Discover SMPTE Content in IEEE Xplore

Original airdate: 30 November 2017

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This one-hour briefing will provide an overview of how to find and use SMPTE standards, journal articles, and conference proceedings in IEEE Xplore®. Learn how to:

• Find SMPTE journal articles, conference proceedings, and standards in IEEE Xplore. 
• Sign up for automatic alerts of new SMPTE content being loaded into the library.
• Solve technical problems by constructing successful search strategies for precise results.
• Leverage IEEE Xplore tools and features for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and workflow optimization.
• Explore competitor information and content by using the author affiliation search function.
• See what IEEE Xplore can do that a Google search can't.

Guest Speaker

Jalyn Kelley

As an IEEE Client Services Manager, Jalyn Kelley provides training and support to IEEE customers in the central and southern U.S. Jalyn previously worked as a Research Analyst at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and as an Assistant Editor of Information Services at the San Antonio Express-News.  Jalyn received a Master of Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin and is a past president of the Texas Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.