2020 Society Elections for Officers and Governors


The 2020 Elections for Officers and Governors of the Society open on Monday, 17 August, and close at 11:59pm GMT on Monday, 28 September. All Active category members are eligible to vote (this includes Professional, Executive, Fellow, Life, and Honorary members).

All voting members are eligible to vote for Board Officer Candidates as well as Governor Candidates within their Region.

For SMPTE policies and procedures regarding Society Elections, including determination and appeal of election results, please see Section 9.5 of the Governance Operations Manual.

Cast Your Vote

On or before 17 August, all eligible voting members will receive an email at the address listed in your membership record. This email will contain a unique link that will allow you to access the ballot without entering a username and password. This link will be valid for the course of the elections.

If you misplace or do not receive your personal link, you can also access the ballot by logging in to the voting system through the following link, https://eballot4.votenet.com/smpte, using your Last Name and Membership Number.

Once you have accessed the voting system, you will be able to view only the ballot for your Region. If you feel you have been assigned to an incorrect Region, please close the ballot without voting and contact elections@smpte.org immediately so that we can update your record and allow you to participate in the election for the correct Region.

If you do not know your Membership Number, simply log in to www.SMPTE.org, and you will find your member number at the top of the right hand column on the "My Account" page. If you are unable to log in, please contact membership@smpte.org or +1-914-205-2376.

Ballot Instructions

The ballot will list all available positions and the candidates running for each. Under each open position, you will see instructions indicating the number of candidates for which you can vote. Each candidate will have a photo and a brief candidate statement. Click the "details" link at the bottom of each candidate's statement to view their full candidate statement. In addition, on the right hand side of the screen you will see an "Instructions" tab, which provides voting instructions, and a "Details" tab, which will allow you to view each candidate's full statement and photo. Each open position also contains a "Write In" choice, should you wish to vote for a member not listed on the ballot.

Placing Your Vote

Once you have made your selections, you will have an opportunity to review and confirm your choices before submitting your vote. Once you have submitted your ballot, your votes cannot be changed. You will no longer have access to the ballot. You are also able to print a confirmation of your votes with a unique ID and timestamp, should you wish to have a copy for your records.

Meet our Candidates

2020 Board Officer Candidates

Executive Vice-President
Education Vice-President

2020 Regional Governor Candidates

Asia-Pacific Region
Canada Region
USA - Central Region
USA - Eastern Region
Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America Region
USA - Hollywood Region
USA - New York Region
USA - Southern Region
USA - Western Region
United Kingdom Region


2020 Board Officer Candidates

The Board Officers comprise the Executive Committee, which, according to the Governance Operations Manual, "takes interim action on urgent policy or business matters which arise between Board meetings, and serves the Board by maintaining a close and continuing supervision over the operations of the Society." A listing of current Board Officers can be found here: https://www.smpte.org/board

The following Candidates are running for a Board Officer position in the 2020 Society Elections. All Officer Candidates are running for a two-year term, beginning 1 January 2021 and ending 31 December 2022.

Two-Year Term, 2021-2022
One Open Position

Hans Hoffmann
Senior Manager / Head of Media Production Technology

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Current Executive Vice President (2019-2020 Term)
  • Finance Vice President (2018)
  • Standards Vice President (2011-2013)
  • SMPTE Fellow
  • Chair of several Technology Committees and Task Forces

Right from the beginning of my career as a researcher in media technologies in the IRT in Munich I have been working with the standards groups of the SMPTE and always sought to bring in the user perspectives and technical requirements to SMPTE. Later when moving to the EBU in Geneva, I had the honor of intensifying the mission of representing the EBU in SMPTE. I always looked for new innovations in the media field that offer new opportunities for both users and industry and for collaboration between SMPTE and other organizations world-wide.

SMPTE has allowed me to learn and grow in various ways in my professional career and through a great and divers community which are all represented in the society and its partners. It is now my time to bring back to SMPTE all my energy and talent in a very challenging time where the industry is struggling to find ways through the COVID crisis.

