Have you ever seen the color bars television test pattern? Watched a live sports broadcast in high definition, or a movie in 3D? Downloaded or streamed content your device? Gone to see a live sporting or music event? Or, used closed captioning?

Then you’ve most likely seen the Oscar® and Emmy® Award-winning Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers® (SMPTE®) in action!

Whether you’re watching on a TV at home, video online, in a theatre, or on a smart device, SMPTE is there.

SMPTE standards touch nearly every piece of motion-imaging content consumed by billions of viewers around the world, ensuring that content is seen and heard in the highest possible quality on any display screen. Our standards also enable repeatable workflows and profitable business models for content creators and distributors, as well as the manufacturers who support them.

With nearly 100 years of motion-imaging standards leadership, SMPTE is the innovator of some of the most iconic standards for high-quality content, as well as those that are facilitating the transition to an IP-based multiscreen world.

SMPTE Standards are recognized across the world. SMPTE is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Among its many roles on the international stage, SMPTE is the Secretariat for the ISO Technical Committee on Cinematography, TC-36. 

When You See High-Quality Motion-Imaging Content, You See SMPTE®

SMPTE Timecode®

SMPTE Colorbars and Television Test Patterns

SMPTE Cinema Standards

SMPTE Video Related Standards

SMPTE Cross-Industry Standards

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