The Fuji Gold Medal Award Winners

Dr. Albert J.P. Theuwissen

For his contributions over many years to the research, development, and education of others in the solid-state image sensing field.

No Award Given

No Award Given

No Award Given

Nelson Tyler

Founder and CEO of Tyler Camera Systems, for the invention and development of the Tyler Helicopter Camera Mount.

No Award Given

Volker W. Bahnemann

President and CEO of ARRI Inc, who was instrumental in the design and development of several significant Arriflex products, which contributed substantially to the advancement of our industry.

Donald E. Trumbull

For his groundbreaking designs of process projection systems, motion control cameras, and their associated apparatus.

Edmund Di Giulio

In recognition of his many years of scientific development and achievement in the field of motion picture and camera engineering.

Ian A. Neil

Is recognized for his work in optical design, assembly, and testing of high-performance visual and infrared lenses, especially zooms.

Peter Z. Adelstein

For his research regarding the storage and the measurement of film degradation.

Dr. Maryann M. Mendel

For her design and engineering efforts in developing a range of origination films.

Leonard Chapman

For his contributions to the advancement of technology in camera support. They include his development of the Hustler camera dolly, his engineering, design, development and manufacturing of the PeeWee dolly for motion picture production, and his introduction and development of the Titan Family of Camera Cranes.

Jonathan Erland

For his contributions to image compositing systems and materials, including the reverse bluescreen process, and the tessellated front projection screen.

David F. E. Corley

In recognition of his numerous efforts to establish the principles and means to assess and quantify system performance and evaluation criteria for film and television systems that have led to standardized methods of measurement.

Edwin Catmull

For his outstanding contributions in the field of computer-generated imaging, particularly for the development of the software known as RenderMan.

Robert M. Greenberg

In recognition of his achievements in the unique integration of film, video, and computer-imaging techniques.

Tak Miyagishima

In recognition of his design of the single autofocusing anamorphic camera lens. This lens has significantly enhanced the cinematography of widescreen formats.

Garrett Brown

The inventor of the Steadicam®, a camera support device adaptable to both motion picture and television origination.

Richard Edlund

For his significant contributions and innovations in optical printing techniques and in equipment for special effects uses in motion pictures.