It has always been my understanding that every crisis also provides opportunities and we need to rethink and reimagine SMPTE in a global context. My objectives will be to drive for this change, together with the SMPTE staff, the board, our partners, together with each current member of the society and winning many new members and new partners for a healthy organization.


Executive Vice-President
Two-Year Term, 2021-2022
One Open Position

Patricia Keighley
Former SVP IMAX Corporation
Chief Quality Guru

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Current Finance Vice President
  • 2019 Fellow
  • 2017-2016 & 2009-2008 Hollywood Region Governor
  • 2011-2010 Sections (Membership) Vice President
  • 2008-2007 & 2006-2005 Chair, Hollywood Region Section; 2003-2004 Secretary, Treasurer, Manager
  • 2008 Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society

I am the co-founder (1972) of IMAX POST/DKP Inc., an IMAX subsidiary since 1988. Now based in Los Angeles, CA, the company has been involved in the large format post-production of 400+ films released in the film, digital and IMAX with Laser theatre network worldwide.

I am honored to serve as SMPTE’s Finance Vice President and have previously served as SMPTE Sections Vice President, and multiple terms as Hollywood Region Governor and Hollywood Section Chair. In 2008 I received SMPTE’s Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society.  I have served on multiple Award committees, the Gala Planning Committee and as a Student Film Festival juror.

In these uncertain times I am committed to collaborate with the SMPTE Board, staff and membership to continue reimaging SMPTE to meet today’s challenges.  Increased virtualization, expanded professional development opportunities and streamed meetings for Sections, Standards and User Groups to continue our growth and development.  

I am a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an Associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers. I also serve on the Executive and Governance Committees of the Giant Screen Cinema Association. I hold a BA in Psychology (McMaster University), a M.Ed. (University of Toronto) and Directors Education Certification from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Thank you for your support and ongoing volunteer activities that are SMPTE’s strength and future.


Education Vice-President
Two-Year Term, 2021-2022
One Open Position

Peter Wharton
Happy Robotz LLC / TAG Video Systems

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Section Manager, Washington DC
  • Eastern Region Governor
  • SMPTE Secretary-Treasurer
  • SMPTE Membership VP
  • Outstanding Service to the Society Award
  • Producer, Bits by the Bay conference

I’ve spent my entire career in this industry, from covering news to developing products and helping create new facilities. Twenty years ago, I discovered SMPTE and it changed my future. I met new friends, learned new technologies and learned that our future depends on our collaboration and community. Today the work I do drives adoption of new technologies and specializes in helping media organizations transition to the cloud.

Technology is advancing at an accelerating pace while media businesses adapt to a continuously changing landscape. Through all of this, SMPTE continues to evolve, helping our Members prepare for the future and nurturing the next generation of media professionals. As Education VP, I seek help our Members stay abreast of the latest developments and also provide foundational education for Students and those entering the industry. More than ever our industry and Members need help in charting career paths and engaging in lifelong learning, and SMPTE is essential to these endeavors.

Thank you for your support. I hope you’ll also consider volunteering to help SMPTE and share your ideas for SMPTE as continue in second century.


Two-Year Term, 2021-2022
One Open Position

John E. Ferder
Vice-President of Broadcast Engineering
Key Code Media

SMPTE Highlights

  • Elevated to Fellow, October 2012
  • Governor, New York Region, 2009.01-2012.12 & 2014.01-2017.12
  • Manager, Chair, Past Chair of the New York Section
  • Chair, David Sarnoff Medal Award Committee, 2015-present
  • Member, Annual Technical Conference Program Committee, 2015-present
  • Member of the Board of Editors, 2011.01-present

I’m John Ferder, VP of Broadcast Engineering for Key Code Media, and candidate for re-election for Secretary/Treasurer.  As a Fellow, I’m dedicated to serving SMPTE. As Secretary/Treasurer, I’ve assembled a dedicated Revisions Committee who has made great progress in revising the Operations Manuals of the Society.  Working as a member of the Financial Advisory Committee, we have been able to sustain a Reserve Fund that has more than one year’s operating expenses, which is imperative in these days where other associations are financially impacted and whose continued existence are threatened.  

