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How to handle the voting record (TC Chair)

This article explains where the results of a ballot/vote are captured and how those results are being handled after a ballot/vote.

An excel spreadsheet containing the voting record is created when a new ballot is published. This voting record is located under “Files” in each TC channel under the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team.

  • The excel spreadsheet is read only for SC members but can be edited by TC chairs

  • All responses are collected in the spreadsheet. Currently all SC members (P and O Members) can vote on ballots and votes even so only P-Members have voting rights. The TC chairs will have to prune voting records for any votes from O-Members for now.

Please note that P-Members can vote multiple times to allow for a change of vote. The latest vote is the vote which counts, and any other votes can be discarded.

Please note, while O-Members have the ability to vote on a ballot or vote only P-Members are allowed to vote. Do not vote on a ballot or vote if you are an O-Member and you are not specifically instructed to do so (e.g. Meeting Attendance).

  • The voting records will be moved to the “Ballot Documents” folder in the appropriate TC once the ballot or vote is completed.

  • The documents in the “Ballot Documents” folder is read-only for SC members and documents in it can only be edited by the team owners aka TC chairs. This means you can still access the voting record, get read access to it and download it if needed.

To summarize the process:

  1. The TC chairs determine a document is ready for a ballot or vote
  2. The document package for the ballot and vote will be placed in the “Ballot Documents” folder of the respective TC
  3. The TC chairs submit a request through the “Request a Ballot or Vote” form in the ST team
  4. Any AI and email will be automatically created for the Director of Standards Development
  5. HQ will initiate the ballot in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team on the SKN as soon as possible or by the date given in the email or AI

A few notes:

  • During the Ballot/Vote: The ballot results including comments will be captured in a spreadsheet under “Files” in the appropriate TC channel in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team.
  • For the purpose of transparency all SMPTE members have read only access to files in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team
  • All TC Chairs have read/write access to files in the “Standards Ballots and Votes” team
  • After the Ballot/Vote: The ballot results spreadsheet will be moved by the TC chairs to the “Ballot Documents” folder of the appropriate TC