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Ballots and Votes in general (All)

The way how ballots are being conducted on the SMPTE SKN differs from the SMPTE OLC. In the SMPTE SKN ballots are being made available in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team. This team has one channel for each Technology Committee (TC) and ballots are attached to that channel as tabs. The SMPTE SKN uses Microsoft Forms to create and publish ballots and votes. Votes on a Ballot or Vote are collected in Excel spreadsheets under the “Files” tab for each channel. All SC members can access this team but only owners on this team have write and read access to protect the data. You can find more about how ballots and votes are being conducted in the User Guide section of this document.

  • An example of the location for a FCD ballot vote result spreadsheet is shown below.

  • The interactive section of an FCD ballot

Please note, that ballot comments are currently send to the TC chairs via email. The TC chairs will collect those comments and share them with the subgroup chair and document editor. We are planning to improve this process after the migration is completed.