As part of the Board of Editors for the Motion Imaging Journal, and on the Annual Technical Conference Program Committee, I enjoy reviewing presentations and chairing technical sessions. As Chair of the David Sarnoff Medal Award Committee, I’m grateful to the dedicated committee members who have worked to pick outstanding awardees. This year, I helped get the Chicago Section, where in my early service in SMPTE I was on the Board of Managers, active again.

This year, the Board of Governors and SMPTE staff are in the process of re-imaging the Society, realizing that the Society, like our industries, needs to evolve in order to attract new members.  The need for SMPTE to continue to set the standards by which content is created and distributed remains as important as ever. We also need to re-invigorate and establish new communities to grow the Society. As Secretary/Treasurer, I will work with the Vice-Presidents on the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors to ensure that our Operations Manuals and Bylaws establish and reflect the 21st century Society that we wish to become.  I appreciate the support that you have given me in the past, and look forward to continuing serving you and SMPTE.


2020 Regional Governor Candidates

As stated in the Governance Operations Manual, the Board of Governors "is the top governing body of the Society and within the framework of the Bylaws decides policy which governs all Society activities...[The] Board is comprised of Society Officers, Regional Governors, and members elected by the Board." Specific information on the duties and responsibilities of the Board can be found in Section 7 of the Governance Operations Manual.

A listing of the current members of the Board of Governors can be found here: https://www.smpte.org/board

The following Candidates are running for a Regional Governor position in the 2020 Society Elections. All Regional Governor Candidates are running for a two-year term, beginning 1 January 2021 and ending 31 December 2022.

Asia-Pacific Region
One Open Position

Tony Ngai
Founder - Director
Society of Motion Imaging Ltd.


SMPTE Highlights:

  • 1974 Joined SMPTE (Hollywood section) as Student member.
  • 1994 Joined SMPTE-HK section and acting as Section chair for more than 13 years (2003 to 2014, 2018 to 2020).
  • 2005 Citation of Outstanding Service award from SMPTE.
  • 2006 Fellow award from SMPTE.
  • 2017 Life Fellow award from SMPTE.
  • 2018 Professional Achievement Award from Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers.

I joined SMPTE Hollywood section as student member in 1974 when I was sent by Salon Films (H.K) Ltd to Panavision for technical training and ever since I am attracted by the width and depth of motion imaging knowledge that can be learned from SMPTE. Even more so, I am so impressed by the passions of SMPTE's participants in media entertainment technology from 1974 till now. Hence, I was one of the strong supporters when SMPTE-HK was established in 1994 as membership chair and then I became Section chair from 2003 to 2014 as weH as 2018 to 2020. In year 2017, I am honored that I received SMPTE's Life Fellow status.

Furthermore, I am also honored that Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers gave me a "Professional Achievement Award" in their 30th anniversary in 2018.

Throughout the years with my contribution to SMPTE as well as motion imaging community m Hong Kong, I am always trying to organize workshops, seminars, master classes etc. aim to extend the spirit of SMPTE in area of education and training to stakeholders.

My Macro goal is to contribute my soft skill (experience, knowledge and connection) to support the reach of SMPTE in Asia regions and aim to add values to SMPTE members including SMPTE students members, whereas my micro goal on area of technology education is focusing on Media over IP which is a major evolution for television industry and a must for television engineers to comprehend.


