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National Events

9-10 April 2011


Las Vegas, NV

6-7 June 2011

Washington, DC Section

Boot Camp

Chesapeake, MD

21-22 June 2011

2nd Annual SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment

New York, NY

19-22 July 2011

SMPTE Australia Conference and Exhibition

Sydney, Australia

8-13 September 2011

IBC Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24-27 October 2011

SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition

Hollywood, CA

Section Events

9 December 2010

Washington, D.C. Section

Holiday Party

Thunder Grill, Union Station

Washington, D.C.

13 December 2010

Atlanta Section

2010 Annual

Holiday Party

Copeland's, 3365 Piedmont Road

Atlanta, GA

14 December 2010

Toronto Section

Reference Monitors For Television, 3D and Digital Film Production

Time and Location TBD

14 December 2010

New York Section

Annual Holiday Party

The Old Castle Pub,

160 West 54th Street

New York, NY

15 December 2010

New England Section


16 December 2010

Rocky Mountain Section

Holiday Luncheon

Park Hill Golf Club,

4141 E. 35th Avenue,

Denver, CO


December 2010

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10 December 2010

Service Oriented Architectures for Media

Guest Speaker: David Carroll, Sr. Systems Architect, Sony

A Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) design allows for integration and interoperability within a network of disparate network elements and systems. SOA has been used successfully in IT for some time, but does it work in today's file-based environment of media content creation? What efficiencies might it provide and how could the SOA be applied to existing workflows. Please join us as SMPTE PDA Now explores SOA for Media.

Friday 10 December 2010

18:00:00 UTC/1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific/6:00 PM GMT

Click here for additional information and to register. Thanks to our SMPTE PDA Sponsor AJA Video Systems.


DCS 2011 at NAB

DCS 2011

Advances in Image and Sound: 3D, 4K, and Beyond

Las Vegas, NV

9 - 10 April 2011

Join SMPTE during the 2011 NAB Show at DCS 2011: Advances in Image and Sound: 3D, 4K, and Beyond.

As the worldwide digital media ecosystem continues to evolve, SMPTE remains at the forefront with key standards and technology advancements necessary to ensure viable and sustainable business opportunities.

From the latest developments from stereoscopic 3D—motion and sound—to innovations in ultra-high-definition capture and display, the program will deliver sessions on innovations and technology evolution and industry strategy over a broad range of technologies and applications, spanning cinema, broadcast, and broadband.

DCS 2011, with its broad coverage and its medium to long-term timeline, is one event you can't afford to miss.

Note: DCS 2011 is co-produced by SMPTE and NAB. For more information about the NAB Show, please go to

Click here for more information.


2nd Annual SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment

New York, New York

21 -22 June 2011

Call For Papers

SMPTE is seeking proposals for scientific, academic, research and highly technical papers for the 2011 SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment. Proposed papers must be informational in nature and must address technical theory, research, clinical results, or emerging technologies specific to Stereoscopic 3D for Entertainment.

Have you or a colleague conducted research in stereoscopic 3D? Do you have deep scientific information that industry decision makers need to hear? Consider submitting an abstract for consideration by the SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment program committee. The 2011 program will include the brightest technology minds in stereoscopy presenting to an audience of leadership driving stereoscopic 3D forward. Plan to be part of this extraordinary event!

Click here for more information.


2011 SMPTE Technical Conference & Exhibition - Save the date!

25-27 October 2011

By the industry, for the industry, this is THE premier annual event for technology, production and operations in the motion imaging industry.

The SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Expo brings together hundreds of world-renowned technology thought-leaders from the media content business. This event provides three days of technical sessions, a high-tech exhibition hall and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Network with colleagues from the motion picture studios, broadcast and cable networks, production and post-production community, software companies, systems integrators, manufacturers, display technologies and distribution providers.

Attendees range from engineers and technical professionals to high-level business leaders in the motion picture studios, broadcast and cable networks, production and post-production communities, software companies, systems integrators, manufacturers, display technologies and distribution providers.

Don't miss out! Mark your calendar today!


SMPTE Events Calendar

For information on all upcoming SMPTE events click here.



New Engineering Documents

The following SMPTE Engineering Documents were published during November 2010. Links to the documents in the SMPTE Store are noted below.

SMPTE ST 291:2010 (Revision of SMPTE 291-2006), Ancillary Data Packets and Space Formatting

Extract from Scope

This standard specifies the basic formatting structure of the ancillary data space in digital video data streams in the form of 10 bit words. Application of this standard includes 525-line and 625-line standard definition digital television interfaces (component or composite), and high definition digital television interfaces (750 and 1125 lines) and D-Cinema applications that provide 8-bit or 10-bit ancillary data space. Space available for ancillary data packets shall be defined in the document specifying the connecting interface.

