SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival 2016 Official Selections


Jurors curated the selected shorts from a record number of more than 250 submissions from more than 46 countries!

Hosted by SMPTE Director of Engineering and Standards Howard Lukk, the SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, 26 Oct., at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. The event is being held in conjunction with the SMPTE 2016 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2016). The Official Selections will be presented in SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (SMPTE-DCP) format, courtesy of Sundog Media Toolkit.

The categories are:

In addition, the Audience Choice Award will be voted on on-site by attendees and presented at the conclusion of the festival.

Information on each film and filmmakers appear below, with trailers that are available.

Award winners for each category will be announced and presented at the Festival. 

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The 2016 SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival Official Selections Are:

Best Creative Use of Entertainment Technology to Engage the Audience in the Story — Animated Short



According to the justice of the Wild West, thieves must be punished. But when the sheriff's horse breaks, and there is no-one to oversee justice, it's hard to forecast if justice stays justice.

David Stumpf, Cowboyland film

David Stumpf
Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia)

David Stumpf was born on Slovak-Hungarian border in 1991. Over the past four years he studied animation at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Currently, Stumpf is working on a master's degree at FAMU in Prague. In addition to rendering school films, he works as a freelance animator on several projects, including the television series, The TOTS, with directors Vanda Raymanova and Michal Struss. Stumpf is also developing his debut short film with Michaela Mihalyiova called The End.


Set in 19th century Moravia, it tells the story of the lengths a woman is willing to go to follow her heart's desires and the choices she has to face when that which she loves dearest is taken away from her. It is a story of holding on, and letting go.


Andreia Serrano
Central Saint Martins (London, England, U.K.)

Andreia Serrano is a Portuguese-born student at the MA Character Animation program at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London. She holds a degree in design from IADE in Lisbon and is currently working as a freelance animator in London. For two years, Serrano also tutored children in English and Math, with a perfect student passing rate.


A short film that brings awareness to both parents and children growing relationship. This film reflects that being a parent, we always strive to teach the young ones to be the best of what you can be so that you will have a secure and happy future. And yet, parents may not understand what their children's situation. As for children, we grow up thinking about our own happiness. We tend to be blinded by the things we've always routinely received from our parents and in turn misunderstood their daily actions. What we don't notice is the amount of effort and the amount of love we get from our parents. We forget that they are humans too that can get carried away by emotions too and make mistakes.




Suhyun Cho and Nadya Wijaya
School of the Visual Arts (New York, U.S.)

Nadya Wijaya is an Indonesian Chinese American. She spent most of her life both in Indonesia and Singapore. It's been three years now that she has been back in states to continue her studies. Wijaya is currently graduating with a bachelor's degree in computer art from the School of Visual Arts, where her focus is in 3D Animation.   

Suhyun Cho is a Korean studying in America. She is a student of School of Visual Arts and will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in Computer Art. Through her studies, Cho has discovered her passion and talent is in lighting and compositing. She inspires, to one day, be lighting technical director. 


H2Obby tells the story of Hobby, a very curious little dog that develops with an ice cube a friendship which, with the evolution of the facts, becomes a challenge to keep.


Flavia Trevisan
Faculdade Melies de Tecnologia (São Paulo, Brazil)

Flavia Trevisan always dreamt of becoming an animator. By the end of her studies in architecture, she finally took a chance and subscribed to a one-year course at MELIES, Cinema, 3D and animation school. Since then, Trevisan has dedicated herself full-time to a career in animation. H2Obby was her first movie.


It’s long past midnight when the tired and jumpy waitress decides to go and investigate the ominous noise she hears right outside the roadside coffee shop she’s working at. She discovers that she is being attacked by a Zombie! The zombie lazily wobbles inside the shop and corners the poor waitress behind the counter. How will she save herself? What will it take?

Lara Arikan
Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, Florida, U.S.)

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Lara Arikan remembers drawing almost every waking hour since she was able to hold a pencil, and to her, the most inspiring thing is a big blank piece of paper. Prior to discovering Ringling, Arikan wasn't aware that animation could even be an option for a career. She was trained in all aspects of the CG pipeline from visual development to lighting and compositing. In her final year at Ringling, Arikan decided to pursue production management and hopes to begin her career in the animated feature industry.


I Could Eat A Horse

An incompetent student's desperate quest for sustenance as he explores his filthy shared house, which leads to a brutal and life changing dilemma. Inspired by horrific experiences with shared student accommodation!

Jake Hovell
University of South Wales (Pontypridd, Wales, U.K.) 

