Exhibitors will receive an unlimited number of Free Exhibit Passes to distribute to individuals who are not associated with the exhibitor's company (employees, sales reps, distributors, etc.) who would like to attend the exhibits.

Attendees can pre-register for a FREE Exhibits Only pass online at www.smpte2013.org by using the discount code smpte2013 at checkout.  Registrants will be asked to enter the name of the referring Exhibitor.  The Exhibitor that attracts the most registrants will receive a FREE Attendee List at the conclusion of the show.  The attendee listing will include will contain name, company, email, and demographic information for all attendees (excluding opt out attendees).

Exhibitors can also distribute hard copies of the Free Exhibit Pass Registration Form for ONSITE registration ONLY.  In order to receive credit for attendee referrals, Exhibitors must include their company name or logo at the top of the form prior to distribution.


Download the Free Exhibit Pass Registration Form


Please note, this Free Exhibit Pass Registration may NOT be used to register Exhibit Booth Personnel.  This is for attendee registration only.