniquely positioned between the major studios, technology organizations and worldwide policy setting organizations to help SMPTE face these challenges head-on.  I look forward to continuing to serve all of the SMPTE membership in a second term as Eastern Region Governor.


Hollywood Region - Two Open Positions

Stephen M. Beres
Vice President – Media & Technology Operations, Home Box Office Inc. (HBO)

I currently serve as Vice President of HBO's Media & Technology Operations group where I lead a west coast based team of technologists in pushing the state of the art in digital production. Before taking over the department, I served as Technology Architect for HBO and was active in researching, testing and helping productions to integrate new acquisition formats and transition smoothly into the file based world. Previously, I worked with FotoKem as Director of Engineering for nextLAB and served as Chef Technical Officer for PlasterCITY Digital Post. Before joining PlasterCITY, I worked with Apple Computer and Discreet Logic. Before entering the technology side of the entertainment industry I worked in physical production so I have an understanding of both sides of the business.
My goal as a SMPTE Governor is to expand the reach of the organization by working with the local chapters to increase participation from students and those new to the industry. My work as Section Manager in the Hollywood chapter is a good example of the kind of impact I would like to see on a national scale, we draw hundreds of member and non-member attendees to our meetings by offering content that is interesting and relevant to the modern and ever changing media technology industry. For example we host a yearly meeting with the production team from HBO’s Game of Thrones, this has allowed us to appeal to a broad range of individuals, exposing some to SMPTE for the first time.



Andrew Setos
CEO, BLACKSTAR Engineering Inc.

I have spent my entire career innovating in the fields of motion imaging and sound, from production to release in virtually every form of content distribution.

I joined our Society in 1970, while still an undergraduate, and was nominated a Fellow in 1992. I have made presentations at Society gatherings and been published in our Journal. I have participated in and vigorously supported our internationally recognized Standards setting process. I have always encouraged members of my teams and other colleagues to join and to contribute to our Society. I have been successful at encouraging our Institutional Sustaining members to increase their support for our Society.

Our Society is as relevant today as it was when it was born almost 100 years ago. However that relevancy must be continuously earned. Just as it successfully embraced Television we must embrace the new methods and engineers that come onto the scene that aspire to inform and entertain the public through moving images. To that end each of the Three Pillars of our Society must be vigorously supported: encouraging Membership, especially via outreach to new industries so we are a “must join” Society, Education, through ensuring the editorial of our Journal is “must read” and that our worldwide Section activities are “must attend”, and ensuring that our Standards setting is a place innovators and practitioners alike feel is a “must participate” process.   I have supported each of these Pillars as a member and would seek to continue that work through the office of Governor.



Clyde D. Smith
Senior Vice President New Technology, FOX Networks Engineering and Operations

I am the SVP New Technology at FOX NE&O. I came to FOX after 16 years at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta where my role was SVP Global Broadcast Technology and Standards. Prior to joining Turner, I spent 8 years at the Kennedy Space Center, in Communications Design and Development Engineering, where I supported 48 Space Shuttle missions and three interplanetary probes.

SMPTE Fellow
Former Section Officer, Treasurer, Manager and Chair
Former Standards Chair, Committee on Signal Technology 1996-1997
Former Governor Southern Region
Current Governor Hollywood Region

I played a key role on the team that resulted in Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. receiving a 2003 Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Engineering.  I participated in the team developing Broadcast Inventory Manager Solution resulting in 2005 21st Century Achievement Award by The Computer World Honors program, and the 2014 team that led to FOX receiving the Storage Visions Conference, Visionary End User Award for a Cloud Based Initiative at CES 2014.  In 2001, I was awarded the SMPTE Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society, and in 2006 I received Broadcasting and Cable’s Technology Leadership Award. In 2007 I received the SMPTE Progress Medal, and in 2008 I was awarded the Storage Visions Storage Industry Service Award.