Jake Hovell is an extremely passionate stop-motion animator from London. He studied Animation at The University of South Wales and interned on Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, CBBC's Rastamouse, and Aardman's Shaun the Sheep. This is Hovell’s first film and his direction debut. This film was a massive learning curve for him, and he strongly intends to continue and make more films in collaboration with other artists (to spread the workload and get more rounded creative input).



My Mother Only Had One Eye

Short sad animation with a powerful moral tale .

Joseph Nason
Cork Institute of Technology (Cork, Ireland)

Joseph Nason has been an amateur photographer most of his life and gained extensive skills in image processing mainly using Adobe Photoshop. He has just completed his first year at Cork Institute of Technology (C.I.T.), Ireland, studying multi-media with the intention of completing his studies within the next three years. Mason’s  main focus is in film production and is the area he intends to pursue once his education is completed.

Player Two

Explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond.

Zack Antell
Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York, U.S.)

Before the days of broadband, the shared video game experience was ffightingg over the better controller, pizza parties, solving puzzles together. A singe player game was the coolest movie ever to the younger sibling, as the director sat next to them with the controller. This sense of a free roaming camera undoubtedly lead to my fascination with animation. Zack Antelli is beginning a career in editorial, but before he begins helping tell other people’s stories, he wanted to conclude his undergraduate with a film he needed to make for himself.



Charlie is happily in love with Rose and sends her a series of love letters through the mail to convey his affection. One evening, however, while the two are at dinner, they have a fight. Charlie returns home and rashly writes a breakup letter. But when he goes to mail the letter, the mailbox will not accept it. 

Catherine Bailey
Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, Florida, U.S.)

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Cat Bailey learned at an early age to appreciate good architecture, good movies, and good coffee. Prior to attending Ringling College of Art and Design, she earned a degree in communication and journalism from the University of Portland. Driven by a love for animation and film sparked by her father, a lifelong movie buff and Portland radio personality, Bailey decided to make the leap from working as a public affairs specialist for the U.S. government to pursue her true passion.



A starving rat who lives in a scrap yard builds a rocket ship that he hopes will fly him to the moon, which he thinks is made out of cheese. 

Dor Cohen and Marnus Nagel
Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)

Marnus Nagel is originally from South Africa and comes from a strong traditional art background which has been translated over into digital mediums. Nagel has a love for creating beautiful artwork, whether as an individual or as part of a team. 



Seen Through the Eyes of Children

Anna Maria Mouradian
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University (Montréal, Canada)

Anna Maria Mouradian is a 3rd-year student in Bachelor's of Film Animation program. She received an award for outstanding achievement in film animation in April 2015 and 2016. Mouradian's first animated short film “Shattered” had been screened in several festivals around the world in 2015. She has also a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Syria University of Kalamoon. 



On stage, a pianist and a violinist interpret the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns. In the heights of the theater, the lighting guy is languishing behind a giant console which only activates two buttons. He decided to speak through an unexpected light show.


Otalia Caussé
Supinfocom Rubika (Valenciennes, France)

Otalia Caussé is 19 years old and has always been passionnate about cinema, animation movies, and drawing. By going to an art college, in Paris she can to go to the Louvre Museum every Wednesday night, to draw during the nocturnal opening. "Spotlight" is Claussé’s first short film, and it has been made as a year-end review.



"Unmasked" is an animated short film encompassing an emotional story that revolves a young boy who embarks on a journey after the sudden loss of his father.

Christina Faraj and Alice Gavish
School of the Visual Arts (New York, U.S.)

Christina Faraj and Alice Gavish are two aspiring filmmakers and artists. They grew up on opposites sides of the world, from Brooklyn to Israel, just to meet 18 years later and become thesis partners at SVA. Determined to set high standards for themselves and achieve them, they produced a short film called "Unmasked," encompassing an emotional, heartfelt story. They aspire to continue making stunning visual stories that carry an emotion and a message. 


Best Creative Use of Entertainment Technology to Engage the Audience in the Story — Live-Action Short 

Bug Killer

JooYeon Na and his boss are called to action for a job as bug exterminators. Their mission is to annihilate a pesky roach within an office complex. While JooYeon’s boss lazes outside, JooYeon attempts and fails repeatedly to exterminate the resilient critter. With all his mounted aggression he turns to a new heavy duty bug bomb, and detonates.

Unggyu Choi
School of the Visual Arts (New York, U.S.)

Unggyu Choi is a South Korean born VFX artist and graduate of SVA 2016. He dreams of one day having his own VFX short film studio where he can share his imaginative work with the world.



A young boy is visited by unexpected visitors.

