2015 Honor Roll and Honorary Member Inductees

Laurence Thorpe

SMPTE has conferred Honorary Membership status on Laurence Thorpe, an industry pioneer in the field of motion picture and television imaging. Throughout his extensive career at RCA, Sony, and Canon, Thorpe has been instrumental in introducing innovative technologies to several generations of filmmakers and television content producers. He is widely recognized as one of the key figures in the development, adoption, and roll out of high-definition television (HDTV). Thorpe has influenced the development of and assisted in bringing to market a wide range of innovative products covering all aspects of image capture — including telecines, multiformat cameras, and broadcast and cinematography lenses.

Irwin W. Young

Also recognized with Honorary Membership, Irwin W. Young is an innovator and creative talent, as well as a friend and supporter of independent filmmakers. Young has advanced postproduction technology and created or supported the development of critically acclaimed motion pictures and television at DuArt Film Laboratories. From the introduction of 16mm reversal overnight dailies to creating a computerized frame count and cueing system for negative preparation, timing, and color correction, he has worked tirelessly, introducing continuous improvements to the motion picture processes. Young's leadership in establishing SMPTE standards on these processes has benefited the world.

Oscar Byram (O.B.) Hanson


Oscar Byram (O.B.) Hanson (1894-1961) has been named to the SMPTE Honor Roll for his engineering and operational leadership in designing the first generation of television studios, control rooms, and mobile television units that transitioned the industry from radio to television. He published his work on the initial television facilities to benefit the industry at large. Constantly developing and patenting improved methods for television imaging, Hanson worked throughout his career at RCA and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) to establish common standards across the industry to ensure interoperability.


SMPTE Honorary Members-The Honor Roll

Victor H. Allen (1975)
Charles E. Anderson (2012)
Thomas Armat (1935)
John Logie Baird (2014)
John L.E. Baldwin (2000)
Joseph Arthur Ball (1953)
Julius Barnathan (1997)
Stanley N. Baron (2010)
K. Blair Benson (1991)
Walter Bruch (1989)
Marvin C. Camras (1990)
John C. Capstaff (1955)
Theodore W. Case (1946)
Leonardo Chiariglione (2014)
Ian Childs (2010)
George W. Colburn (1987)
Jeofry Stuart Courtney-Pratt (1974)
John I. Crabtree (1965)
Edward B. Craft (1946
Andre Debrie (1955)
Lee de Forest (1940)
LeRoy E. De Marsh (1999)
Herman A. DeVry (<1950)***
William K. L. Dickson (1933)
Walt Disney (1955)
Ray M. Dolby (1992)
Linwood G. Dunn (1984)
George Eastman (1928)
Harold E. Edgarton (1968)
Thomas Alva Edison (1928)
Elmer W. Engstrom (1966)
Alexander Ernemann (1955)
Ralph M. Evans (1973)
Philo Taylor Farnsworth (1996)
Joseph A. Flaherty (1993)
Harvey Fletcher (1959)
Charles R. Fordyce (1984)
John G. Frayne (1967)
William Friese-Greene (1931)
Leon Gaumont (<1946)***
Charles P. Ginsberg (1976)
Peter C. Goldmark (1977)
Alfred N. Goldsmith (1961)
Wesley T. Hanson, Jr. (1979)
Albert S. Howell (<1950)***
Frederick Eugene Ives (1928)
C. Francis Jenkins (1928)
Herbert T. Kalmus (1958)
Edward W. Kellogg (1950)
Stefan Kudelski 1988)
Eugene Augustin Lauste (1931)
Louis A. A. LePrince (1931)
Jean Acme LeRoy (1931)
Nathan Levinson (1953)
George Lucas (2014)
Louis Lumiere (1928)
Kenneth M. Mason (1981)
John A. Maurer (1978)
C.E. Kenneth Mees (1957)
Pierre Mertz (1971)
Oskar Messter (1960)
George A. Mitchell (1971)
Masahiko Morizono (1994)
Albert Narath (1969)
Robert W. Paul (1938)
Edwin Stanton Porter (1942)
Kerns H. Powers (1995)
A. Reeves (>1935)***
Frederick M. Remley, Jr. (1991)
Frank H. Richardson (1944)
Robert Richter (1972)
Rodger J. Ross (1989)
Loren L. Ryder (1980)
Michael J. Sherlock (1997)
Max Skladanowsky (1970)
Robert M. Smith (1996)
William H. Smith (1988)
Sidney P. Solow (1981)
Earl I. Sponable (1957)
Kenjiro Takayanagi (1988)
Lloyd Thompson (1962)
Alexander F. Victor (1964)
Samuel L. Warner (1946)
William T. Wintringham (1977)
Roland J. Zavada (1995)
Vladimir K. Zworkyin (1950)


*** These names appear on the list of Honorees but year of Honor has not been discovered as yet. A > implies the award was after the year shown, a < indicates the award was before the year shown.