Canada Region
One Open Position

Sylvain Marcotte
System Architect / Product Owner
Grass Valley

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Standards committee work, such as 32NF on PTP review and ST 2110
  • Montreal Section meetings coordination over the years   
  • Regular presenter at Section meetings, in particulate a yearly review on the work accomplished by the various standards committee
  • This year I was involve in the preparation of the annual Montreal Bootcamp, which was fully virtual. My contribution was on the editorial board, and the logistics team
  • Currently I am contributing to work of the WFH board sub-committee to coordinate a series of Webinar about technology and success story during the new era of WFH in the media industry
  • Current Canada Region Governor

I joined the SMPTE in 1990 and have been involve in the television industry since. Throughout those years I have worked in R&D as a designer, group leader, director and today as a system architect and product owner. I joined the SMPTE standards community in 2009, by contributing to the ST 2064 standard, and I continue to contribute to work in various standard committees today. Over the years I have been involve in multiple successful designs of television equipment being use around the world.

Over the course of my career the SMPTE has always been important in my work. I have always taken the opportunity to share and educate about the importance of the standards create by the SMPTE. I have given multiple technical presentations about up-coming technologies in our industry in a form of “lunch and learn” or Section meeting, with the goal of educating the audience about the various applications and the standards related to them.

By contributing to the SMPTE standards community, I have contributed to the promotion of the importance of standards. I promote the educational work of the SMPTE every time I have the opportunity, especially when working with younger engineers.

With a second mandate on the Board of Governors, I would like to continue my contribution to the society and become more involve in its development. I will continue to promote the importance of the contributions to the standards work, in particular getting younger individuals to participate.  This will need to be done by promoting to their employers the benefit they can get by having active representation within the standards community.


USA - Central Region
One Open Position

William T. Hayes
Director of Engineering and Technology
Iowa PBS

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Current USA - Central Region Governor - Also served two previous terms (2013-2016)
  • Sarnoff Award Committee member
  • AXF Standards Committee participant
  • SMPTE Fellow

I am currently the Director of Engineering and Technology for Iowa Public Television. I have worked in broadcasting my entire professional career starting while attending Loyola Marymount University. My television experience includes the construction of two startup stations, rebuilding and renovation two other stations and the complete transition of the IPTV network to digital and begin high definition production in 1999. In addition to my position at IPTV, I am an author for TV Technology magazine and the Past-President of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning and development. From 1999 through 2008 and I lead the team and created the technical program for the Iowa DTV Symposium, an internationally recognized and attended educational event that helped technical and creative professionals understand and prepare for digital broadcasting and high definition content production and workflow. I was recognized as the 2008 Educator of the year by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Within SMPTE, I am the current Central Region Governor. I am also involved in standards including the TC- 31FS30 WG on AXF. I am also serve on the David Sarnoff Medal Award committee. I am also one of the founding members of the SMPTE JAM Band.

Professional societies exist to serve the membership and the industries in which the members work. Among my goals are working within SMPTE on developing educational programs and products for media industries. I would also work to develop and grow the Society's international footprint through cooperative ventures with other organizations on both global educational initiatives and standardization projects.


USA - Eastern Region
One Open Position

James M. Burger



Karl Joseph Kuhn
Principle Solutions Architect  

SMPTE Highlights:

  • 2014 to 2020- SMPTE HQ- North American Sections Director
  • 2012 to 2014- SMPTE USA -  Eastern Region Governor
  • 2005 to 2012- SMPTE DC Section - Chair
  • 2002 to 2005- SMPTE DC Section- Secretary and Treasurer
  • 2015 - SMPTE Fellow

I started in this industry in ninth grade and have continued to be passionate about being active in moving the technology forward. My current position at Telestream as a Principle Solutions Architect will allow me to attend and occasionally present at monthly meetings and events in the region.  This works well for me to be an engaged and a hands on Governor for the of USA Eastern Region.

I have been very involved with outreach to the next generation of industry leadership by being active in nurturing our student chapters and supporting our student focused events.

Over the years by being active in section leadership I have collected, and shared best practices and lessons learned with other sections.  My leadership experience includes Washington DC Section Secretary/Treasurer, Washington DC Section Chair, Eastern Region Governor and most recently North American Membership Director.  In 2015 I was raised to SMPTE Fellow.

