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July 21-24, 2009
SMPTE Australian Section 2009 Conference

October 27-29, 2009
SMPTE 2009 Technical Conference & Exhibition
Hollywood, CA

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January 12, 2009
Atlanta Section
New and Emerging High Speed File Transfer Workflows for News

January 13, 2009
Hollywood Section
Section Meeting

January 13, 2009
Philadelphia Section
Section Meeting

January 13, 2009
Toronto Section
AFD (Active Format Description)

January 17, 2009
Hong Kong Section
DTT Transmission Technology Training Workshops

January 20, 2009
Rocky Mountain Section
The Digital Television Era: Surviving the Transition from Analog to Digital

January 21, 2009
New England Section
Streaming Media has come of age



January 2009

SMPTE Receives Emmy Tonight
The National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences has once again recognized the Society for its outstanding contributions to standardization, this time for the development and standardization of file formats for audio and video, specifically for development of the MXF file format. The award is being presented at a ceremony held in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas tonight, Wednesday, January 7, 2009.

NAB 2009 Discount
NAB conference registration holiday offer for SMPTE members - $100 off all conferences until Friday, Jan 9, 2009. The offer is only available for a limited time and does not apply to any one-day conferences. Click here for more info.

January 2009 SMPTE PDA Now
AVC Compression: Choosing the Right Tools from a Larger Toolbox

Thursday, January 8, 2009
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern

This SMPTE PDA Now session looks at some of the new implementations of H.264 based AVC compression. AVC had improved upon many of the earlier generation compression tools, and added some entirely new ones. A significantly larger set of tools now is available for inter-frame, intra-frame and entropy coding type compression. Please join this month’s speaker, Panasonic’s Michael Bergeron as he examines the technology behind the standard and some of the choices to be made in implementing AVC based compression for a wide range of professional video acquisition applications. To register please visit us at

*Note: Subject to change without notice

2009 SMPTE PDA Now
Mark your calendar for the first Thursday of every month. Want to know when a specific topic will be covered during a SMPTE PDA Now event? Need to know specific dates for SMPTE PDA Now events? The entire 2009 SMPTE PDA Now calendar is available at

2008 SMPTE PDA Now Recordings at Your Finger Tips
The 2008 SMPTE PDA Now program contained some great topics! SMPTE hopes you were able to participate in the live events! If your schedule caused you to miss a session or two, you can always view archived recordings by logging on to SMPTE PDA Anywhere. No time to sit in front of the computer and watch an entire hour-long event? On the road a lot without Internet access? That's OK! SMPTE PDA Anywhere has “mobile-ready” content that can be easily downloaded or side-loaded onto any Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or Smartphone capable of playing Windows Media Files. Each 10 minute segment contains the same content as covered during the live event. So don’t get left behind on the “learning curve” just because you don’t have time to participate in the live SMPTE PDA Now events. Go to today!

New SMPTE Staff Members
SMPTE is pleased to welcome Mauricio Roldan as Manager of Engineering Services and Linzee Ciprani as Manager of Development. Mauricio is responsible for IT services and other engineering and standards support.  Mauricio will be working on many new projects including the integration of SMPTE new web 2.0 professional community.   Linzee is responsible for operational development growth and support including but not limited to the development and growth of sustaining memberships and journal subscribers. In addition, she will assist in conference planning as we expand regional offerings this year. Mauricio can be reached at and Linzee can be reached at

Technology Tips
Where Do I Find My Member ID Number?

This is a frequently asked question and we are currently working with our web developers to place your membership id in a more visible area. In the meantime, you can take these steps to find your member ID:

1. Log in to the Members Area of the SMPTE Website

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4. You will find your member number under the heading "Additional Information"

SMPTE Staff Contacts

Executive Director
Kimberly Maki 914-761-1100 x4960

Director of Operations
Sally D'Amato 914-761-1100 x 4965

Manager of Development
Linzee Ciprani 914-761-1100 x4972

Ken Wendel 914-761-1100 x 4962

Executive Assistant
Mariette Yost 914-761-1100 x4973

Director of Engineering & Standards
Peter Symes 914-761-1100 x 4961

Manager of Engineering Services
Mauricio Roldan 914-761-1100 x4964

Standards Publisher
Elizabeth Migliore 914-761-1100 x4963

Test Materials
Anne Seminara 914-761-1100 x 4971

Director of Professional Development
Joel Welch 484-702-7339

Managing Editor
Dianne Purrier 914-761-1100 x 4967




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