2014 Honor Roll and Honorary Member Inductees

John Logie Baird


John Logie Baird (1888-1946) is inducted into the SMPTE Honor Roll in recognition of his lifelong contributions as a pioneer in television technology.  His accomplishments include the first live television demonstration, the first publicly shown color television system (1928), and the first fully electronic color television picture tube.  The BBC began transmitting with the Baird system in 1929. Baird continued to develop new technology including: a mechanical color system in 1939; a 500-line 3-D system in 1941; an electronic 600-line color display in 1944.  Baird lobbied for post-war standardization of his 1000-line electronic color television system.

Leonardo Chiariglione

Leonardo Chiariglione is generally considered to the be the driving force behind the development of the MPEG set of standards that underpin today’s many digital moving pictures applications. Chiariglione’s constant push for a simple, standardized moving pictures toolbox began in 1988 with the founding of the ISO MPEG group, and continues to the present day.  Chiariglione has forcefully maintained focus on timely standardization, technical simplicity and efficiency.  The wide adoption of MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, in particular, is apt testimony to the contribution Chiariglione and the MPEG group has made to date.

George Lucas

Best known as a writer, director and producer responsible for iconic American films, Lucas is also a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies for motion picture production and exhibition.  

Lucas founded Industrial Light & Magic in 1975 which has gone on to produce VFX for nearly 300 films. Among many other innovations, ILM invented the OpenEXR file format in 2000 to support high dynamic range imaging.

The animation studio Pixar was founded in 1979 as the Graphix Group of Lucasfilm. Sound company THX Ltd was co-founded by Lucas in 1981 to advance the quality of theatrical sound systems.  In 2002, Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones was the first major Hollywood feature to be captured digitally, on 24p high-definition video cameras.  In his determination to push the medium of cinema with new technologies and techniques, Lucas has encountered both support and skepticism. It is now clear that his perseverance and vision was a key factor in the eventual widespread adoption of digital cinematography in motion picture production today.


SMPTE Honorary Members-The Honor Roll

Victor H. Allen (1975)
Charles E. Anderson (2012)
Thomas Armat (1935)
John Logie Baird (2014)
John L.E. Baldwin (2000)
Joseph Arthur Ball (1953)
Julius Barnathan (1997)
Stanley N. Baron (2010)
K. Blair Benson (1991)
Walter Bruch (1989)
Marvin C. Camras (1990)
John C. Capstaff (1955)
Theodore W. Case (1946)
Leonardo Chiariglione (2014)
Ian Childs (2010)
George W. Colburn (1987)
Jeofry Stuart Courtney-Pratt (1974)
John I. Crabtree (1965)
Edward B. Craft (1946
Andre Debrie (1955)
Lee de Forest (1940)
LeRoy E. De Marsh (1999)
Herman A. DeVry (<1950)***
William K. L. Dickson (1933)
Walt Disney (1955)
Ray M. Dolby (1992)
Linwood G. Dunn (1984)
George Eastman (1928)
Harold E. Edgarton (1968)
Thomas Alva Edison (1928)
Elmer W. Engstrom (1966)
Alexander Ernemann (1955)
Ralph M. Evans (1973)
Philo Taylor Farnsworth (1996)
Joseph A. Flaherty (1993)
Harvey Fletcher (1959)
Charles R. Fordyce (1984)
John G. Frayne (1967)
William Friese-Greene (1931)
Leon Gaumont (<1946)***
Charles P. Ginsberg (1976)
Peter C. Goldmark (1977)
Alfred N. Goldsmith (1961)
Wesley T. Hanson, Jr. (1979)
Albert S. Howell (<1950)***
Frederick Eugene Ives (1928)
C. Francis Jenkins (1928)
Herbert T. Kalmus (1958)
Edward W. Kellogg (1950)
Stefan Kudelski 1988)
Eugene Augustin Lauste (1931)
Louis A. A. LePrince (1931)
Jean Acme LeRoy (1931)
Nathan Levinson (1953)
George Lucas (2014)
Louis Lumiere (1928)
Kenneth M. Mason (1981)
John A. Maurer (1978)
C.E. Kenneth Mees (1957)
Pierre Mertz (1971)
Oskar Messter (1960)
George A. Mitchell (1971)
Masahiko Morizono (1994)
Albert Narath (1969)
Robert W. Paul (1938)
Edwin Stanton Porter (1942)
Kerns H. Powers (1995)
A. Reeves (>1935)***
Frederick M. Remley, Jr. (1991)
Frank H. Richardson (1944)
Robert Richter (1972)
Rodger J. Ross (1989)
Loren L. Ryder (1980)
Michael J. Sherlock (1997)
Max Skladanowsky (1970)
Robert M. Smith (1996)
William H. Smith (1988)
Sidney P. Solow (1981)
Earl I. Sponable (1957)
Kenjiro Takayanagi (1988)
Lloyd Thompson (1962)
Alexander F. Victor (1964)
Samuel L. Warner (1946)
William T. Wintringham (1977)
Roland J. Zavada (1995)
Vladimir K. Zworkyin (1950)


*** These names appear on the list of Honorees but year of Honor has not been discovered as yet. A > implies the award was after the year shown, a < indicates the award was before the year shown.