Quarterly Financial Reports are required of ALL Sections, regardless of whether the Section is requesting funds from SMPTE HQ.  We must report ALL Section financial activity to the IRS in order to maintain our non-profit status.  In addition, no further deposits into a Section's account will be made until all outstanding financial reports are submitted. 

You can download the Quarterly Financial Report form here


Quarterly Reporting Schedule

Section Quarterly Financial Reports are due in to HQ:

  • January 15 – 4th Quarter Report for the previous year
  • April 15 – 1st Quarter Report
  • July 15 – 2nd Quarter Report
  • October 15 – 3rd Quarter Report
  • January 15 of the following year - 4th Quarter Report
See the Section Calendar for more info on dates and deadlines


Guidelines for Quarterly Financial Reporting

  • For help completing the report, you can view the Section Webinar presentation Just look under the section "Section Leaders Webinars and Presentations" and choose the link, " Section Financial Training"
  • The first tab of the Excel Workbook is a bank statement reconciliation, similar to balancing your checkbook.  Just list all the credits and debits from your bank statements from that quarter and a description for each item, as well as what approved budget category it falls under (meeting space rental, meeting refreshments, etc).
  • If you've received any in-kind sponsorships, or sponsorships where the Sponsor pays your vendor directly, (for example, your Sponsor pays a restaurant directly to provide refreshments for your meeting) just make a note of these at the bottom of the first sheet.  You do not have to factor a dollar amount into the calculations.  This is just for information.
  • The second tab is for Accounts Receivable.  So if you have any sponsors that committed but haven't sent their sponsorship payment yet, list them here.  If not, you can leave this blank.
  • The third tab is for Accounts Payable.  So if you have any outstanding expenses that need to be paid, you would list them here.  Otherwise, you can leave this blank.
  • Submit the quarterly reporting spreadsheet to Jewelie Elsbree at SMPTE HQ according to the schedule above via email, fax, or mail.  Include copies of all receipts for expenditures.  Be sure to label each receipt with the category that the expense falls under in your spreadsheet (e.g. "Section Meeting Refreshments," "Meeting Space Rental," etc).  Also be sure to include copies of all receipts and label them to match the spreadsheet.
  • Non-US Sections must also send copies of their bank statements.
  • Once your quarterly financial report has been received and verified, a deposit will be made into your account for the following quarter's allotment.