SMPTE 2013 Symposium

SMPTE 2013 Symposium

Next Generation Imaging Formats; More, Faster, and Better Pixels

This one-day technical Symposium will provide you with an understanding of the technology landscape, separating fact from fiction.

Program Chair, Skip Pizzi, NAB Senior Director, New Media Technologies
Join the experts and discuss the next generation of image formats including discussions on higher frame rates, wider color gamut and increased dynamic range, along with 4K (UHD-1) and 8K (UHD-2) resolutions. Offering a clear picture of the current technology landscape, the Symposium will be valuable to anyone responsible for delivering high-quality imaging in broadcast, Internet, cinema, and broadband applications.

The Business track is being led by Program Chair Chris Chinnock, President and Founder of Insight Media.  This conference will focus on the business, investment and ROI issues associated with the broader adoption of 4K/UHD equipment and content in consumer and professional markets.  This parallel track event will complement the Technical track by helping senior executives, decision makers, product planners and investors sort though the complex issues involving the role out 4K.  A series of panel sessions will be organized that focus on the fundamental questions around the timing, positioning and monetization of investments in the 4K/UHD ecosystem.   Panelists will offer a range of opinions and view to spur discussion of these complex issues.

The third leg of the event is a 4K/UHD demonstration area.  One of the objectives of this component is to address the concern that a lack of native 4K content will slow consumer interest.  To address this, demonstrations will be arranged to showcase image processing and scaling engines and their ability to produce 4K/UHD content from lower resolution sources.  The high quality of these images, especially when compared to their native 4K/UHD versions, should help convince industry leaders that content is not a hurdle for adoption.  This leg is also led by Insight Media, who will work with SMPTE and a neutral third party to develop 4K and 1080 versions of the content to be shown on the demonstration displays.

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