If elected I would continue to represent the interests of the Hollywood section members and focus on improving support for existing members and attracting new members, in order to develop and maintain the new skills required for the second century of the Society.


New York Region - One Open Position

William C. Miller
President, Miltag Media Technology, LLC

I am a technology consultant specializing in technical standards for television.  I have forty years’ experience in the broadcast industry, all of it in engineering and technical operations.  I have been active in the Society for over twenty years, having joined as a student member in 1973.  I have been an active member since 1978 and a Fellow since 1995.  I am currently New York Region Governor and Membership Director for Student Chapters.  I serve on many of the Society’s administrative and award committees and am a member of most of its technology committees.  From 2009 to 2012 I was Chairman of the New York Section.  I served as Engineering Vice President from 1996 to 2001.
I believe my experience at all levels of the Society makes me best qualified to serve as New York Region Governor.  The Society recognized my contributions as Engineering Vice President by honoring me with the Progress Medal in 2002; it recognized my more recent contributions with the Presidential Proclamation in 2013.

In order for the Society to grow and prosper into its next century, it is critical that we attract younger members.  This is why my wife and I established the Student Member Challenge Fund.  So far the Fund has raised $25,000 and has drawn hundreds of students to join the Society.  It is also why I volunteered to be Membership Director for Student Chapters.  I want to continue this work, both as Director and as Governor; there’s still much to do.


Douglas I. Sheer
CEO & Chief Analyst, DIS Consulting Corporation

I am proudly running for Governor of the New York Section. I have been a member of the Society since 1972 and a member of the board of managers for a decade. I served as Section Chair, for two terms – 2007-08 and 2008-09 after being Secretary/Treasurer – 2006-07. I created the June Editing Showcase running it for 3 years, which a trade show with 40 exhibitors and seminars. I am currently serving on the planning committee for the Society’s Centennial in 2016.

I am CEO and Chief Analyst of DIS Consulting Corporation, the research partner of the NAB and of China Info-media. We publish 11 annual global reports. My articles appear in over 80 countries each month. DIS has served more than 1,700 clients since 1982 and is a leading supplier to the industry. This is my 45th year in the industry. I began my career as a hands-on producer/editor/colorist. I was advertising manager of JVC at the launch of VHS. At Ted Bates I supervised Panasonic, Matsushita and Technics business. I edited and published books and directories at B/ME and World Broadcast News (including B/ME’s ENG/EFP/EPP Handbook with Bob Paulson) and KIPI (A-V Video and Shooting Commercials). I published the first NAB Daily newspaper in 1984.

I believe that expanding membership to embrace a broader definition of communications appropriate to the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn age, is the key to success in our next century.


Southern Region - One Open Position

Merrick Ackermans
Engineering Director, Turner Global Technology and Operations- US Network Operations

Hello, I am Rick Ackermans and I am running for the open SMPTE Southern Regional Governor position. As many of you know I have been actively involved with SMPTE for over 20 years and am honored to be a Fellow of the Society.

Over the years I have been heavily involved in the Atlanta section as a manager, meeting host and organizer; where I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you. In addition I have previously served on the SMPTE Board as a Southern Region Governor, the position for which I am currently running.  I am a member of most SMPTE television standards committees and have previously chaired several primary and sub committees.

I have lived in metro Atlanta for 26 years working for Turner Broadcasting System where I am currently an Engineering Director for Turner Global Technology and Operations- US Network Operations.

My goal if elected is to continue the great work of my predecessors in supporting section leaders in expanding the SMPTE Southern region. With the recent addition of the Florida sub section we are showing terrific signs of growth in the Society’s Southern region.  I will work with the other members of the Board of Governors to see that we have the tools and policies that allow us to continue our accomplishments. As I have done in the past I will work to clearly represent the needs, challenges and unique opportunities of the Southern region, its film and television industry and most importantly its members.


