This exciting SMPTE webcast series is designed to cover the foundational concepts, technologies, and workflows associated with the creation of professional media content. Covering topics such as human perception, imaging physics, fundamentals of color science, sound systems, and more this webcast series is the perfect learning opportunity for individuals in the early stages of their careers. The series is also beneficial for that are mid-career and are looking to refresh their knowledge of the essentials of the technologies that they may work with. The full series of webcasts will assist participants by providing convenient opportunities to learn about the technologies that are important to professional media creation and in a global, interactive setting that is convenient and unique. Essential Technology Concepts Webcasts are offered to SMPTE members and non-members as a complimentary service to support the advancement of the M&E industry.

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Human Perception Fundamentals: Color, Contrast, and Motion

Orginial Airdate:  7 February 2019

Motion imaging engineers are constantly balancing technology evolution in color gamut, dynamic range and frame rate with perceptibility in the human visual system. The quality of the visual experience can only improve if we can see the resultant innovation. This webinar will serve as an introduction to perceptual phenomena at the most basic levels, permitting the attendee to gain some confidence with introductory vision science, color science, and psychophysics as they are practiced in motion imaging fields.