My responsibilities at Telestream focus on test and measurement of ST 2110 IP, ST 2059 PTP, 4K and UHD, HDR, WCG and OTT transmission. We live in very exciting times as the industry experiences many paradigm shifts.


Europe, Africa, Middle East,
Central and South America Region
One Open Position

Olimpio Jose Franco
General Director
SET – Brazilian Society of Television Engineering

SMPTE Highlights:

  • SMPTE member since 29 Oct 1981
  • SMPTE Life Member from 2013
  • Promoted agreement for SMPTE´s papers to be published by the SET Journal (Revista da SET) - SET – Brazilian Society of Television Engineering
  • Fostered SMPTE´s standards and membership through agreement with SET- Brazilian Society of Television Engineering for SMPTE to produce/chair sessions and hold booth in SET´s annual event in Brazil ( SET Expo), the largest annual media technology & business trade show in Latin America, from 2014.
  • Promoted agreements between SMPTE and SET for the mutual benefit of the members of both organizations, such as facilitating participation in events.
  • Worked together with SMPTE in several international events and forums, such as the IBC and NAB, towards common goals. On the year 2016 SET awarded SMPTE for the centennial.

TV technology has been my life since 1969, upon joining TV Globo as intern technician. Along five decades, I worked for TV Cultura as technician, engineer and technical director; launched and headed TV Jovem Pan´s technology area; back to Globo, I continued designing state-of-the-art TV systems.

The beauty of education caught me from 1974, when becoming chief engineer for FAAP- Fundação Álvaro Penteado, responsible for video, audio and transmission systems of several internet channels run by professors and students.

I was deeply involved in standards evaluation and launch of digital TV in Brazil. The promotion of ISDB-T in Latin America yielded an award from ARIB/Dibeg.

Among my activities as SET´s president (for four terms) and as CEO (from 2017) are over twenty international agreements, such as SMPTE, NAB, IBC, ITE, IABM, Caper Argentina, Expotech Peru, Broadcast Mexico, Broadcast India and InterBee.

I became a SMPTE member before SET`s foundation, and have promoted its achievements through several actions, such as publishing articles in SET´s magazine and making sure its standards are always part of SET´s events, specially SET´s annual conference, attended by Brazilian and South American technology leaders.

In the globalized world we now inhabit, there is an extreme need for worldwide liasons in every field of technology. Considering the ongoing media Revolution, even more so regarding media technologies. Understanding trends and identifying technology needs of different media communities and helping them to face them is a welcome challenge.


Konstantin Glasman
Head of Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
St. Petersburg University of Film and Television

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Active participation in the Russian SMPTE Section activity for many years.
  • Section Manager of the Russian Federation Section.
  • Training of students - future members of SMPTE Sections - for more than 30 years.
  • Creation of the first Russian SMPTE Student Chapter, and Student Chapter Advisor for 3 years.

I received my Ph.D. degree in film and television technology from Leningrad University of Motion Picture Engineers (University of Film&TV since 1993). I held various research and teaching positions (from an engineer to Professor and Vice Rector). I always taught students to speak the motion picture and television industry’s technical language. It was actually the SMPTE language. I created the first Russian SMPTE student chapter. Three managers of the Russian SMPTE section (including chair) are my students.

I am Chair of the Video/Multimedia Committee of the IEEE CE Society, a member of the IBC Conference Technical Papers Committee, a member of the IABM Broadcast and Media Awards Panel. I was a member of the IEEE.tv Advisory Committee.

I am currently the producer of the YouTube broadcast channels of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society and Broadcast Technology Society. I produced more than 1400 videos for these channels.

