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    Konstantin Glasman


    Konstantin Glasman | Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Central & South America Region, 2021-2022

    I received my Ph.D. degree in film and television technology from Leningrad University of Motion Picture Engineers (University of Film&TV since 1993). I held various research and teaching positions (from an engineer to Professor and Vice Rector). I always taught students to speak the motion picture and television industry’s technical language. It was actually the SMPTE language. I created the first Russian SMPTE student chapter. Three managers of the Russian SMPTE section (including chair) are my students. I am Chair of the Video/Multimedia Committee of the IEEE CE Society, a member of the IBC Conference Technical Papers Committee, a member of the IABM Broadcast and Media Awards Panel. I was a member of the IEEE.tv Advisory Committee. I am currently the producer of the YouTube broadcast channels of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society and Broadcast Technology Society. I produced more than 1400 videos for these channels. SMPTE EMEA, Central & South America Region is extremely large. But this region needs horizontal links between sections and between members to network, interact, develop and become great. I understand the potential impact YouTube and social media can have if focused correctly. I have the right experience how to use them to increase attractiveness of the SMPTE as a globalized community to the youth. If elected, I will create the SMPTE network of interconnected and interacting YouTube channels and social media pages. My focus will be to stimulate young motion picture and television researchers, engineers, creatives and students to contribute to SMPTE activities.