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National Events

9-10 April 2011
DCS 2011
Las Vegas, NV

6-7 June 2011
Washington, DC Section
Boot Camp
Chesapeake, MD

21-22 June 2011
2nd Annual SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment
New York, NY

19-22 July 2011
SMPTE Australia Conference and Exhibition
Sydney, Australia

8-13 September 2011
IBC Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24-27 October 2011
SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition
Hollywood, CA

Section Events

8 February 2011
Philadelphia Section
New Lower-cost Video Production Equipment
The Lerro Corporation
Valley Forge
Corporate Center
Norristown, PA

8 February 2011
Toronto Section
Advancements in Newsgathering
Rogers Communications Centre
Ryerson University

16 February 2011
New England Section
Boston, MA

22 February 2011
Hollywood Section
Topic TBD
Technicolor Interoperability Testing Center
Burbank, CA

24 February 2011
New York Section
Evaluation-Grade Monitoring for Cinema and Television
Davis Auditorium, Schapiro/CEPSR
Columbia University
New York, NY

24 February 2011
Rocky Mountain Section
Annual Banquet
Green Gables Country Club
Denver, CO

24 February 2011
Washington, D.C. Section
File-Based Content Delivery
Washington, D.C.


February 2011



Topic: Imaging
Title: Introduction to DSLR Imaging
Thursday, 10 February 2011
Speaker: Kevin Rowe, Canon

During this SMPTE PDA Now educational webcast, Canon's Ken Rowe will discuss the ins and outs of HD SLR Cameras. Topics will include a brief overview of the evolution of video features in today's DSLR cameras, how imagers in DLSRs differ from traditional video devices and a high-level summary of differences between the various Canon DLSR imagers. Finally, Rowe will discuss how and why DSLRs are being used by cinema and broadcast companies during production and how these companies have made DSLRs more versatile by selecting specific accessories.

Click here for more information.


DCS 2011

Advances in Image and Sound: 3D, 4K, and Beyond
Las Vegas, NV
9 - 10 April 2011

Only DCS 2011 provides you a complete view of today's motion imaging ecosystem: from case studies and lessons learned about the technologies being applied today to the new solutions necessary to realize the creative visions of tomorrow – and the leading-edge research, key standards efforts, and important industry trends that will make it all happen. Over two highly-focused and information-filled days, the world's leading motion-imaging artists, researchers, scientists, practitioners, manufacturers, and strategic thinkers will converge at DCS 2011 to discuss a broad range of topics across cinema, broadcast, and broadband applications.

Topics include key lessons learned in 3D, emerging advances across motion imaging, and significant trends that will affect the industry in the years to come.

As the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education, SMPTE is proud to co-sponsor this annual event.

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2011 SMPTE Regional Seminars

Maximizing a File Based Workflow: A Use Case Approach

Thursday, 12 May, Montreal, Canada
Saturday, 14 May, Toronto, Canada
Tuesday, 24 May, Atlanta, GA
Thursday, 26 May, Easton, MA

This seminar will build upon the successful 2010 series of SMPTE Regional File-Based Workflow Seminars and is based on direct participant feedback from those seminars. This important follow-up will provide a practical approach to implementing an effective file-based environment. Presentations and discussions during the program will focus on a use case, real world experiences and lessons learned during the transition to a file based environment at KLCS-TV/DT in Los Angeles. Instructors, Alan Popkin, Director of TV Engineering at KLCS-TV/DT and Paul Turner, Vice President of Broadcast Market Development at Harmonic, will speak to the steps taken, the challenges faced and the final successful steps taken during the transition from a traditional broadcast facility to one with a file-based workflow at its core.

Registration opens March 15! Click here for updates.


2nd Annual SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media & Entertainment

Millennium Broadway Hotel
New York, New York
21 -22 June 2011

The 2nd Annual SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media & Entertainment is the only scientific conference to focus solely on the critical technologies needed for widespread and sustained 3D adoption. This exclusive two-day event will feature leading scientists, researchers, and engineers addressing a variety of topics, including:

Call for Papers Ends Soon
Abstracts must be submitted by 28 February 2011. Click here for submission instructions.

Registration for the conference begins 15 February 2011. Go to for more information.


SMPTE 2011 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

Preconference Seminar
24 October 2011

SMPTE 2011 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition
25-27 October 2011

As the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education, SMPTE is proud to convene the SMPTE 2011 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition - the premier annual event for the communications, media, and entertainment industries.

Join the world's leading motion-imaging artists, researchers, scientists, practitioners, manufacturers, and strategic thinkers during this information-packed, three-day event that includes technical workshops; a technology-focused exhibit hall; a high-profile industry luncheon; and the prestigious SMPTE Honors & Awards Reception & Ceremony.

Mark your calendar! Visit for latest developments.


SMPTE Events Calendar

Don't forget to check the SMPTE Events Calendar for updated listings of SMPTE events, Industry events, and Section meetings. You may also add your own events by clicking on "Add an Event" at the bottom of the calendar. Sections are especially encouraged to add their meeting dates. If you have trouble adding an event, please email Roberta Gorman at



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Membership Updates

SMPTE to Upgrade its Web Presence

SMPTE is excited to announce that we will be embarking on a project to upgrade its website. This new improved site will provide users with a better, more user-friendly web interface as well as easier access to all the technical material that SMPTE has to offer.

The first change will be the closing of the SMPTE 365 website, at the end of February 2011. The technical materials, including videos, presentations, links to blogs and student materials are already accessible from The social networking functions will be replaced with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The second change will be a new SMPTE web graphical design and web interface, slated to launch in the Spring/Summer 2011. We are very excited about presenting a new look and feel that better reflects the depth and breadth of our content. The site will allow us to present content in a user-friendly and modern way. Mobile apps are also part of our longer term plan.

The third change will appear later this year and the launch of a new SMPTE Digital Library. The Digital Library will provide a sophisticated research site housing SMPTE's intellectual property, including the Journal, standards documents and conference papers. Access to content will be made available to members as well as institutional users. The site will allow for easy cross-searching among SMPTE's many rich content sources as well as other features.

These are exciting times for SMPTE, so keep an eye out for further developments in the coming months.

If you have problems locating any materials during this transition, please contact Mauricio Roldan at

We hope that you share our excitement over the upcoming changes! Stay tuned to the homepage for more news.


SMPTE Adds New Non-technical Member Benefits

SMPTE has added some new benefits for members in the US – GEICO insurance and Health Proponent. Although we know that you don't join for these benefits, it's always nice to have new options that may save you money – just because you belong to SMPTE.

GEICO offers auto, boat, motorcycle, and home insurances. SMPTE Members may be eligible for a discount on auto insurance, even if you are a current GEICO customer. Call GEICO at 800-368-2734 or go to for a quote today. Make sure to tell them that you are a SMPTE member.

Health Proponent offers members help navigating insurance, billing, and other healthcare headaches. A membership for you and your family costs less than $30.00 per year. For more details, see the website at

Did you know that SMPTE also offers an insurance program through Selman and Co? Details on the products offered can be found on the SMPTE Website.

More details on these programs will be offered in specific articles each month. Looking for different benefits? Email your suggestions for new member benefits to and we will investigate them.


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Section Elections
Just a reminder that Section elections will begin in March. All voting members will receive notice of elections. Stay tuned to for details.


Looking for Old SMPTE Journals and Conference Proceedings

We are working to fill a few gaps in the Motion Imaging Journal and Conference Proceedings library. We need your help! If you happen to have any of the following journal issues or conference proceedings and would like to donate them, please contact Dianne Purrier at headquarters. E-mail


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