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Handling Ballot or Late Comments (TC Chair)

TC chairs are responsible to collect comments regarding a document outside (late comments) of ballot periods (The exception is the ST audit). Comments made during a ballot period are collected through the ballot form and recorded in the ballot results spreadsheet. 

Comments made during ST Audit which are out of scope for an ST Audit will be handled as late comments and send to the responsible TC.

Please note, a comment resolution spreadsheet template is available in the “Standards Information” channel of the “SMPTE Standards Community” team. Go to “Files” and enter the “Templates” folder. The template is called “XDocNameX-Ballot-Comments-Resolution-20XXxxXX.xlsx”. Replace the “XDocNameX” with the name of your document. The document can be found here.

  • As comments are collected, the TC chairs hand a link to the comment resolution spreadsheet, located in the “Ballot Documents” folder, to the sub group chair and document editor who are working on the document to resolve (ballot comments) or addressed (late comments) comments.
  • Once all comments are resolved or addressed, the sub group chairs informs the TC chairs that all comments are resolved or addressed
  • At the point of ST audit an ST Audit package will be created containing a comment resolution record with references to the comment resolution spreadsheet (or the spreadsheet itself). The ST Audit package will be moved by the TC chairs to the “Ballot Documents” folder in the “ST Standards Committee” team.