A special 4K/UHD Demo area will be set up to allow attendees to see 4K content and displays in a controlled environment.  One of the objectives of this component is to address the concern that a lack of native 4K content will slow consumer interest.  To address this, demonstrations will be arranged to showcase image processing and scaling engines and their ability to produce 4K/UHD content from lower resolution sources.  The high quality of these images, especially when compared to their native 4K/UHD versions, should help convince industry leaders that content is not a hurdle for adoption.

Insight Media has organized a sold-out UHD/4K demonstration room that will feature industry leaders such as Sony, Samsung, Canon, Quantel, Colorfront, Cisco, Elemental Technologies, Rovi, and Altera.

By demonstrating that upscaling and conversion engines can make 1080 content look great on a UHD TV, the UHD/4K demo will show that lack of 4K native content is not an obstacle to the rollout of products and services. The demo also will show that, thanks to the combination of low bit rates and high quality promised by the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) codec, the delivery of 4K content within production facilities and, most importantly, to the home, will not be a major hurdle either. Split-screen demos showing various HEVC and H.264 encoding comparisons will highlight the maturity of this technology. Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to see live 4K production workflows, presented by Sony and a team from Quantel, Colorfront, and Canon.
For the upconversion demos, all participants will show a “test reel” authored by Technicolor —in  a side-by-side comparison. The same content will be used to showcase the advantages of HEVC for 4K distribution.  Additional demo support is coming from from New Media Hollywood, Video Clarity, SpectraCal, and ThinkLogical.
Insight Media recent completed a similar side-by-side demonstration of hybrid projectors at the Projection Summit in June, which was very well received.
Access to the Demo Room is included in ALL registration packages
The Demo Room is located in the Nichols Canyon Room on the Mezzanine LEvel of the Loews Hollywood Hotele
Demo Room Hours Are:
  • Monday, 21 October 1000-1900
  • Tuesday, 23 October 0800-1300
  • Wednesday, 23 October 0800-1300