Ronald Caird
Eastern Sales Manager, Florical Systems

I have been involved in the television business since 1989 and became a SMPTE member in 1996. Between 1996 and 2001 I served as a member of SMPTE standards committees involved with video compression and transport.  When I moved to Atlanta in 1998 I became active in the Section, spending three years as the Program Chair, multiple terms as Manager and two terms as Section Chair.  I have also participated on planning committees for both local and Society-wide conferences.   This experience with the multiple dimensions of SMPTE has given me an understanding of the variety of needs of the membership and the various roles within the organization.  This should serve me well in representing each of these components of the organization to the other.  
My employment experience has included many areas of the business including video compression and transport, facility infrastructure and monitoring, content distribution, traffic, automation and production and post-production technology. In my current position I regularly travel throughout the Southeast Region of SMPTE, and have regular conversations with television engineers and other technical professionals.  I hope to use this to better understand the things that members would like to see provided or addressed by the Society.
SMPTE serves this industry in a number of vital ways from developing and instituting technical standards that enhance the quality of our products to providing educational and development opportunities to increase and enhance individual knowledge.  As Governor I will work with the Board to both continue and extend those opportunities and to insure their relevance.


Western Region - One Open Position

Sara J. Kudrle
Product Marketing Manager, Monitoring and Control, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the SMPTE Western Region Governor and I am eager to serve a second term, especially now that I have learned the ropes and know the other board members.  I have been involved in the television industry for over 15 years, with most of those spent as a software engineer working on control systems.  During that time, I became actively involved in SMPTE, and began expanding my horizons.  I started by becoming a section manager and the secretary/treasurer for the Sacramento section, joining the SMPTE board of editors, becoming involved in the standards community as a document editor,  and participating at SMPTE events by writing papers and presenting topics.  Eventually, I became a session chair at SMPTE conferences and joined several task forces within SMPTE to solve industry problems.  

Now that I am part of Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, with offices in the Sacramento section, the Pacific Northwest section and the Rocky Mountain section, I hope to leverage my new colleagues as well as my SMPTE experiences and contributions to encourage greater involvement and to grow and invigorate SMPTE participation and education as we head towards our centennial year.  I am excited about the next two years and know there is much we can accomplish!


Europe/Africa/Middle East/Central and South America Region - One Open Position

Angelo D’Alessio
General Manager, CAM (Center for Accessible Media)

I have recently created a Center for Accessible Media, with the goal of simplifying the access of people with disabilities to new hardware and contents. I am now an independent consultant to new media systems, broadcasting, and moving images including Venice International Film Festival, National Cinema Museum, National Association of Italian Exhibitors, and Scientific Media Centers.  

I have been active in television engineering and system applications from my early days at Philips (1968), Ampex, and BTS helping develop broadcast colour systems in production, distribution and displays/exhibition. I have guided professional teams through many new challenges, inspiring them (I hope) with active interest in the technology, applications and strategic vision.

I was involved in the creation of the Italian SMPTE Section, and served as the Section Secretary for five years.  I received the 1989 SMPTE Presidential Proclamation, and the 1994 SMPTE Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society.  I served as SMPTE Director, International Sections from 1994-2009.  I have organized the SMPTE International Forum during Venice Film Festivals from 2005 to 2012.  I am currently a Life Fellow of SMPTE and Regional Governor.

My actions and plans will be devoted to deploying the benefits to allow successful use of SMPTE standards technology users and providers, as well as articulating the advantages of participation in SMPTE standards development.  I will also work to deploy the benefits of continuing education in the rapid evolution of Media System technology and applications. SMPTE has been always the Long Life Learning source for generations of professionals. And this should continue as an anticipating effect.

The expected result is to increase SMPTE Membership on all levels.  I will communicate with the SMPTE Board, local sections and members, both electronically, and in person at SMPTE local activities.  I am convinced that we should not find a solution for next year, but for many years to come. Problems can be complicated. Solutions cannot.