Guidelines for Running a Section Meeting

Checklist for the SMPTE Section Meeting

  1. SMPTE podium banner
  2. Sign-In Sheet (Should contain, name, email, whether or not they are a SMPTE member)
  3. Membership applications and literature
  4. Other SMPTE materials – notice of next meeting, SMPTE conferences, PDA’s etc.

 Notes: All items are available from Headquarters.

Pre-meeting list

  1. Security – In large venues, especially for evening meetings when access may be limited, advance arrangements should be made with head of security so that members can gain free and quick access to the meeting room. In some locations, ushers and tour guides are required.
  2. Audio Visual – Arrangements for all audio-visual needs should be made before the meeting. All equipment must be tested prior to the meeting.
  3. Signs – As required to direct attendees to the meeting place.
  4. Seating – If not available from the venue, arrange for the required number of chairs to be delivered and set up to your specifications.
  5. Refreshments – Should be sponsored by local companies or companies represented by the speaker. The caterer may expect the venue to supply tables and lined trash receptacles. This doesn’t have to be fancy – pizza, Subway sandwiches, etc are just fine.  Often the venue will sponsor the refreshments, and be able to put you in touch with local sources.
  6. A photographer – Photographs should be taken of the speaker and other points of interest. These should be submitted to the Editorial Dept. at Headquarters, along with the meeting report.

Social Gathering – the networking part of the meeting

  1. A “Greeter” – This is usually the Membership Chair and/or committee members. As an attendee enters, the greeter should have the attendee sign-in. Contact information should be collected from Non-members so that the membership Chair (as well at the HQ staff) can follow up on providing membership information. They should also direct the attendee to the table with SMPTE membership, test materials, publications and engineering literature. The membership Chair should also take a head count as soon as the formal meeting begins and report this figure to the Section Secretary/Treasurer for inclusion in the Section Meeting Report sent to Headquarters
  2. Networking with new members and potential new members must be given high priority by the Chair. Board members should be reminded that this contact is essential in developing a feeling of fraternity amongst the attendees. Board members should also be encouraged to hold off discussions with fellow Board members until the next Board meeting.

Typical Program Flow

  1. Call to order by the Section Chair and welcome.
  2. Determine that each person has a nametag.
  3. Welcome and identify new members/attendees.
  4. Acknowledge the presence of SMPTE Officers and Governors as well as Board Members in attendance.
  5. Thank the company providing the venue.
  6. Thank the company providing the refreshments.
  7. Announce the subject, speaker(s) and date of the next meeting.
  8. Introduce the Membership Chair who will speak on the benefits of membership and point out the location of membership, publications and technical literature. (if feasible)
  9. Announce the program topic.
  10. Introduce the speaker by giving a short biography of his/her background in the industry.
  11. Presentation by speaker(s)
  12. Conduct question-and-answer session at end of presentation.
  13. Repeat subject, speaker, date and time of next meeting.

Meeting follow-up

  1. Meeting report (with pictures) to be written by Secretary/Treasurer of the Section and forwarded to Headquarters.  These are included in the Journal each month.
  2. Letter of thanks from Section Board to speaker(s)
  3. Review of meeting at following Board meeting
  4. Consider presenting a certificate or plaque to the speaker(s) in recognition of their contribution to the Section program.