Membership Tools and Tips for Section leaders

Welcome to the sections area of SMPTE – the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Here you will find information about running your section, with guidelines and tips, promotional material and logos, updates on what other sections are doing, ideas for section activities and much more as we update the pages.

These pages are for your benefit.  If there are any additional features you would like to see, please us know by emailing Roberta Gorman.

SMPTE 2016 Annual Membership Meeting



Membership Tools for Sections

Guidelines and tips, sample emails and phone scripts to help you recruit and retain section members.

Marketing and Publicity Resources for Sections

SMPTE Communications Guidelines and Best Practices
SMPTE Newsworthy Story Assessment
Style Guide
Fact Sheet
Section logos
SMPTE Membership pitches

Member Updates

SMPTE news that you need to know

Section Leaders Webinars and Presentations

Get information on what others are doing, and what's new with SMPTE

Board Update, March 2017

Logos and Promotional Materials

Ideas for Section Activities

Information on tours, speakers and presentations from other sections around the world