National Events

July 21-24, 2009
SMPTE Australian Section 2009 Conference

October 27-29, 2009
SMPTE 2009 Technical Conference & Exhibition
Hollywood, CA

Section Events

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February 10, 2009
Philadelphia Section
Broadcast Audio Processing and Transmission

February 17, 2009
Hollywood Section
Remembering Analog TV

February 19, 2009
Rochester Section
Digital Film Restoration

February 19, 2009
Washington, DC Section
HD Camera Setup Tutorial - Leader Instruments

February 21, 2009
Atlanta Section
All Day Session on Project Management

February 24, 2009
Rocky Mountain Section
Annual Banquet

February 25, 2009
New England Section
3D Technology

February 25, 2009
New York Section
The ABC's of WFM and SNMP



February 2009

In-Home Stereoscopic 3D at the Core of 2009 Digital Cinema Summit Program
NAB Digital Cinema Summit produced by SMPTE and ETC
3D Cinema & Beyond:  Lens to Living Room
SAT/SUN – April 18 and 19, 2009
Las Vegas Convention Center 

With over 30 stereoscopic productions in the pipeline, 2009 and 2010 are expected to continue the trend of explosive growth in 3D cinema.   Now the question is "When can I have 3D at home?"  Some industry veterans believe that the answer is "soon".

The 2009 Digital Cinema Summit, produced by SMPTE and the Entertainment Technology Center at USC, will focus on the theme "3D: Lens to Living room".  Leading producers, cinematographers and technologists will review the entire 3D path from acquisition, through post production, distribution and display.   Leading engineers will explain and demonstrate the various techniques used for packaging and distributing compressed 3D images for satellite, over-the-air, IP download and package media, such as Blu-ray Disc. 

The 2009 Digital Cinema Summit will educate and inform on all aspects of 3D, allowing you to decide if the current explosion of stereoscopic content is a fad – or the future. 

February SMPTE PDA Now Special Events
Great news! We have TWO live events scheduled for SMPTE PDA Now this month!

February 5, 2009
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern 
DTV Transition: Working Through the Early Challenges of a Post Analog World 
Guest Speaker: Bill Hayes, Iowa Public Television

When the DTV switch is actually flipped, there are two things on which we can count. First, we can expect that the transition will not be 100% problem free. The second thing is the fact that all parties involved in the switch will need to quickly adopt a highly cooperative approach to avoid finger pointing when things don't work as planned.

February 12, 2009
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern 
DVT Transition: Terrestrial DTV Signal Reception - An Update From the Field 
Guest Speaker: Pete Putman, ROAM Consulting LLC

The transition to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting is closing in on D-Day – February 17, 2009, when analog (NTSC) broadcasts from full-power TV stations will shut down for good. (Unless Congress extends the cut-off date one more time, that is!)

Vestigial sideband modulation (VSB), the standard used for terrestrial digital TV transmission in the United States, has come a long way since the first problematic tests in 1997 and 1998. Today's VSB receivers have evolved to fifth- and sixth-generation designs that can provide steady reception of DTV signals in numerous locations where analog TV reception would be all but impossible.

Don't miss these two exciting learning opportunities! To register please visit us at

Special thanks to SMPTE PDA Now sponsors Avid and Canon! 

SMPTE PDA Anywhere Archives Enhanced
As of January, SMPTE PDA Anywhere downloadable archives are available in M4V file format. This was done to improve availability of SMPTE PDA Now recordings allowing a greater number of members to play them. The previous format was a great way for SMPTE to share the recordings, but some members experienced incompatibility issues. Preliminary feedback suggests that the newly adopted video format works well for most people.

Joel Welch, SMPTE's Director of Professional Development explained, "As a service organization, it is important that we be proactive and continually work to ensure that SMPTE Member services provide maximum value to members. Because only a portion of SMPTE Members were able to play certain SMPTE PDA Anywhere recordings, it became a priority to find a file format with maximum compatibility and good compression characteristics, especially for the videos intended for our "mobile" users. So far, it seems the M4V video format is achieving both these objectives."

As you may know, the recordings of SMPTE PDA Now sessions have typically been broken into smaller, 10 minute segments. This provided for smaller more mobile video segments, but was inconvenient if a Member wanted to just watch the entire recording start to finish. SMPTE now offers these recordings in two forms. For our mobile members, recordings are still broken into small segments of approximately 10 minutes each to make it easier to download and conserve storage on a video-capable mobile device. A complete recording of the event, start to finish, is also available for those who want to watch the video on a computer without having to download it. FYI - We are currently planning to systematically convert all 2008 SMPTE PDA Now videos to M4V.

Whether you are a mobile member or you want to view SMPTE PDA Anywhere recordings on your computer, just go to for  access.

SMPTE PDA Now is Seeking Sponsors
SMPTE PDA Now and SMPTE PDA Anywhere are SMPTE Member benefits and are provided to Members free of charge thanks to the generous support of its sponsors. Our current sponsors are Avid and Canon. Without this support, SMPTE would likely not be able to provide this service free to members or implement improvements to the service. With this in mind, SMPTE is seeking additional sponsors for 2009. Sponsorship is easy and very cost effective. The opportunity for visibility to SMPTE Members and non-members is exceptional and your company can be proud that it is helping to support the professional development efforts of colleagues and customers from across the motion imaging industry.

For more information about how to sponsor and the benefits of sponsoring SMPTE PDA Now, please visit us at

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