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Mobile DTV 101+
2010 NAB Digital Cinema Summit - 3D: Cinema and Home
What's New in SMPTE 365?
What's Coming on SMPTE PDA Now in 2010
New Engineering Documents
SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal
Sustaining Member Updates
Technology Tip
Digital Future Symposium-Beijing

National Events

April 10-11, 2010

2010 NAB Digital Cinema Summit - 3D:  Cinema and Home

Las Vegas, NV

October 26-28, 2010

SMPTE 2010 Technical Conference & Exhibition

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood, CA

Section Events

March 16, 2010

Toronto Section

Canada's Winter Olympics Technology

March 18, 2010

Washington, DC Section

Timecode & Captioning in an HD World

March 23, 2010

Hollywood Section

A tour of the film school at Los Angeles City College

March 2010

Mobile DTV 101+

Thursday 11 March, 2010

UCT 18:00:00 (06:00:00 PM GMT/1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern)

By now you’ve probably heard about Mobile DTV. It is just as likely, however, that you have a question or two about it.

On March 11, SMPTE PDA Now guest speakers, Peter Mataga, CTO, and Mark Rushton, Senior Director, Broadcast Sales, both of Roundbox, introduce the essential technology concepts behind Mobile DTV. They will discuss topics such as mobile DTV Architectures, mobile DTV acronyms, bandwidth requirements, allocations, and even touch on broadcast scenarios. Discussions will also include the underpinnings of ATSC A/153 and then touch upon signaling and announcement (Service Guide). Finally, our speakers will wrap things up by providing a detailed explanation of relationship, integration, function and the user experience.

Join us as we explore the new world of Mobile DTV.

To register or for information about upcoming SMPTE PDA Now sessions, please visit us at

2010 NAB Digital Cinema Summit - 3D: Cinema and Home

Saturday, April 10, 2010 - Sunday, April 11, 2010

This year’s Digital Cinema Summit at NAB program, co-produced by SMPTE, USC/ETC, and EBU, is going to be one of the best by far! Saturday’s sessions focus on Production, Post-production and the Impact of the Consumer Experience as it relates to stereoscopic 3D. Sunday is themed 3D: Cinema and Home. Summit speakers include many of motion imaging’s most well known, must see technology leaders. Plus, our keynotes, Mark Schubin, renowned technology consultant, and John Honeycutt, EVP, Chief Media Technology Officer of Discovery Communications, will provide valuable insight into 3D and its future!

Registration is now open! Don’t miss this much talked about event! For more information or to register, please visit us at

SMPTE Members Receive a Discount on NAB Registration!

Just planning to attend the exhibits?

Use the code "A607" when registering to obtain your FREE Exhibit Pass!

What’s New in SMPTE 365?

The 2010 SMPTE Tech Conference & Expo will take place October 26-28 in Hollywood. This is truly a one-of-a kind Industry event. To extend the coverage of the conference, we’ve created the SMPTE Tech Conference & Expo online community in SMPTE 365. The purpose of this community is to create and participate in online discussions about technical papers, new technology that could be in the conference program, suggested conference topics, feedback, suggestions, and even questions about the 2010 conference.

The 2010 SMPTE Tech Conference Call for Papers is available for download in the online community and occasionally, there will be other documents like technical papers from past SMPTE Conferences. Please feel free to add your own documents to the library!

As with other SMPTE 365 communities, your participation makes a difference. If you do not post or contribute, it is likely no one else will either. Please make use of what could be a valuable and interesting resource. Start a discussion today! Find the link to join the SMPTE Tech Conference & Expo online community on the home page.

What's Coming on SMPTE PDA Now in 2010*

Here are the planned topics for future 2010 SMPTE PDA Now educational webcasts:

25- Mar-2010 Repurposing Content for Multiple Distribution Formats
8-Apr-2010 Color Management in the Digital World
13-May-2010 Audio Issues in the Media

10-Jun-2010 Converting 2D Content to 3D
8-Jul-2010 Business Metrics in File-based Workflows—Automating the Delivery Specification

12-Aug-2010 "Green" Issues in Media and Entertainment

9-Sep-2010 Cryptography
14-Oct-2010 Internet and Other New Media

11-Nov-2010 Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

9-Dec-2010 Stereoscopic 3D

In addition to these great topics, there are many other high-value subjects. SMPTE PDA Now will be adding additional session to our calendar! More information soon!

(* Please note – The SMPTE PDA Now calendar is subject to change without notice.)

New Engineering Documents

The following SMPTE Engineering Documents have been published since the beginning of 2010 (the 2009 document dates indicate that approval procedures were completed in 2009, prior to preparation for publication). SMPTE members who have a current subscription to Standards on CD-ROM may access these documents at  Links to the documents in the SMPTE Store are noted below, but please remember that if you need more than one or two documents, the complete sets and subscriptions on CD-ROM provide much better value (and are heavily discounted for SMPTE Members).

