The 2015 Elections for Officers and Governors of the Society concluded on Monday, 28 September.  Thanks to all the SMPTE Members who participated as candidates and voters, helping to shape the leadership of our Society.

The election results are below.  All positions carry two-year terms, beginning 1 January 2016 and ending 31 December 2017.



2015 Board Officers

The Board Officers comprise the Executive Committee, which, according to the Governance Operations Manual,  "takes interim action on urgent policy or business matters which arise between Board meetings, and serves the Board by maintaining a close and continuing supervision over the operations of the Society." A listing of current Board Officers, can be found here:


2016-2017 Finance Vice-President 

Paul Stechly
President, Applied Electronics Limited

By way of introduction, I am the president of Applied Electronics Limited based in the City of Mississauga, just outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Our company is a large systems integrator serving the broadcast and other industries. The company was started by late father the month I was born in December of 1958. I have quite literally grown up in the broadcast industry.

I’ve got the experience of running and growing a business which now employs 135 people in six offices throughout Canada. Our company is approximately 5 times as big as it was 20 years ago. Financial analysis and planning are fundamental to the ongoing success of our company and I’ve got 33 years of relevant business experience to bring to SMPTE.

Like many on the SMPTE Board I started out as a Manager of the local Section in Toronto. I eventually became the Secretary Treasurer, The Section Chair and the past Chair. From there I went on to two terms as Canadian Regional Governor before joining the executive committee as the Membership Vice President 4 years ago. I participate in various committees and planning activities within the Executive Committee and Board of Governors.

The good news is that SMPTE is growing! Corporate and individual memberships are up, new Sections have been started, we’ve completed the new association with HPA and the number of Society events has also risen. So the finances of SMPTE are becoming larger and more complex. My goals include bringing more financial analysis tools to the Board of Governors and in general bringing my business expertise to the office of Finance Vice President.


2016-2017 Membership Vice-President

William C. Miller
President, Miltag Media Technology, LLC

I’m Bill Miller, and for the past seven years, I’ve been President of Miltag Media Technology, LLC, where I advise clients on media technology standards.  Prior to this, I was employed in a number of technical positions over the course of 33 years at the ABC Television Network.

I’ve served in a number of positions in SMPTE, including Membership VP, Engineering VP, Section Chair and Governor.  In each position, I’ve tried to analyze what we were doing, why we were doing it, if it was worth doing and if so, how we could do it better. I’ve had the good fortune to work with other volunteers in the Society who’ve helped by suggesting smarter ways to get things done, so the improvements have all been collaborative efforts.  The Society has recognized my contributions by elevating me to Fellow in 1995 and awarding me the Progress Medal in 2002 and the Presidential Proclamation in 2013.

Over the past several years, I’ve been concerned about the effect changes in technology and business have had on the membership of the Society.  To bring in younger members, I started the Student Membership Challenge Program, which allowed us to offer students one year of membership without charge.  It has to date brought in over 600 Student Members.  To serve members outside the core location of a Section, I introduced the concept of a Subsection.  The first one, in Connecticut, has been in place for four years, and the second, in Florida, is now a full Section.

There’s plenty more to do.  From rationalizing Section boundaries to revitalizing moribund Sections, I have my work cut out for me.  Thanks for your support.


2016-2017 Standards Vice-President

Alan Lambshead

I retired in 2013 from a career with Evertz Microsystems Ltd. in Burlington, Ontario, Canada that spanned over 33 years.  In my most recent role as Vice President, Engineering my responsibilities included the general oversight of R & D and product development, focusing on Time Code and Post Production products.

During most of my 33 years at Evertz, I was an active member of SMPTE Technology committees.  During that time I served for 4 years as co-chair of the 32NF Network and Facilities Architecture Technology Committee, chaired several other Drafting Groups, and authored several SMPTE Standards and Recommended Practices.  

I have been actively involved as a member of the Toronto SMPTE section, and have presented papers at local sections and national SMPTE conferences in the areas of HDTV time code and sync issues, HDTV production, HDTV Metadata to name a few.