SMPTE ST 310:2010 (Revision of SMPTE 310M-2004), Television – Synchronous Serial Interface for MPEG-2 Digital Transport System

Extract from Scope

This standard describes the physical interface and modulation characteristics for a synchronous serial interface to carry MPEG-2 transport bit streams at rates up to 40 Mb/s. It is a point-to-point interface intended for use in a low-noise environment. The low-noise environment is defined as a noise level that would corrupt no more than one MPEG-2 data packet per day at the transport clock rate. When other transmission systems (e.g., studio-to-transmitter microwave links, etc.) are interposed between devices employing this interface, higher noise levels may be encountered. In such cases, it is recommended that appropriate error correcting methods be used (see Figure 1).

SMPTE ST 430-10:2010, D-Cinema Operations – Auxiliary Content Synchronization Protocol

Extract from Scope

This document defines a protocol for synchronizing auxiliary resources in a composition playlist to the playback timeline.

SMPTE ST 430-11:2010, D-Cinema Operations – Auxiliary Response Presentation List

Extract from Scope

This standard defines a document for specifying the location of resources on a digital cinema server and the corresponding position at which they should be presented during the play out of a single composition or a show comprised of multiple compositions.


Membership Updates

New SMPTE Event Calendar

One of the requests made by our Sections was that SMPTE provide an online calendar so that Sections can add their own meetings, and members can see what SMPTE meetings are available in other Sections and Regions, so that they could attend them if convenient.

We're happy to announce that we've just added a new public calendar to the SMPTE site, which is listed under the Events tab of the website. The calendar is color coded, and events can be linked to other pages to provide greater detail.

Sections and members can also add their own events to the calendar. All these events will be approved by the moderator.

Simply click on the "Add an event" button at the bottom of the calendar and fill out the event page. When a new event is added, it will be moderated and made public. The reason for the moderation is to make sure that all events are industry related, since the calendar will be public. If you have any problems listing your events, email


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New San Francisco Section Officers

Congratulations to new officers in the SMPTE San Francisco Section, recently affirmed by Section managers. We wish you well in your new roles and look forward to your local programming efforts. Also, we'd like to extend a special thanks to those who have been actively working with the Section for years and their support of this transition.

The new officers are:

Chair: Keith Graham

Secretary/Treasurer: Peter Hammar

Managers: David Carroll (term ending 30-Jun-2011); and Alan Bourke and Pierre Lemieux (terms ending 30-Jun-2012)


New Members

New Sustaining Members

EMMI Lab., Dept. of Business Information Management, Tampere Univ. of Technology


Winchester Electronics


New Members

James Arbeiter

Macky Beheshti

John Benham

Eric Bergquist

Annie Lois Billings

Jeremy Boisseau

Michael Brideaux

Jim Briguglio

Helen Burak

Mike Cavanagh

Leonard Coster

Jason Danielson

Scott Michael Davis

Calvert Dayton

W. David Ellington

Rob Ferguson

Vadim Finkov

Mark Fleischhauer

Taylor Marie Frazier

Shinobu Fujihara

Ron C. Garrett

Florin Hodis

James Martin Holmes

Greg Hull

Mok Jack

Ryan Johnson

Torrance Jones

Michael Edward Kaplan

Martin Peter Kastner

Keith Koby

David Walker Leitner

Younghoon Lim

Duncan MacKenzie

Jake Mater

Ho Kwong Mau

Jonathan McConchie

Thomas Lee Means

Garry Alexander Metcalfe

Joseph A. Metzger

Ricky Wai Shing Mok

Benjamin K Nelson

John G. Newton

Suzanne W. Patterson

Grant Paules

L. Scott Randall

Sara Raya

Phil Ritti

Mark William Roxburgh

Robert Rumbolz

Bill Seery

Thomas Morton Seidel

William J. Sheffer

Jeffrey Weiss Stansfield

Brian Stockmoe

Cho Sung Min

Linda Tadic

Henok Tafese

Miles G. Thomas

Daniel Torres

John M. Willkie

Tom Wilson

Michael Wright


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SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

2011 Calendar

January/February: Archiving and Retrieval

March: File-Based Workflow

April: Compression

May/June: 3D

July/August: Audio

Sept: Progress Report

October: Creation of Multiple Distribution Formats

November/December: Advanced Lighting

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