Special membership levels show how SMPTE honors its prominent members.


The Fellow Grade of membership is awarded to individuals who have, by proficiency and contributions, attained an outstanding rank among engineers or executives in the motion-picture, television or related industries.

Nominations for the Fellow grade of membership are made annually and submitted to the Chair of the Fellow Membership and Qualifications committees by members of the Fellow Membership Committee. Each nomination shall be sponsored by two (2) SMPTE Fellows on a form provided by the Society.

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*Please note:  If a member has become a Life Fellow he/she will be listed with the Life Fellows below and not with the Fellows.

Life Fellow

A Life Fellow is an individual who meets all the following qualifications:

  1. is at least sixty-five years old;
  2. has been an Active and/or Fellow member for a total of at least twenty years, except that in either case, as much as, but not more than five years of credit may be granted, in exceptional circumstances, by the Board of Governors for other grades of Society membership; or
  3. has, at least, five years of continuous membership as an Active or Fellow member immediately prior to application. Individuals who hold the grade of Fellow at the time of application will become Life Fellows.

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Honorary Members and The Honor Roll

It is the purpose of Honorary Membership in the Society to honor individuals who have performed eminent service in the advancement of engineering in motion pictures, television, or in the allied arts and sciences. Such contributions shall represent substantially a lifetime's work inasmuch as Honorary Membership shall be the supreme accolade of the Society. Upon the death of the Honorary Member, the name shall be added to the Honor Roll of the Society. The name of deceased individuals who have not been awarded Honorary Membership may also be added to the Honor Roll for contributions which would have been sufficient to warrant election to Honorary Membership during their lifetime. It is the intention of the Society, however, that recognition should be made to individuals by election to Honorary Membership rather than belatedly by adding their names to the Honor Roll.

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