I graduated from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario with a B. Eng. in Electrical Engineering in 1972, became licensed as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) in Ontario in 1988 and in 2009 I became a SMPTE Fellow.  

I have been serving as Standards Vice President, since January 2014.  In this role I am responsible for providing leadership to the SMPTE standards process, which involves over 600 SMPTE members, serving on 10 Technology Committees.  As one of the Vice Presidents, I also serve on the Executive Committee and on the Board of Governors.  It has been my pleasure to serve in this capacity, and I look forward to a second term in this role.

My goals for the next two years include

  • Working toward streamlining the standards development process to ensure timely, relevant Engineering document development
  • Encouraging collaboration and cooperation with other industry groups
  • Encouraging involvement in SMPTE standards development from younger engineers


2015 Regional Governors

As stated in the Governance Operations Manual, the Board of Governors "is the top governing body of the Society and within the framework of the Bylaws decides policy which governs all Society activities...[The] Board is comprised of Society Officers, Regional Governors, and members elected by the Board."   Specific information on the duties and responsibilities of the Board can be found in Section 7 of the Governance Operations Manual.

A listing of the current members of the Board of Governors can be found here:


2016-2017 Asia/Australia Region Governor

John Maizels
Broadcast Engineer, Entropy Enterprises

My name is John Maizels.  I’m a broadcast engineer, and I stand for SMPTE.

When I joined SMPTE in 1988, I didn’t anticipate the impact that comes from active participation in a professional organisation.  SMPTE isn’t just the Journal and Section Meetings – although those are very important benefits.  SMPTE provides opportunities to network with fellow professionals, join the standards development community and be an industry contributor rather than an observer.

It’s a two-way thing.  As a Section Manager, Section Chair, and Governor, SMPTE involvement has  been part of my professional skill development: conference-running, meeting-organisation, financial management, leading teams, and webmastering.   In turn, I’m proud to have been an active contributor to the first complete rewrite of SMPTE’s legal structure after almost 100 years, a continuing member of SMPTE Revisions Committees, and Standards Committee 25CSS.   But there is still much work to be done through student chapters, conferences and member innovation , and my sleeves are rolled up.

My vision is for a vibrant, strong SMPTE that supports your professional life.  Please  join me to create the best SMPTE we can have.


2016-2017 Canadian Region Governor

Randy Conrod
Senior Product Manager – Digital Products, Imagine Communications

I first encountered SMPTE in the “80s” when I was a bench technician working on RGB to NTSC color encoders and waveform/vectors monitors and RS-170a was “the standard of the day.”  Following the SMPTE standards became more important especially when I moved into product management as HDTV started its roll out in the late “90s” and now as UHD starts its roll out.

SMPTE became more than just the “standards” for me. I started attending the local meetings and remember asking how do I become involved? Before I knew it, I was nominated and voted in as manager on the Toronto Section board. I also started attending and presenting at the first “boot camps”. This led to a suggestion to participate in a series of tutorial articles in the Journal and I was honoured with the Journal Award. After my tenure on the local board, I continued presenting at SMPTE events over the years which has taken me to destinations worldwide giving me a broader perspective on the industry and the people in it.

Two years ago, I was voted in as one of the two Canadian governors and at that time dedicated myself to assist in sustaining and growing membership across Canada and I have also become involved in committee work to not only increase membership but to assist in the Next Century Fund.

For the next two years if I am re-elected, I will continue to dedicate time and effort to increase the SMPTE membership.


2016-2017 Eastern Region Governor

John A. Luff
Consultant, HD Consulting

I joined SMPTE in 1973, as a young man looking to grow in the profession. SMPTE became my route to up to date information about technology and standards that were propelling the industry forward. For over 40 years SMPTE has been part of the foundation of my career. The perspective I have gained is invaluable, and is much of  the basis for the consulting I do for my clients on systems and technology deployment.

I have the ability to understand complex topics, and in nearly 50 years in television I have developed the ability to effectively communicate, and analyze both technology and business problems. In my work for other non-profits I have shown a talent for helping others to understand underlying fundamental issues that sometimes the change solutions chosen.