Emily Pietro
Emerson College (Boston, U.S.)

Emily Pietro is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Her passion is storytelling and she has been making films since she can remember. She pursued filmmaking at Emerson College where she was able to express her creative self and also meet the people who inspired and helped her achieve her goals. When Pietro’s not writing or directing, she is production designing, painting, or hiking. Her work has been seen at several different festivals including programs in Poland and France. 

When a phone-enthused workaholic leaves work, he takes an unexpected detour that changes his perspective on the world around him.

Shane Murphy
San Francisco State University (San Francisco, U.S.)

Shane Murphy is a writer, filmmaker, post-producer, artist, and student at San Francisco State University. Murphy has directed three experimental films and is an award-winning screenwriter, and a novice director with aspirations toward animation and professional cinematography.

One on One

In a world in which two universes exist two souls meet on a basketball court in a third dimension, they partake in a battle of their strengths with another.

Chen Yeger
Sapir College (Gevim, Israel)

Born and raised in Israel, 1989. In 2011, Chen Yeger began her education in 201cinema at  Sapir College in Sderot, Israel. During her studies she wrote, directed, filmed and edited several shorts films. Currently, Yeger is working on her final film project towards her degree. 



A fantasy world about modernity of future; where the life is too fast for us to be able to think about our life! People just can be a part of the modernity flood. In this world, somebody faces some signs, which makes him think about his past…


Ehsan Mollazadeh
Sorreh University (Tehran, Iran)


Best Use of Mobile Device or Tablet to Convey a Story — Narrative Short 


Explaining my life in 2 minutes.

Jayden Gillespie
Canyon Crest Academy (San Diego, California, U.S.)

Jayden Gillespie has enjoyed film and television his whole life and has always had a passion for directing. Gillespie is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy, a public high school, and is going into his second year of Envision Cinema Conservatory. He has created multiple short films in addition to helping to write, produce, and host his high school news show, CCA TV. In the future, Gillespie hopes to attend a prestigious film school and become a successful director. 




A woman revisits the place filled with her happiest moments and most tragic memory, and in a moment of solitude decides to let go of it all and take a leap of faith.


Jon Navarro
Long Island University (Brooklyn, New York, U.S.)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jon Navarro discovered filmmaking when a friend invited him to set one day and he quickly became enamored. Proud of his Puerto Rican decent, Navarro is best known for his award-wining films "The Gypsy," "The Opposite of Romance", and “ nlisted," which have featured predominantly Black and Latino cast, and tell culturally relevant stories that are true to his experiences.





For 2 billion years female (XX) was the only sex in nature. "XX" is a film about XXs, their hopes, freedom, desperation, captivity, and so on. A multi-dimensional film which anyone can get anything he/she wants from it, sort of self-explanatory...

Yagmur Ekim Yilmaz
Çankaya Anatolian High School (Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey)

Yagmur Skim Yilmaz was born in Edirne, Turkey in 1997. She studied language learning in Berlin and currenly lives in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Yilmaz is fluent in German and also speaks English. "XX" is her first short film.

Best Use of Virtual Reality in Storytelling — Narrative Short


At the Game: An RIT Hockey Experience

This was a 360 experience captured with a self-constructed rig of 7 GoPro Hero 3 cameras. The stitching was completed using Kolor's Autopano Video Pro. The post production workflow following stitching consisted of Adobe Premiere. AfterEffects, and DaVinci Resolve for color grading.

Experience Rochester

A 360 tour of both iconic and hidden gems of the city of Rochester, New York.

Anna Dining
Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York, U.S.)

Anna Dining is a senior pursuing her B.S. degree in Motion Picture Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. Throughout her time at RIT, Dining has found a passion for virtual reality’s potential to heighten presence and empathy in cinematic storytelling. She is currently working on a thesis project that involves producing a short 360 film and executing a user study to explore ‘story presence’ and the new language surrounding the medium.  




Urbanite’s life is busy for the miserably long working hours. An old photo on your office desk may bring you back to the happy memories in high school: laughing in classroom, chasing in corridors, escaping from teachers, as well as enjoying musical concerts in the assembly hall.

The music video produced incredible VR experiences by merging live-action video and visual effects, to create frozen moment, zero gravity the upside-down classroom. 

CHAN Ming Chun
Hong Kong Design Institute (Hong Kong)


CHAN Ming Chun, a Hong Kong student who graduated with a Higher Diploma in the Film & TV program at Hong Kong Design Institute. He believes VR could become a common method for video presentation and wishes he could continuously investigate more possibility on applying VR technology and produce videos innovatively in the coming future.