DCS at NAB 2011


Advances in Image and Sound: 3D, 4K, and Beyond
Saturday, April 9, 2011 - Sunday, April 10, 2011
Las Vegas Convention Center Room S222

Program Co-Produced by SMPTE

Content subject to change


From the latest developments in 3D - in motion and sound - to innovations in ultra-high definition capture and display, DCS 2011 will deliver sessions on developments and industry strategy over a broad range of technologies and applications, spanning cinema, broadcast, and broadband.

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Saturday, 9 April: Day 1
8:30-8:45              Opening and Introductions

·         Pete Ludé, President, SMPTE
·         Barbara Lange, Executive Director, SMPTE
·         Paul Hearty, SMPTE Editorial Vice President and DCS Program Chai
·         Sponsor Welcome, Andrew Stucker, Director, Sony Electronics Digital Systems
8:45-9:00              Session Introductions: New Lessons Learned in 3D
The morning will consist of both case studies and technical presentations on lessons learned in the creation of 3D content, with particular attention to material involving live-action, both for theatrical and live broadcast. Perspectives will be provided from both the creative and technical viewpoints.  
Paul Hearty
, Vice President, Technology Standards, Sony Electronics
9:00-10:30           Case Study: Yogi Bear in 3D (2010)

The production team responsible for this recent holiday hit will present the behind-the-scenes challenges and successes of creating this live-action/CGI movie in stereo 3D. Director Eric Brevig will discuss the creative intent behind his use of 3D techniques to enhance the audience’s engagement in the story, heightening the thrill scenes, without distracting from the movie’s narrative, as well as the on-set and post-production techniques which allowed his human and synthetic characters to “act” together believably, resulting in their seamless onscreen interactions. Visual Effects Supervisor, Betsy Paterson, and Head of Digital Production, John Nicolard, will discuss how their ever-evolving digital tools and procedures made this possible, and how their work-flow pipelines were customized to accommodate this process.
·         Eric Brevig, Director
·         Betsy Paterson, Visual Effects Supervisor, Rhythm and Hues
·         John Nicolard, Head of Digital Production, Fotokem
10:30-10:45         Break
10:45-11:25         Acquiring and Producing 3D for Broadcast Television

·         Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, BSkyB

From soccer to darts, opera to dance, still life to wildlife - BSkyB has been shooting, post producing and transmitting 3D content for its service in the UK. This session will provide an update on how Sky's 3D channel is performing, insight into the production techniques used for live events such as premier league football and new initiatives Sky is undertaking to ensure 3D Television is here to stay and evolve.
11:25-12:00         3D Live Acquisition and Post Production Workflow
Filming meerkats in the Kalahari desert is tough on crew and tough on equipment.  What gear was up to the task, how many people were needed on location and what were the implications for workflow and post production?

·         Phil Streather, Stereo 3D Producer and Consultant, Principal Large Format
12:00-1:30           Lunch Break
1:30-2:15              Keynote: 3D Perspective
·         Rob Legato, Visual Effects Supervisor and Director
Mr. Legato, a highly regarded visual effects supervisor, director, and director of photography – as well as an expert in virtual and 3D production – will address how the intentional use of 3D for its artistic merits can enhance the depth and breadth of character, locale, and story and, as a result, give audiences a more sophisticated appetite for feature films shot in 3D. He will also discuss the digital pre-visualization used to streamline and accelerate the 3D production of Hugo Cabret.
2:15-2:35              3D Home Master: SMPTE Update

This will provide a brief update on status of the SMPTE standardization work.
·         Ted Szypulski, Senior Director, Technology Research & Standards, ESPN
            Walt Husak, Director Image Technologies, Dolby Laboratories, Moderator

This will provide an overview of the 3D standards setting landscape identifying the organizations involved, followed by a panel that identifies gaps and activities needed for successful, wide-scale introduction of 3D, considering the representation and transmission of essence and metadata through different delivery systems, as well as barriers to consumer adoption. It will include consideration of frame-compatible and service-compatible approaches.
2:35-2:50              Overview and Analysis of the Standards Landscape
              Walt Husak, Director Image Technologies, Dolby Laboratories
2:50-3:50              Panel Discussion

·          David Broberg, VP Consumer Video Technology, CableLabs
·          Mark Richer, President, ATSC

·          David Wood, Head, New Technology, EBU

·          Anthony Vetro, Group Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
.          Ted Szypulski, Senior Director, Technology Research & Standards, ESPN
3:50-4:00              Break

4:00-4:05              Sponsor Welcome, Robert Mayson, President, Consumer Electronics, RealD
4:05-5:25              Developments in 3D Displays in the Home
This session will explore new developments in 3D displays for the home, such as autostereoscopic, micropolarization, polarized switching, and laser technologies. The session will begin with an overview of the latest 3D display technologies followed by a moderated panel consisting of representatives of the leading companies driving innovation in 3D consumer displays. 