I have served the Society on technology committees, as Conference VP and a member of the Executive Committee of the BoG, and participated on various awards committees as chair and member. I am one of the founding ‘trio’ of members who birthed the very successful Pittsburgh Section in 2014, and am serving as Secretary/Treasurer. In 2005 I was selected as a Fellow of the Society, now Life Fellow, and in 2010 as the SBE ‘Engineer of the Year’.

As SMPTE enters it’s second century I want to help broaden the membership and help nurture Sections, and develop stronger ties to all aspects of media technology, including broadcasting, production, post production, gaming, new media, and distribution. Giving back gives me great satisfaction.


2016-2017 Europe/Africa/Middle East/Central and South America Region Governor

Bruce Devlin
Chief Media Scientist, Dalet

I am passionate about great media. I stumbled into the media world in the 1980s when I graduated from Cambridge University in the UK and joined the BBC before moving into the manufacturing community. In the 1990s, I was challenged to solve a file movement problem at a customer site.

This led me to start a collaborative project from which grew a file format called MXF and 3 reference implementations from startups OpenCube, MOG solutions and Of course this started my journey into SMPTE where I helped guide the MXF standards contributors from a set of technologies to the MXF document set that was first published in 2004.

SMPTE is the only organization that can successfully bind the world of professional media together. SMPTE’s 3 pillars of standards, membership and education start with the members who need technology to drive their businesses. This leads to standards that move the professional media industry into the future and in turn create a demand for education that is required to communicate those new ways of working.

I have been fortunate to deliver educational seminars around the world for SMPTE and I see that there is a need to increase the international representation within the overall membership to reflect the globalized nature of the media market today. As a SMPTE governor I hope to be able to help the organization grow the number of international members to reflect the reality of today’s professional media space.

Please Note: The SMPTE Board of Governors has formally approved the creation of the SMPTE U.K. Region and appointed Bruce Devlin, chief media scientist at Dalet, to serve as its first governor. Bruce had previously been elected by the membership to serve as 2016-2017 governor for the EMEA, Central, and South America Region. The SMPTE Board of Governors has now appointed Siegfried Foessel, head of the department of Moving Picture Technologies at Fraunhofer IIS, to assume that role while Devlin will represent the SMPTE U.K. Region on the board. Read more:

2016-2017 Hollywood Region Governor

Patricia Keighley
SVP and Managing Director, Office of the CQO, IMAX Corporation

My name is Patricia Keighley, Senior Vice President, IMAX Corporation; Managing Director, Office of the Chief Quality Officer; and co-founder of IMAX Post/DKP Inc., an IMAX subsidiary since 1988, involved in the large-format post production of 400+ films including digital and laser projection.

Previously serving as SMPTE Sections VP and Governor of the Hollywood Region as well as Chair (twice) and Secretary-Treasurer of the Hollywood Section.  I received SMPTE’s Citation for Special Achievement recognizing contributions to the section, work on the Lou Wolf Scholarship and various Award committees.

My innovative revamping of SMPTE’s Honors and Awards event format, in 2007, continues to this day.

A long-term volunteer Board member for SMPTE and the GSCA (Board Secretary for 7 years), I became interested in furthering my technical knowledge of the responsibilities of Directors and Officers.   In   2013, I completed the intensive Directors Education and Certification program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and, with the benefit of this training; I will make an even more meaningful contribution as Governor of SMPTE’s Hollywood Region.

Privileged to become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I plan to facilitate greater SMPTE interaction with the Academy and other industry associations.


2016-2017 New York Region Governor

John E. Ferder
Director of Studio and Post-Production Engineering, CBS

I’m John Ferder, and I’m running for re-election as New York Region Governor.  My group of engineers and I design, build, and support all of the production and post-production facilities for CBS in New York.  I have been employed in Broadcast Engineering since my undergraduate days at Marquette, where I received my BSEE degree in 1982.  I have been a member of SMPTE since then, and of IEEE since 1980.