SMPTE ST 2016-1:2009 "Format for Active Format Description and Bar Data"

This document is a revision of the original Standard published in 2007.

Extract from Scope

This Standard defines Active Format Description (AFD) and Bar Data for origination and conveyance through the production and distribution processes for standard definition or high definition television signals. AFD and Bar Data are intended to be ultimately broadcast with the video signals that they describe, therefore references to emission and DTV receivers are included to ensure compatibility between the origination of the AFD and Bar Data and its ultimate use.

SMPTE ST 2016-3:2009 "Vertical Ancillary Data Mapping of Active Format Description and Bar Data"

This document is a revision of the original Standard published in 2007.

Extract from Scope

This Standard defines a method of coding that allows Active Format Description (AFD) and Bar Data information to be carried in the 10-bit vertical ancillary (VANC) data space of a standard definition or high definition component television signal. The standard defines how the AFD and Bar Data information is placed into an AFD/Bar Data ancillary data packet for carriage in accordance with SMPTE 291M.

SMPTE 2021 Family "Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF)"

The original SMPTE 2021M-2008 has been revised and split into a number of separate documents for ease of use.  The new documents  are:

SMPTE 2021-0:2009 "Broadcast Exchange Format—Roadmap for the 2021 Document Suite"

This is the first of a new document type describing the content, applications, and relationships among a suite of related documents. "Roadmap" documents are not official SMPTE Engineering Documents, but are published and maintained by Headquarters in cooperation with the Technology Committee Chairs to provide informative material about a document suite.  Roadmap documents are available for download without charge.

SMPTE ST 2021-1:2009 "Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF)—General Information and Informative Notes"

Extract from Scope

The Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) defines the format and content of XML Messages for the interchange of data and metadata among professional systems, as follows:

  1. Broadcast schedules, including playout and record schedules.
  2. As run information.
  3. Content metadata, such as Content ID, Title, Duration, etc.
  4. Content management requests such as dub and purge requests.
  5. Requests for transfer of content, some of which will result in the transfer of Content essence between professional systems.
  6. Ports as used by TCP/IP for the exchange of messages.

The primary systems envisioned as users of this standard are:

Program Management Systems

Broadcast Traffic Systems

Master Control Automation Systems

Content Distribution Systems

This document serves as the master document for the 2021 suite (thus its Part 1 designation). It includes general BXF details as well as informative notes. SMPTE 2021-0 provides a Roadmap for the 2021 Document Suite.

SMPTE ST 2021-2:2009 "Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF)—Protocol"

Extract from Scope

This particular document is focused on Protocol-related topics as they relate to BXF. The main BXF document (2021-1) should be read first, and this part (2021-2) should be considered as a companion to 2021-1 for those interested in all things Protocol.

SMPTE EG 2021-3:2009 "Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF)—Use Cases"

Extract from Scope

This particular document focuses on use cases of BXF, helping implementers to better understand how BXF may be used in a variety of scenarios.

SMPTE EG 2021-4:2009 "Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF)—Schema Documentation"

Extract from Scope

This particular document focuses on documentation of the BXF schemas.

SMPTE ST 2036-1:2009 "Ultra High Definition Television—Image Parameter Values for Program Production"

This document is a revision of the original Standard published in 2007.

Extract from Scope

This standard defines a family of progressive image sample structures for the representation of stationary or moving two-dimensional images sampled temporally at a constant frame rate and having an image format (sample structure ) of 3840 x 2160 or 7680 x 4320 which has a hierarchical relationship with 1920 x 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9, called ultra high definition television (UHDTV), as defined in Table 1. This standard specifies:

R'G'B' color encoding and digital representation

Y'C'BC'R color encoding and digital representation

SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

The March issue of the Motion Imaging Journal is now available online and will be in your mailboxes soon. This issue is themed Mobile DTV and Handheld Devices and will examine various elements of mobile digital television. Articles include an introduction by Jerry Whitaker, Basic Elements of ATSC Mobile DTV by Wayne Bretl, Dealing with IP for Mobile in and MPEG World by Richard Chernock, U.S. Broadcaster Plans for Provision of ATSC Mobile DTV by Sterling Davis, and Is There a Future for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting? By Peter Putman.

Sustaining Member Updates

We thank our sustaining members for their ongoing support that enables SMPTE to further its mission as the recognized leader in motion imaging.

New Members
Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology Supporting
HDcctv Alliance Limited Silver

Technology Tip

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Digital Future Symposium-Beijing

Internet, New Media, TV and Standards

March 24, 2010, Novotel Peace Beijing

This symposium, hosted by Centre for Content Protection (CCP), Asia, Pacific, will address Internet Distribution and New Media Business in China, as well as Technology, Standards and Content Protection. It is designed to provide a platform for content owners, studios, broadcasters, law firms, venture capitalists, online distributors, government, and vendors to interact and to encourage new business models, partnerships, and solutions.

SMPTE Members register for free!

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