SMPTE EMEA, Central & South America Region is extremely large. But this region needs horizontal links between sections and between members to network, interact, develop and become great. I understand the potential impact YouTube and social media can have if focused correctly. I have the right experience how to use them to increase attractiveness of the SMPTE as a globalized community to the youth. If elected, I will create the SMPTE network of interconnected and interacting YouTube channels and social media pages. My focus will be to stimulate young motion picture and television researchers, engineers, creatives and students to contribute to SMPTE activities.


USA - Hollywood Region
Two Open Positions

Michael DeValue

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Hollywood Region Governor 2019-2020
  • SMPTE Representative to the HPA Board 2020
  • Governor at Large 2018
  • Education Director 2014-2016
  • Standards Participant 2009-2019
  • Standard Co-Chair 30MR Metadata and Registers 2017-2019

My career in Hollywood has spanned 24 years at the Walt Disney Studios, where I was most recently Director of Technology Standards & Strategy. In that role I provided oversight and strategy for all standards efforts across the studio, including those related to the deployment of new technologies.

I have been active in SMPTE since 2008, beginning in the area of standards, where I have chaired or co-chaired several groups. I served as an Education Director from 2014 to 2016 and have participated in the Board of Editors and on several conference committees. In 2017 I became a Governor at Large and was elected a Governor for the Hollywood Region in 2019. In addition to being on the SMPTE Board of Governors, I represent SMPTE on the Board of the HPA.

My goal when I first became Governor was to maintain the relevance of SMPTE Standards, and to broaden the SMPTE membership by leveraging our partnership with HPA. While much work still needs to be done to encourage greater inclusivity, we are now facing an even more critical challenge with the impact that the Covid-19 virus is having on our industry. It is forcing both SMPTE and HPA to examine all aspects of our organizations in order for us to continue to operate and to provide benefit to our members. Having the knowledge and experience in all aspects of the SMPTE organization puts me in a position to help guide SMPTE in these efforts.


Marty Meyer
Manager, Strategic Account Management Post-Production & Rentals
Gravity Media/Gear House

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Chair – Hollywood Section – 2 terms
  • Manager – Hollywood Section – 1 term
  • Hospitality – Hollywood Section – 6 years

Marty began her professional career managing broadcast technical operations for network and local Los Angeles television facilities ABC and CBS. Moving to broadcast equipment rental companies, she’s worked as director of engineering, marketing and business development serving scripted, non scripted and sports clients. She currently works for Gravity Media/Gear House in Los Angeles where she manages strategic accounts for production and post -production rentals.

She received her bachelor’s degree from San Diego in TV/Film, English, Speech Pathology and Audiology, and studied broadcast engineering at KCSM in the SF Bay area. She holds an FCC License and an Emmy for Olympic sports broadcasting.

Marty chaired the Hollywood section of SMPTE for two terms, attracting new members by looking beyond the traditional participant profile and initiated a curriculum that challenges perceptions. With experience gained producing events and workshops for the Sports Video Group, Panasonic, Canon, Red the ICG et.al, she provides the hospitality for section meetings.

If she looks familiar you’ve likely seen her minding the buffet table at section meetings.


Allan J. Schollnick
Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Voxx Studios LLC

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Hollywood Section Manager - Active since 2003 - 2020
  • Hollywood Secretary Treasurer - Four Terms
  • Hollywood Section Chair - Two Terms
  • Fall Conference Sponsorship Co-Sponsor - Five Terms
  • Adjunct Hollywood Board Local Sponsorship Activities
  • Produced Section meetings several times since 2003

I have almost three decades of experience in post-production, distribution and technical services. I currently hold the position of Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Voxx Studios LLC.  Over the last 20 years I have been able to balance my career, family and maintain a high level of participation within SMPTE.  This has included projects at the local and national level, for the conference.

In my career, I have  held executive positions at THX Ltd., DreamWorks SKG, Turner Broadcasting and, The Walt Disney Company. All at various levels of operational and technical disciplines.