I have enjoyed serving on the Board during the last two years.  I currently serve on the Revisions Committee, Audit Committee, ATC Program Committee, and as Chair of the Sarnoff Award Committee.  I have previously served as a Manager of the Chicago Section, and as Manager, Chair, and Past Chair of the New York Section.  In 2012, I was elected a Fellow of the Society, which I see as a call to higher service rather than an award.

I’m looking forward to working with the Membership Vice-President and the Board on new membership initiatives.  We’ve added four new Sections, added new Student Chapters, and increased our outreach to women.  Our ongoing consolidation with HPA increases services and opportunities for our members, and potential for new members as well.

It will be my honor to serve on the Board as we celebrate our Centennial and move forward into our next one hundred years. 


2016-2017 Southern Region Governor

Daniel A. Burnett
Ericsson, Inc., Senior Director of Sales – Broadcast and Media Solutions

Hello.  As a SMPTE member for almost 20 years, I have been very active with the Atlanta SMPTE Section. I have served many times as a Program Manager and as Section Membership Chair. I have also served as the Membership Chairman to support the Membership VP of the Board.   I served as your Governor from 2008 through 2011, and am currently serving another term in this position.  I have also been fortunate enough to participate on the Board during the transition to the Society’s new Bylaws and Operations Manuals.  

I have been one of the two Southern Region Governors for the past two years. During my current term as Governor, I was able to assist in the launching of a new Sub-Section for the Atlanta Section which has now become the new Florida Section for SMPTE. I have been promoting the benefits of being a SMPTE member since my second year as a full member.

In my current work position, I have the ability to cover all of the Southern Region to support all of the Sections in the Region.  My six years serving with the Board provides me with a great sense of the responsibilities involved.  And I am honored to be re-elected for my final opportunity to serve as the Southern Region Governor.


2016-2017 Western Region Governor

Mark A. Narveson
Patent Attorney, Artegis Law Group, LLC

My involvement with SMPTE began when I was an engineer at Grass Valley.  After attending Section meetings for a period of time, I served as a Section Manager and as an Officer for the Sacramento Section.  Because of the high concentration of broadcast equipment manufacturers in that area, we focused our programming on topics of particular interest to designers and engineers of broadcast equipment.  While there, I also reached out to the local independent film community in Grass Valley to involve local filmmakers in our Section’s activities.  

My technical experience includes development and marketing of 3D computer graphics systems, live production switchers, video editing systems, and video conversion and distribution equipment.  After nearly thirty years as an engineer, project manager, and product manager, I made the decision to become a patent attorney.  After beginning my practice, I was requested to consider a position on the SMPTE Board of Governors.  During my time as Governor, I have worked with the Board to explore a closer partnership with the Hollywood Post Alliance.  It is exciting to see that work now come to fruition.  

During my career, I have had the opportunity to create, market, and now protect products that are on the leading edge of motion picture and video technology.  If elected, I look forward to helping SMPTE to continue to be a leader in providing standards, education, and networking opportunities for creators of the moving image.  I am honored to serve another term as your Western Region Governor.

The Winners of the 2015 Society Election Raffle Prizes Are:

  • 1 Grand Prize - Complimentary registration SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference OR One complimentary year of membership dues - Allan Schollnick, Hollywood Region (Hollywood Section)
  • 1 Second Prize - DSC Labs Cam White test chart - John Beckhaus, Asia-Australia Region (Australia Section)
  • 3 Third Prizes - $50 gift certificate to the SMPTE Store:
    • Jerome Kalke, Eastern Region (Washington DC Section)
    • Tom Kraemer, Southern Region (Dallas/Ft. Worth Section)
    • Nathaniel Bonini, New York Region (New York Section)
  • 5 Runner Up Prizes - $25 gift certificate to the SMPTE Store
    • Charles Flynn, EMEA, Central and South America Region, (France – No Section)
    • Norbert Dube, Canadian Region (Montreal/Quebec Section)
    • Glen Pensinger, Western Region (San Francisco Section)
    • Russell Lundsgaard, Central Region (Chicago Section)
    • Albert Koval, Hollywood Region (Hollywood Section)


Thank you to all who participated!!