SMPTE Section Nominating Committee

It is one of the duties of the Section Chair to form a Section Nominating Committee. The purpose of this committee is to select candidates for consideration as nominees for:

  • Governor(s)  - to run in the Society Elections for terms beginning January 1; and
  • Section Officers and Managers - to run in the Section Elections for terms beginning July 1.

Formation of Section Nominating Committee

See complete instructions on the Section Elections page.


Selection of Regional Governor Candidates

According to the Membership Operations Manual, each Section Nominating Committee shall select, for consideration by the SMPTE Nominating Committee (this is the Society Nominating Committee, which is different than the Section Nominating Committee), one or more persons for each Governor’s position to be filled in their respective Region.

Nominations of Candidates for Governor are due in to SMPTE Headquarters no later than the first Monday of February.

The nominations should be submitted as a part of the Section Election Slate.  See complete instructions on the Section Elections page.

Note 1:  Candidates must be in voting membership grades of the Society. (Associate and Student members are not eligible to run for Regional Governor positions)

Note 2:  In its deliberations, the SMPTE Nominating Committee shall give consideration to the following guidelines:

  • In considering candidates for Governor, preference should be given to selecting those who have held office in a Section or who have been active in Section affairs or in other forms of Society activity.
  • An individual may be nominated for election to Governor for a term that is concurrent, in part, with a currently held Section office.  However, a person shall not hold the position of Governor concurrently with the office of Section Chair.
  • It is strongly preferred that Governors serve no more than two consecutive 2-year terms.  However, after being out of such office for at least one year, an individual may be considered again for nomination as a Governor.  This does not preclude a nomination to a different office in the succeeding term.
  • Consideration should be given in the selection of candidates to achieve a balanced representation of the interests of the Membership.


Supporting Documents and Forms

Click Here to View the DRAFT listing of Open Governor Positions for the Current Election Cycle.
The number of Governors per Region is based on the last two years’ membership totals for the Region - FINAL information will be available after 1 January 2019.