Honorary Membership Conferred in 2012

Charles E. Anderson

In recognition of his many decades of pioneering engineering work in the television industry, including his key contributions to the invention of the first practical broadcast grade videotape recorder.

Anderson died July 12, 2012, in Sparks, Nevada. He was 88. Anderson was a SMPTE Life Fellow and a former SMPTE president, elected in 1981; he also served 4 terms as SMPTE Regional Governor. Anderson is most remembered for helping to develop the world’s first successful videotape recorder.

Anderson initially pursued a career in broadcast engineering and then joined Ampex Corp. in 1954. There he was assigned to a small group tasked with developing a videotape recorder. The six-man team succeeded in producing broadcast-quality video recordings in early 1956. Anderson is credited with helping to overcome a major impasse in achieving satisfactory recordings by introducing frequency modulation technology into the recording process.

In 2005, Anderson and surviving videotape recorder team members were awarded the National Television Academy’s Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering, in recognition of their achievement.


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