Logo Usage Policies

The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers has copyrights and service mark registrations on its logo and use of "SMPTE," the recognized abbreviation of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers, and regulates its use under the following guidelines:

  • Only the approved version of the SMPTE logo may be used.
  • The logo may not be distorted or altered in any way. (see page 15 of Visual Identity Style Guide)
  • Logo must be used in its entirety, neither the whole or recognizable parts may be incorporated into another logo. 
  • The logo can be printed in its original colors, all-black, or all-white version: No other color combinations are acceptable. (see pages 9-10 of Visual Identity Style Guide)
  • The SMPTE logo must bear the ® in all instances in which it is used.
  • Active SMPTE Sections are encouraged to use the SMPTE logo, as long as guidelines are adhered to. Each Section should have a logo with its name included both underneath and to the right. (see page 13 of Visual Identity Style Guide). SMPTE Section leadership are encouraged to download approved logos here.
  • The SMPTE logo may be used by SMPTE Sustaining members, but must be accompanied by text that states "Sustaining Member of SMPTE" and may not be used in a way that suggests SMPTE recommends, promotes or endorses a company's products, services or technology. Download approved logos here.
  • The SMPTE logo may not be used in conjunction with claims that products conform to SMPTE Standards.
  • The SMPTE logo is not to be used in any print advertising or other form of publication by any outside organization or nonmember of the Society without written permission from SMPTE. SMPTE reserves the right to authorize the use of the logo in cases of a business arrangement.

Complete policies are outlined in the SMPTE Visual Identity Style Guide (current version: v1-6.1.2015).

Requests to use any version of the SMPTE logo and for all new collateral must be made in writing and directed to Barbara Lange 


SMPTE Visual Identity Style Guide (current version: v1-6.1.2015)


Logos for SMPTE Sections  

Full Color Standard Logo


1 Color Standard Logo - Black