Virtual Courses

One of the SMPTE Professional Development Academy’s most innovative educational services is its Virtual Classroom courses. Through the Virtual Classroom, we are able to offer learning opportunities to individuals from around the world.

Virtual Classroom programs are not traditional open-ended self-paced courses. They are “blended learning” courses where participants spend a good deal of time on independent study, but also participate in live instructor coaching sessions to assist with more complex topics and activities. Each Virtual Classroom offering has a specific start date, specific stop date and established learning goals. Successful completion of these courses is determined by completing course activities and graded assessments.


Professional Development and the Cisco Networking Academy

SMPTE is one of a global network of Cisco Networking Academies*. Course materials are written and produced by Cisco, but offered and delivered by SMPTE and its instructors. We are pleased to offer the acclaimed Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exploration program. 

The Cisco CCNA Exploration Program is comprised of four intensive Cisco’s CCNA Exploration** courses. Successfully completing all four courses in the CCNA Exploration Program may help an individual prepare for the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam.

Important: Completing any or all of the CCNA courses does not count towards CCNA Certification. These courses are intended to assist in preparation for the certification exam, which is administered separately. SMPTE does not administer CCNA Certification exams.

Course Delivery

Each intensive multi-week course is delivered online and is comprised of a blend of independent study, participant collaboration and Instructor led activities intended to maximize learning of course materials. Though participation in the instructor led activities is optional, participation is recommended.

Active participation will greatly enhance the participant’s understanding of the material and increase the likelihood of successful course completion.

Course Materials

Materials provided during this course include online, interactive course content, Packet Tracer Network Simulator Application (exe file), PDF Packet Tracer Lab Assignments, and access to the global Cisco Academy Connection contains resources for registered course participants and alumni.