Washington D.C. Section Conference - Bits By The Bay

Event Date: 24-25 May 2017

Event Details:

The next wave of television is upon us. New ways for creating and acquiring content include higher resolutions and frame rates with wider color gamut, while on the other end of the spectrum GoPro cameras, mobile phones and Skype are being used to creatively capture content where professional cameras can’t go. Combined with user-generated content, wireless Internet-connected devices and body-worn cameras, television facilities are being flooded with content of all types that needs to be managed and monetized.

New technologies also enable new business models. UHD, video over IP, OTT and ATSC-3.0 are transforming the landscape of television and changing how content is produced, played out and delivered. Highly targeted advertising changes how ads are delivered and viewership monitored. Contemporary operators rely on media management, metadata and IP-centric facilities as the enabling glue to link these emerging technologies and opportunities. Are you prepared? Join us at Bits By The Bay 2017 as we address these issues and more and help you navigate these technologies to implement and deliver the next wave of television.

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