National Events

October 27

How Did They Do That? Innovations in Filmmaking & Live Event Broadcast Hollywood, CA

October 28-30
SMPTE 2008 Technical Conference & Exhibition
Hollywood, CA

May 21-22, 2009
Global Summit on Emerging Technologies
Prague, Czech Republic

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July 18
Rocky Mountain Section
17th Annual Lookout Mountain Denver SBE & SMPTE Luncheon

July 2008

SMPTE Announces Results of the 2008 Section Elections
The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is pleased to announce the results of the 2008 Section Elections! The newly elected Officers and Managers began their terms on July 1, 2008. To see the full list, [Click Here]

SMPTE Event Schedule - Update
Traditionally, the SMPTE Annual Tech Conference & Expo rotates east and west every other year. For example, in 2007 it was held in New York. This year, it will be held in Hollywood, CA. Past history would indicate that New York would be a likely location for 2009 and then back to Hollywood in 2010. However, due to rising hotel costs, SMPTE executed a three-year deal in Hollywood for 2008-2009-2010. In order to serve the local needs of east coast members and in lieu of the fall event being held in New York in 2009, the board has opted to host multiple regional conferences throughout the eastern US which may include New York in 2009.

July SMPTE PDA Now Session
Sponsored by Avid, Canon and Insight Media
July 10, 2008 • 1 - 2 pm
"Essentials of File-based Technologies for HDTV".
File based technologies have replaced video tape methods for a majority of production and broadcast operations. Join us as guest speaker Al Kovalick from Avid reviews the essentials of file transfer, streaming, and storage access using IT methods, and presents best practice guidelines. Discussion topics include: eight motivators for leveraging IT in AV systems, video client types, four key QoS metrics, special considerations for HD, and more!

SMPTE PDA Now is free to SMPTE members and $49 for nonmembers. Participation is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. [Register Now]

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) joins SMPTE and IABM to Present the 2009 Global Summit on Emerging Technologies
The EBU has joined SMPTE and IABM as we peer three years into the content business of the future. EBU will present this program in association with SMPTE and IABM. This summit will bring together global thought-leaders to explore the technologies that will define the content business of the future, as well as the whole foundation for the media and entertainment worlds in the next decade. Join us on May 21-22, 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Remotely detect Lip Sync Errors and more with K-WILL's QuMax-2000 K-WILL measures and monitors baseband video and audio quality in real time. With several awards including an international Emmy as well as an ITU recommendation, you can get reliable analysis of your video and audio quality including Lip Sync Error detection.

Let us help you monitor your entire network. Get K-WILL... Lip sync measurement HD Picture Quality Analyzer

Exhibit Space Going Fast – Attendee Registration Opening this Month
The SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Expo will be held from October 28-30, with the pre-conference symposium on October 27. By the industry - for the industry, this is THE premier annual event for technology, production and operations in the motion imaging industry. The SMPTE Technical Conference & Expo brings together world-renowned technology thought-leaders from the media content business. As an accredited industry standards-setting body, SMPTE is also the industry's leading nonprofit association providing education and technology information to the motion imaging industry. We're all about the content - creation, management, distribution and display. This conference offers four days of technical sessions, a high-tech exhibition hall and unparalleled networking opportunities. Join us and meet with colleagues in the motion picture studios, broadcast and cable networks, production and post-production community, software companies, systems integrators, manufacturers, display technologies and distribution providers. [More Information]

Have the Newest Standards CD?
The April 2008 edition of the SMPTE Standards CD-ROM is available at the SMPTE Store! The CD has over 600 documents, including the NEW 2-part SMPTE12M-2008 for Time Code updating - SMPTE’s most widely-used standard!

Various license options are available, and members get a great deal on pricing. [Order Now]

Test Your Knowledge
What is the ideal duration to display each field when using time sequential 3D display technology?

  1. No longer than 120 mSec
  2. No longer than 100 mSec
  3. No longer than 16.7 mSec
  4. No longer than 8.3 mSec

To find the correct answer, please watch the SMPTE PDA Now recording of “Bringing Stereoscopic 3D Content and TVs to the Home” with Guest Speaker Chris Chinnock. This recording can be found at

Selected Technical Papers and PDFs from SMPTE PDA Now sessions are available free of charge to SMPTE Members. The technical papers are valuable resources full of essential technical information. We are always adding more so check back often! [View PDA Docs]

Peter Putman Named InfoComm Educator of the Year
SMPTE Member Pete Putnam, President of Roam Consulting Inc. of Doylestown, PA, was recently presented with the InfoComm Educator of the Year Award. Mr. Putnam was given the award due to his extensive efforts towards developing the skills and knowledge of others in the AV industry. Congratulations, Pete!

On a related note, Mr. Putnam is the guest speaker for September 11, 2008 SMPTE PDA Now event “Evaluation Monitor Performance: How do new display technologies compare to the CRT”.

SMPTE PDA Sponsorships
Want to help advance the careers of SMPTE Members and get some terrific exposure for your company? Why not consider becoming a SMPTE PDA Now Premium Sponsor? SMPTE Members receive SMPTE Professional Development Academy services free of charge, or at a substantially discounted cost, because of the generosity of our current sponsors: Avid, Canon, and Insight Media.

As a sponsor, SMPTE places your company’s logo in all ads promoting SMPTE PDA Now events during the 12 months of your sponsorship. Premium sponsors are also acknowledged and their logos displayed at the beginning and end of every SMPTE PDA Now live event and numerous times throughout SMPTE PDA Now recordings.

Your support will help us enhance SMPTE professional development services. Please consider becoming a SMPTE PDA Now Premium Sponsor. [More information] or contact SMPTE's Director of Professional Development, [Joel E. Welch]

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Insight Media 2008 3D TELEVISION REPORT
Historically, the 3DTV market has been very small, with the solution being add-ons that only worked with CRT displays. Advances in display technology and 3D video formats, plus additional 3D content from the cinema, games and other sources, means this is likely to change in the coming years. This 253-page report, containing 146 figures and 24 tables, is designed to provide a solid technical and market analysis of the 3DTV options and forecast the penetration of this technology into the worldwide television market.

To see full Table of Contents and complete report & order information, [Click Here]

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