2016 Honor Roll and Honorary Member Inductee

James Cameron


SMPTE confers Honorary Membership upon James Frances Cameron for his continuous determination to improve cinematic storytelling through new technical methods.  Unafraid to go beyond the bounds of current cinematic techniques, Mr. Cameron continues to develop and apply new engineering approaches to advance the art and technology of storytelling, bringing the audience to new awe-inspiring environments.  He has championed the development of numerous innovative production techniques that have both challenged and inspired filmmakers and engineers alike.  Mr. Cameron's film-making vision has resulted in sophisticated special effects algorithms for object transformations, underwater filming methods, new approaches for computer graphic motion capture, stereoscopic capture, projection techniques, and experimentation in higher frame-rates - all enhancing and advancing the movie going experience such that audiences become further immersed into the tale being presented.  During an era in which digital and computer techniques expanded the creative palette for filmmakers, James Cameron is widely regarded as one of the most forward-thinking writers, producers and directors in successfully applying new technology methods.


SMPTE Honorary Members-The Honor Roll

Victor H. Allen (1975)
Charles E. Anderson (2012)
Thomas Armat (1935)
John Logie Baird (2014)
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K. Blair Benson (1991)
Walter Bruch (1989)
James Cameron (2016)
Marvin C. Camras (1990)
John C. Capstaff (1955)
Theodore W. Case (1946)
Leonardo Chiariglione (2014)
Ian Childs (2010)
George W. Colburn (1987)
Jeofry Stuart Courtney-Pratt (1974)
John I. Crabtree (1965)
Edward B. Craft (1946
Andre Debrie (1955)
Lee de Forest (1940)
LeRoy E. De Marsh (1999)
Herman A. DeVry (<1950)***
William K. L. Dickson (1933)
Walt Disney (1955)
Ray M. Dolby (1992)
Linwood G. Dunn (1984)
George Eastman (1928)
Harold E. Edgarton (1968)
Thomas Alva Edison (1928)
Elmer W. Engstrom (1966)
Alexander Ernemann (1955)
Ralph M. Evans (1973)
Philo Taylor Farnsworth (1996)
Joseph A. Flaherty (1993)
Harvey Fletcher (1959)
Charles R. Fordyce (1984)
John G. Frayne (1967)
William Friese-Greene (1931)
Leon Gaumont (<1946)***
Charles P. Ginsberg (1976)
Peter C. Goldmark (1977)
Alfred N. Goldsmith (1961)
Oscar Byram (O.B.) Hanson (2015 - posthumously)
Wesley T. Hanson, Jr. (1979)
Albert S. Howell (<1950)***
Frederick Eugene Ives (1928)
C. Francis Jenkins (1928)
Herbert T. Kalmus (1958)
Edward W. Kellogg (1950)
Stefan Kudelski 1988)
Eugene Augustin Lauste (1931)
Louis A. A. LePrince (1931)
Jean Acme LeRoy (1931)
Nathan Levinson (1953)
George Lucas (2014)
Louis Lumiere (1928)
Kenneth M. Mason (1981)
John A. Maurer (1978)
C.E. Kenneth Mees (1957)
Pierre Mertz (1971)
Oskar Messter (1960)
George A. Mitchell (1971)
Masahiko Morizono (1994)
Albert Narath (1969)
Robert W. Paul (1938)
Edwin Stanton Porter (1942)
Kerns H. Powers (1995)
Frederick M. Remley, Jr. (1991)
Frank H. Richardson (1944)
Robert Richter (1972)
Rodger J. Ross (1989)
Loren L. Ryder (1980)
Michael J. Sherlock (1997)
Max Skladanowsky (1970)
Robert M. Smith (1996)
William H. Smith (1988)
Sidney P. Solow (1981)
Earl I. Sponable (1957)
Kenjiro Takayanagi (1988)
Lloyd Thompson (1962)
Laurence Thorpe (2015)
Alexander F. Victor (1964)
Samuel L. Warner (1946)
William T. Wintringham (1977)
Irwin W. Young (2015)
Roland J. Zavada (1995)
Vladimir K. Zworkyin (1950)


*** These names appear on the list of Honorees but year of Honor has not been discovered as yet. A > implies the award was after the year shown, a < indicates the award was before the year shown.