SMPTE standards are developed principally to meet the needs of the media industry, however modern technology allows much wider utilities, as we have seen with SMPTE Time Code being embraced by live production and the music industry, among others. 

Archive Exchange Format (AXF) is an IT-centric file container that can encapsulate any number and type of files in a fully self-contained and self-describing package, AXF supports interoperability among disparate data storage systems and ensures long–term availability of data, no matter how storage or file system technologies evolve. The nature of AXF makes it possible for equipment manufacturers and content owners to move content from their current archive systems into the AXF domain in a strategic way that does not require abandoning existing hardware unless or until they are ready to do so. In enabling the recovery of archived content in the absence of the systems that created the archives, AXF also offers a valuable means of protecting users’ investment in content. AXF already has been employed around the world to help businesses store, protect, preserve, and transport many petabytes of file-based content, and the format is proving fundamental to many of the cloud-based storage, preservation, and IP-based transport services available today.  Participation by bodies such as the Library of Congress, and by major storage companies, has helped to ensure that AXF will provide a compelling solution for any critical archiving requirement.

Media Device Control over IP
 - Today’s modern media storage, playback, control and effects devices lack a standardized means of exposing control functions to both operators and software applications. Standardized simple machine control functions such as PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, LIST, SEARCH, JOG, along with the ability to query storage devices would allow users to choose components and applications from various manufacturers. These would easily work together to provide control, similar to the capabilities provided by older serial and parallel control technologies.

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