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Comment on document during FCD or RDD Ballot (All)

Previously comments during an FCD or RDD ballot were submitted to the TC chairs via email, identical to the process described when commenting on a document outside of an FCD or RDD ballot. For new FCD and RDD ballots posted from the 1st of July 2021 forward we will use a new balloting form that allows to submit ballot comments directly on the form.

Please note, for all ballots posted before the 1st of July 2021 comments still need to be submitted to the TC chairs via email as described in “Comment on document outside of FCD or RDD Ballot Period”.

Example of a new FCD or RDD balloting form with comment section

Please note, going forward and after the 1st of July 2021 all comments on FCD or RDD ballots must be submitted via the FCD or RDD ballot form. All members regardless of their status (P-Member or O-Member) can submit comments Please refer to “Vote” for more information on how to submit your comment if you are not a P-Member.

The comment section of the ballot or vote form offers multiple fields to submit a comment

  • Subject of comment – Brief description of issue
  • Summary of Comment – Detailed description of issue
  • Category – An enumeration field with following values
      • Substantive
      • Editorial
      • Not specified
  • Page number – The page number where the issues is located
  • Section number – The section number where the issue is located
  • Figure/Table – The table or figure number where the issue is located
  • Proposed solution – Your proposal to fix the issue

None of the fields are required but you should provide as much information about a comment regarding an issues as you can. 

Please note, each field has a 4000 character limit which includes spaces.

As discussed previously, you can submit multiple comments by submitting the form multiple times. Please make sure to consult the section “Vote” for more details on how to do that.

All comments are collected with the ballot or vote results (submitted votes) in the ballot or vote results spreadsheet. Again, more about that further below.