4:05-4:20              Introduction and Overview
Brad Hunt, President, Digital Media Directions, LLC
4:20-5:25              Panel
Moderator:   Brad Hunt, President, Digital Media Directions, LLC
·         Mike Abary, Senior Vice President, Home Division, Sony Electronics
·         Tim Alessi, Director of New Product Development for Home Electronics,     LG Electronics
·         Jeff Cove, VP, Technology & Corporate Development, Panasonic Corporation of North America
·          Matt Cowan, Chief Scientific Officer, RealD
·          David Naranjo, Director of Product Development Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
·          Dan Schinasi, Senior Manager HDTV Product Planning, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
5:25-5:30              Wrap-up Day 1
8:30-8:45              Opening and Session Introductions

·         Paul Hearty, SMPTE Editorial Vice President and Program Chair
·         Sponsor Welcome, Andrew Stucker, Director, Sony Electronics Digital Systems
·         Sponsor Welcome, Robert Mayson, Real D

8:45-9:45              Advances in Image and Sound: More Pixels
Curtis Clark, ASC, Moderator
This will involve examination of the psychophysical and subjective impacts of moving to 4K, 8K, and higher resolutions, as well as consideration of creative, technical, and practical issues.
·          George Joblove, EVP, Advanced Technology, Sony Pictures Technologies  
·          Howard Lukk, VP Digital Production, Disney
·          Michael Goi, President, ASC
9:45-10:45           Advances in Image and Sound: Better Pixels from Greater Bit Depth
 Pat Griffis, Senior Director Technology Strategy, Dolby Laboratories, Moderator
Achieving the greatest possible bit-depth at production is a widely held objective, but there are different views as to what really is needed (e.g., 16 bits linear vs. 12 bits logarithmic). This session will consider the need for greater bit depths and the opportunities/benefits and challenges that greater bit depths present through the production, post production, transmission, and home consumption chain.
·          Stephan Ukas-Bradley Manager, Technical Services, ARRI
·          Bill Bennett, Cinematographer, Partos Company
·          Ray Feeney, Science and Technology Council Co-chair, AMPAS, RFX, Inc.
·          Dave Schnuelle, Senior Director Image Technology, Dolby Laboratories
10:45-11:00         Break

11:00-12:00         Advances in Image and Sound: Better Pixels from Wider Color Gamut
Scott Daly, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Dolby Laboratories, Moderator
We can capture very wide gamut color. We are beginning to see devices, such as laser displays, that are capable of exhibiting wider gamut color. However, the space between capture and display is uncharted territory. Do we need wider color gamut in the home? How do we get it there? How do we map the creation space onto the display space, or even manage wide-gamut displays? This session will begin with Mr. Daly’s “Why Go Wide? Opportunities for Realism and Aesthetic Freedom afforded by Wide Color Gamut Systems”
·          Scott Daly, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Dolby Laboratories
·          Yasuhiro Yoshida, Deputy General Manager, Display System Laboratories, Sharp
·          Gabriel Marcu, Senior Scientist, Apple
·          Seo-Young Choi, R&D Staff Member, Samsung
12:00-1:30           Lunch Break
1:30-2:15             Keynote: Filmmaker’s Views on Advances in Image and Sound
                             Douglas Trumbull, Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer and
                             Visual Effects Supervisor
During his Keynote presentation, Mr. Trumbull will discuss his quest to improve the immersiveness of the cinema experience through incorporation of giant screens and 3D, plus the opportunities to reduce production cost while increasing production value. AVATAR has paved the way to enhance the big theatre experience while also recognizing that most of the revenue comes from the home theatre. Now the challenge is to figure out how to deliver that kind of impact at much lower cost.
2:15-3:15              Advances in Image and Sound: Faster Pixels from Higher Frame Rates
Hans Hoffmann, Programme Manager EBU Technical, EBU,Moderator
This will consider the psychophysics and science of Frame Rate, the creative pros and cons of moving to higher rates, and the technical issues and impacts. The session will highlight impacts both in filmmaking and in television.
·          Dr. Masayuki Sugawara, Senior Research Engineer, NHK
·          Dave Stump, Director of Photography, ASC
·          Moe Shore, Director, New Technologies , Able Cine Tech
·          Richard Salmon, Lead Research Engineer, BBC
3:15-3:30              Break
3:30-4:00              Advances in Image and Sound: 7.1 - channel Sound

Toy Story 3 set new ground not only in advancing the Toy Story franchise but also in the use of the 7.1 surround sound technology for the theatrical as well as Blu-ray releases. As noted by Pixar, the use of 7.1 was not simply the addition of 2 sound channels but an enabler to provide much greater flexibility in surround sound placement and enhanced viewer experience. Stuart Bowling of Dolby who worked closely with Pixar on the project will provide technical background on this perspective as well as, latest details on the technology itself.

·          Stuart Bowling, Technical Marketing Manager, Dolby Laboratories
4:00-4:20             A Common File Format for Consumer Media Delivery
The Common File Format (CFF) is a specification developed by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) for the delivery of movie and television content to the consumer. The CFF allows content to be encoded and encrypted just once, but used by many compliant devices. This offers substantial efficiency improvements for the industry, while concurrently giving consumers more flexibility. The CFF allows consumers to download once and then transfer the same media file among compliant devices, regardless of make, model or DRM system in use. Mr. Dolan co-chairs the DECE Technical Working Group and will provide a technical overview of the file format, which is based heavily on ISO and other existing standards covering file structure, video, audio and metadata.
          Michael Dolan, DECE Technical Co-Chair and Consultant to Dolby Laboratories
 4:20-5:25              3 for 3: Three Big Trends for the Next Three Years
Gary Arlen, President, Arlen Communications, Moderator

A mini-conference on the big things to watch (or get ahead of) in the three-year horizon.
·         Chris Cookson, President, Sony Pictures Technologies
·         Peter Wilson,  High Definition and Digital Cinema, Ltd.
·         Rich Prodan, VP & CTO, Broadband Communications Group, Broadcom
5:25-5:30              Wrap-up and Close