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Accessing the Ballot or Vote Results (All)

The results of a ballot or vote (its votes and comments) are collected in one spreadsheet. It serves as a record for each ballot and vote and there are separate spreadsheets for each ballot or vote. They can be accesses as soon as a ballot or vote started. 

The spreadsheets are read only for TC members and can only be edited by the TC chairs. Please consult with the TC chair if you need any information you submitted changed.

To access the spreadsheet

  1. Click on the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team
  2. Click on the channel for the TC which is/was conducting the ballot or vote
  3. Go to the “Files” tab for the channel
  4. Click on the spreadsheet which has the correct title for the ballot for which you want to view the results 

As an example, the below image shows the steps for accessing the ballot results for a ballot in the 32NF TC.

Below is an empty ballot results spreadsheet to give you an idea on how the results for a ballot are collected.