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February 9, 2010

File-based Workflows in Broadcast & Production

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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April 10-11, 2010

2010 NAB Digital Cinema Summit - 3D:  Cinema and Home

Las Vegas, NV

October 26-28, 2010

SMPTE 2010 Technical Conference & Exhibition

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood, CA

Section Events

February 8, 2010

Atlanta Section

The Challenges of Transport in a File Based Workflow

February 9, 2010

Montreal-Quebec Section

File Based Workflow

February 9, 2010

Philadelphia Section

3-D TV: Creation, Transmission, Display

February 17, 2010

New England Section

Pioneers in the Video Industry

February 18, 2010

Washington, DC Section

Moving Large Media Files with jabNET

February 23, 2010

Hollywood Section

A Brief History of the Second

February 24, 2010

Sacramento Section

SMPTE Standards for 3D to the Home

February 25, 2010

Rocky Mountain Section

Annual Banquet

February 2010

Help Keep SMPTE PDA Now A Complimentary SMPTE Member Benefit

In 2009, more than two thousand individuals registered for live SMPTE PDA Now webcasts and the archived webcast SMPTE PDA Anywhere recordings' web pages received approximately 41,000 hits. That's a lot of educational bandwidth by any measure! Each SMPTE PDA Now webcast and SMPTE PDA Anywhere recording is offered without charge to SMPTE Members. Non-members are charged $49 for each webcast or recording.

In order to keep SMPTE PDA Now and SMPTE PDA Anywhere a complimentary member value, we are seeking sponsorship from leading companies in the motion imaging industry. Through that generous support, we will be able to provide a valuable educational tool for the motion picture industry at no cost to members and low cost to non-members. These sessions provide a valuable educational benefit to each attendee. Some of the recent sessions include topics such as "Beyond HD", "Quality Control, Test and Measurement", "Producing Stereoscopic Content: What Makes Great 3D Great and What Can Go Wrong?", and "Stereoscopic Displays in the Home". All of which are crucial for people working in the motion image industry.

Depending upon sponsorship level, your company will be recognized at the beginning and end of every SPMTE PDA webcast, live or recorded. In addition, your company's sponsorship and logo will appear in the Motion Imaging Journal, SMPTE's monthly newsletter, and all ads promoting upcoming SMPTE PDA Now events. We will also place your company's logo and a link to your website on the SMPTE PDA Now web pages, including SMPTE 365, our popular social networking site.

Become a sponsor of SMPTE PDA Now and SMPTE PDA Anywhere and make a difference.  For more information about SMPTE PDA sponsorships, please visit us at or contact Joel E. Welch, SMPTE's Director of Professional Development at


February 11, 2010

1:00 pm EST (18:00 UCT)

Media Technology and Opera

Guest Speaker: Mark Schubin

Stereo sound and electronic home entertainment are two technologies invented for opera. Arguably, broadcasting, location recording, movies, and possibly even the telephone owe their existence to opera.

Today, opera productions can involve banks of computer-graphics processors, infra-red motion-capture sensors, and multiple HD projectors. Operas have been distributed live to cinemas in 3-D. They have advanced camera motion, subtitling, and streaming technologies. They have used as many as 27 cameras, have been distributed live to as many as 125 countries simultaneously, and have even utilized the facilities of the Large Hadron Collider.

Opera? Yes, opera. Join SMPTE Fellow Mark Schubin for a look into the past, present, and future of the Fandom of the Opera.

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Sustaining Member Updates

We thank our sustaining members for their ongoing support that enables SMPTE to further its mission as the recognized leader in motion imaging.

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Coming in March: SMPTE Virtual Classroom - Networking Fundamentals

You may have heard that the SMPTE Professional Development Academy (SMPTE PDA) is also a Cisco Networking Academy. As such, SMPTE PDA is authorized to offer certain Cisco networking courses. We are pleased to inform you that beginning in March, we will deliver our very first SMPTE Virtual Classroom Course - Networking Fundamentals. Networking Fundamentals utilizes the world renowned Cisco Systems CCNA Networking Fundamentals curriculum. This virtual classroom course will include a blend of online lessons, hands-on activities, instructor led online sessions, quizzes and a final examination. Curriculum subjects include internetworking fundamentals, Ethernet concepts, addressing, subnet addressing, networking equipment function and much, much  more. Registration opens soon and seating is limited for this eight week program so when registration opens, don't delay. 

2010 NAB Digital Cinema Summit - 3D: Cinema and Home

April 10 & 11, 2010

Stereoscopic exhibition in digital cinemas is growing steadily. One of the prime business drivers in the sales of digital cinema equipment in the past year has been stereoscopic 3D movies, which has proven able to pump up box office draw per screen. Consumers are reacting positively, not only to the movie experience, but also to trials and tests conducted for such content in the home. Manufacturers have exhibited 3D home equipment and stores are now selling 3D displays. As with any new technology shift, companies must grapple with the adaptation of their production lines. All companies in the entertainment industry value chain are wondering how they can most effectively transition to support this new trend.

This year's summit, produced by SMPTE, the Entertainment Technology Center at USC, and the European Broadcasting Union will move last year's theme " 3D: Lens to Living Room" to "3D - Cinema and Home". Leading engineers will explain and demonstrate the various techniques used for packaging and distributing compressed 3D images for satellite, over-the-air, IP download, and packaged media. A comprehensive review of display technologies will reveal the benefits and shortcomings of today's stereoscopic displays, and provide a glimpse into the R&D labs now inventing the future of stereoscopic display.

In short, the 2010 Summit will educate and inform on all aspect of 3D, allowing attendees to prepare their companies and production lines for handling this emerging technology. For more information, please click here.

VANC Survey Closed!

Many thanks to all those who responded to our survey on the use of vertical ancillary space (VANC) data. We received 34 responses from user organizations and 13 from equipment manufacturers. These responses will provide valuable input to the Society's initiative to harmonize the use of VANC data, to reduce problems with implementation.

SMPTE PDA Anywhere: Quality Control, Test, and Measurement in File-based Workflow

Looking for the recording of the January 29 SMPTE PDA Now webcast "Quality Control, Test, and Measurement in File-based Workflow"? Look no further! This and all other 2009 SMPTE PDA Anywhere recordings are available at in the SMPTE PDA Library. If you would like access to the 2008 SMPTE PDA Anywhere recordings, plus SMPTE Conference Technical Session videos please click here.

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"The Greening of the Industry"

Free Fast Company Breakfast Event

March 4, 2010

Sunset Tower Hotel

The Terrace Room

8358 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA

Join Fast Company for a spirited conversation about the state of sustainability in entertainment, media and technology.   The discussion will explore green options for content creators, the future of data storage, and unique ways to make positive, creative changes that reduce the environmental impact of modern business.

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Networking Breakfast
9:30 AM – 10:15 AM Panel Discussion

Speakers include:

Peter Glatzer, Producer Alter Eco, Planet Green

David Flynn, President and CTO, Fusion-io

Dan Satterthwaite, HR Director, DreamWorks  

Please rsvp to

Limited space available on a first-rsvp basis.


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