I believe what makes me a great candidate for the Governor position is that I have held all of the key positions with the Society at the local level, I understand what is needed, and I also see where we need to go for the future. Live events could take a while, so the organization needs to adapt to a model that encourages innovation and team work, while being remote.  

I possess a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix in Global Business Management, and an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Communications, Television and Film - Monroe Community College Rochester NY.

In 2019, I was recognized with the Citation for Outstanding Service in recognition of more than 30 years of service to the Hollywood Section, I have produced events and raised sponsorship dollars for SMPTE. I have always been a SMPTE champion, promoting the Society to other organizations at industry events.


USA - New York Region
One Open Position

Rosemarie (Rose) Lockwood
Global Account Director


SMPTE Highlights:

  • Current USA - New York Region Governor
  • Student Fundraising
  • Produced and Volunteer with SMPTE Section Meetings
  • Essential of IP Media Transport course attendee
  • Currently participating in a SMPTE Task force on DEI 

I have been involved with SMPTE for a long time and last year I was elected as a New York Governor in 2018 and it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Having a degree in electronics engineering, I have dedicated nearly 30 years to the Broadcast and A/V industry.  I am currently working for Belden as a Global Account Director. 

I have worked with as New York Governor in fundraising efforts for Students.  Also help with “Friends of SMPTE” and have assisted with meetings and recruitment of new members as a NY Governor.  I truly believe that SMPTE is an organization that has so much to offer.

I am deeply involved in the broadcast industry and deeply committed to the New York SMPTE section and will provide knowledgeable New York.

My goals for the future will be to leverage my associates and customers as well as my experiences and contributions to encourage greater involvement and to grow and invigorate SMPTE participation and education.  I am excited about the opportunity to bring in younger professionals to the SMPTE organization.  I enjoy promoting SMPTE now through remote medias such as LinkedIn to encourage them to look to what SMPTE has to offer to them. I hope to continue these efforts as a governor if elected.


USA - Southern Region
One Open Position

Lisa Hobbs
Senior Director Broadcast Sales

SMPTE Highlights:

  • SMPTE Atlanta Section Manager (2019 – Present)
  • SMPTE member since 2007

When I was asked to accept a nomination for the position of SMPTE Governor, my first thought was “why me?”  After all, I’m not an engineer.  Yes, I’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years—first with Scientific-Atlanta, then NDS/TANDBERG Television/Ericsson/MediaKind.  In that time, I’ve held product management, marketing and business development roles, only recently moving to sales.

Then I realized:  my strength throughout all the years and positions I’ve held has been to learn what I need to know technically from experts in the field, then apply it to solutions that help customers realize the benefits these technologies bring to them.  Learning is why I became a member of SMPTE, it’s why I never miss the national conference (even serving on the paper review committee one year,) and it’s why I participate in as many local Atlanta meetings as possible.  It’s also why I ran for Section Manager in Atlanta last year—to help bring in more speakers with programs that talk to the real-life applications of the technologies that SMPTE standards make possible, not just the technologies themselves.

As Governor, it is my desire to bring this same viewpoint to the larger national organization.  While extraordinarily talented engineers will continue driving new media standards, I would like to see SMPTE continually showcase the real-world applications for the standards being created.  Doing so, I believe, will lead to an expanded audience for SMPTE and serve as a springboard to growing new membership outside of the engineering community.


Christopher Witmayer

SMPTE Highlights:

  • SMPTE Annual Technical Conference Chair (2020 – Present)
  • SMPTE Journal Board of Editors (2019 – Present)
  • SMPTE Education Director (2020 – Present)
  • SMPTE Annual Technical Conference Session Chair (2019)

For 20 years I have focused on bringing sports entertainment to displays of all shapes and sizes.  I started my career on the football fields and in the edit rooms of NFL Films. With the education and guidance from the NFL leadership I was able to transition to NASCAR Productions where I was the Director of Broadcast, Production and New Media Technology as the Media Group.  I’ve spent the majority of my career designing file-based workflows enabling storytellers and creative artists to craft entertainment for sports fans around the globe. 

