Matt Basford serves as System Design Manager for Regal Entertainment Group Technical Services.  Matt oversees the research, design, testing, and implementation of all D-Cinema projection and sound systems for Regal Entertainment Group.  He is currently managing the company’s transition to digital projection in over 6,000 auditoriums, one of the largest D-Cinema deployments to date.  Matt is also responsible for assuring that the interests of Regal Entertainment Group are represented in SMPTE, ISDCF, NATO, and other industry organizations and committees.   He has been with Regal Entertainment Group for 14 years and holds a BAS degree in Network Security and Forensics from Fountainhead College of Technology.





Paul Chapman has worked in the Video and Post Production industry in Los Angeles for over 25 years, having come from the UK after a career in Software Engineering. His degree is in Computers & Cybernetics from the University of Kent, Canterbury. During the first 15 years he was very active in the Telecine community, working for both manufacturers and users, such as Rank Cintel, Unimedia and Complete Post and Unitel Video. In 1996 he joined FotoKem, holding various engineering leadership positions. During the first part of his career at FotoKem he led the team that designed the infrastructure, implemented, and then moved into a new 60,000 square foot purpose built video Building. At FotoKem he currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Technology, in this position he is responsible for evaluating, recommending and implementing all aspects of digital technology company wide. Recently he has been designing a new post production facility, Fotokem - Budapest, Hungary, This incorporates latest in film scanning and dailies technology along with an extensive Isilon Network Attached Storage and SAN storage infrastructure. He is immediate past chair of SMPTE Hollywood section, having served for two years.

Michael Karagosian

Michael Karagosian is president of MKPE Consulting LLC, a Los Angeles-based consultancy for business development in digital cinema.  He is a 30 year veteran of the cinema industry, and active in the digital cinema space for the past 12 years.  He consults to manufacturers, software developers, system integrators, telecommunication companies, government organizations, and trade organizations.  Michael’s recent activities include the negotiation of digital cinema deployment agreements for Philippines and Ireland.  He was an advisor to the UK Film Council for the Digital Screen Network, and is a founder and former president of Cinema Group Ltd.  In the late 70's and early 80's, Michael led the development of cinema and studio products at Dolby Laboratories.  He has chaired numerous subcommittees in the SMPTE 21DC Technology Committee, and currently chairs the SMPTE TC-21DC High Frame Rate Study Group.  Michael is a SMPTE Fellow.




Glenn is President of ARRI’s American subsidiary, responsible for marketing, sales and service of ARRI cameras, lighting and post production equipment in North and South America.   He joined ARRI as CTO at the beginning of 2009, and moved up to President and CEO on April 1, 2010. Glenn has worked in the motion picture industry for 30+ years, in a variety of product development, strategy and management roles with Eastman Kodak, Cinesite, Texas Instruments and Laser Pacific.  He started his career at Kodak developing color negative films, including Kodak’s first ‘high speed’ film 5293 (EI 250). Since then, he has worked on tools for digital filmmaking, including the development of the Spirit Datacine and Cineon digital film scanners and recorders while with Kodak, the introduction of the Digital Intermediate process at Cinesite, and the standardization and deployment of DLP Cinema projection systems with Texas Instruments. At Laser Pacific, he managed the feature film services group, delivering digital dailies, DI, previews and trailers. Glenn is the author of a book, “Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema” and has served on technical committees for SMPTE, AMPAS and the ASC.  He is a Fellow of SMPTE, a Member of the Academy, and an Associate Member of the ASC.



Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor and Stereographer. He has extensive experience in film and high definition video photography, content creation, CGI and visual effects production. He has won an Emmy Award and an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. He is a full member of the American Society of Cinematographers, where he currently serves as Chair of the Camera Subcommittee. David has photographed and supervised VFX on feature film projects including Quantum of Solace, Into the Blue, Garfield, X-Men 2, Hollow Man, X-Men, Deep Blue Sea, Stuart Little, The Sphere, Contact, Batman & Robin, Mars Attacks!, Executive Decision, Batman Forever, Rambo III, Beetlejuice, Adventures In Babysitting, Stand By Me, Runaway Train, and many others. Among his Director of Photography credits; Spring Break ’83, Killer Pad, The Trident, What Love Is, Red Riding Hood, and Daddy's Boys.



Jim Whittlesey is Senior Vice President, Technology at Deluxe Digital Cinema. Jim has worked for Deluxe Digital Cinema for seven years developing the Digital Cinema mastering workflow, content (DCP) delivery and Key (KDM) management systems. Prior, Jim worked as the Director of Technology for Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), where he was the editor and one of the many authors for the Digital Cinema Specification. Jim worked as a hardware design engineer for Grass Valley Group on the Profile Video Disk recorder system. Jim has a B.S.E.E. from Purdue University and a MBA from University of Portland.