During my tenure with SMPTE I have served several roles from author and speaker to committee chair.  Currently I am serving as one of the Co-Chairs for the 2020 Annual Technical Conference.  Additionally, I am a first term Education Director helping broaden the scope of webcasts and training made available by SMPTE to our members worldwide.

Representing the Southeast territory for SMPTE would be an honor.  As a member of the Atlanta chapter, I have firsthand experience with the talent and cultural diversity in the region. This helps me prioritize and find commonalities between our region and SMPTE internationally.


USA - Western Region
One Open Position

Chris Lennon
President & CEO

SMPTE Highlights:

  • SMPTE Fellow
  • Recipient, 2008 SMPTE Citation
  • Standards Director
  • Chair, TC-34CS BXF DG and Media Microservices DG
  • Chair, TC-24TB Open Binding of IDs to Media DG 
  • Manager, SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section

I am a “lifer” in the media business, cashing my first paycheck at age 12. From starting at a major market TV station, then working my way up the ladder of a Fortune 500 company on the vendor side, to launching a startup eight years ago, it’s been a fantastic ride. Working with the world’s leading media companies, from studios to networks, station groups and new media over six continents has given me unique perspective. 

The networking/social, educational and standards pillars of SMPTE have done nothing but accelerate my personal and professional growth. At my very first SMPTE meeting, I was told that this would be the best thing I will ever do for my career. I had no idea what that really meant, but it was spot on. 

I have had the opportunity to participate in SMPTE Board meetings for 5+ years, in my role as Standards Director, and have gotten to really appreciate the inner workings of the Society. Between that and my role as Section Manager, I feel I’m well positioned to transition to the Director role and be in a position to strongly advocate for the Western Region’s needs at the national level. I have evolved from a fly on the wall, to an active participant, and ultimately a leader over my years in the Society, and serving as Governor will provide me with the opportunity to further my service to this organization and its members to whom I owe so much.


Jessica Wan
Media Systems Engineer
Pixar Animation Studios

SMPTE Highlights:

  • San Francisco Section Manager (2020-2022 term)

Hello! I’m Jessica Wan, a Media Systems Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios. Before Pixar, I earned my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. I studied engineering because I love technology and problem solving. I also love movies, so being able to work in entertainment technology is a real privilege and delight.

I’ve been a SMPTE member for about two years. So far, I’ve attended one SMPTE conference, helped host one SMPTE meeting with the local San Francisco Section, and been on two panels at SMPTE-related events. I may not have decades of experience, but I can offer a different perspective.

I think it is very important for the organization to expand membership to include a wider range of professional and personal experiences. If elected, I plan to engage and collaborate with SMPTE leadership on reexamining our current practices and recruitment efforts to help steer the society towards a more inclusive organizational culture. I have personally found the technical presentations, educational offerings, and networking opportunities invaluable and I would like these benefits to be enjoyed by a greater variety of people. Not only would this have lasting implications for SMPTE and the industry at large, but it will have an enduring impact on young professionals like me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


United Kingdom Region
One Open Position

Marina Kalkanis
M2A Media

SMPTE Highlights:

  • Current UK Region Governor

I started working in online media technology with the launch of the BBC iPlayer in 2007.  I was a technical lead for the team that built the online streaming service and found I was typically the only woman in the room in the technical design sessions.  From my early days at the BBC I worked closely with the likes of Apple, Netflix, Microsoft and Google and the major European broadcasters on streaming specifications.   Five years ago  I co-founded a media technology company that specialises in cloud hosted live video streaming acquisition and streaming.

I would like to see SMPTE UK build strong partnerships with other organisations in the UK like the DPP, RISE, UK Black Tech and UK Video Tech with a goal of fostering a video technology community that brings in new and diverse talent.   I would also like to see SMPTE UK do more in the online space to reach more of the community during our new normal of living with Coronavirus.