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National Events

October 26-28, 2010

SMPTE 2010 Technical Conference & Exhibition

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood, CA

Section Events

September 15, 2010

New England Section

Location and Topic to be Determined

September 16, 2010

Rocky Mountain Section

DirecTV Castlerock Broadcast Tour

DirecTV Castlerock Broadcast Center

September 21, 2010

Philadelphia Section

WHYY Public Media Commons

WHYY Technology Center

September 28, 2010

Hollywood Section

Some New Samples of Film Preservation

Linwood Dunn Theater

September 2010

Reminder: Membership Vote Required at October Annual SMPTE Membership Meeting

SMPTE is undergoing a process to revise its governance documentation and we need voting members to participate.

If you are planning to attend the 2010 SMPTE Technical Conference and Expo, then please ensure you mark your calendar for the annual membership meeting to be held on 27 October 2010 at 18:00 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, CA (USA).

Your participation in the Bylaws Revision vote is critical to the future success of SMPTE. In order to help guide you in your thinking, we have planned two online webinars where you can learn more and ask questions of President Ken Fuller, Revisions Committee Chair Pat Griffis, or Executive Director Barbara Lange. You need only attend one of these webinars. Details will follow as we get closer to the dates.


6 October 2010 at 19:00 (ET) or 20 October 2010 at 13:00 (ET)

Of course, you may send in your proxy vote at any time. You will find the form at You may submit your form by either email, fax or post as follows:

By email:

By fax:

+1 914 761 3115

By post:


Attn: Bylaws Proxy Vote

3 Barker Avenue, 5th floor

White Plains, NY 10601

Thank you, in advance, for your participation in this important SMPTE effort.


IBC2010 is Here!

September 9-14, 2010

RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The IBC2010 Conference is here! This year's event features nearly 70 sessions and more than 300 speakers and thought-leaders from around the world, it is the place to be to understand the current electronic entertainment industry landscape, its current features and demands, and the ways it is likely to evolve over the short to long-term.

The opening Conference Keynote, Does Public Service Broadcasting have a Future?, addresses the role of PSBs in an uncertain future; the Convention Keynote, New Routes to Funding Original Content, looks at emerging funding models; while the teething issues of producing stereoscopic 3D will be squarely addressed in the 3D Day keynote, Capturing Stereoscopic Images for Live Broadcast. To view the full conference program, click here.

Visit for more information.


SMPTE 2010 Annual Tech Conference & Expo

October 26-28, 2010

Hollywood, CA

Join us on October 26-28, 2010, for our Annual Tech Conference & Expo. Network with colleagues in the motion picture studios, broadcast and cable networks, production and post-production community, software companies, systems integrators, manufacturers, display technologies and distribution providers. As always, this event offers an exciting program including a pre-conference seminar and technical workshops. This year's program covers topics in File-Based Workflow, Cinematography and Post: New Tools and Trends, Film Archive and Restoration, Filing the 3D Pipeline-Production and Distribution, the Status of Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV), Audio Issues, Service-Oriented and Cloud-Based Architectures in Media, Station Infrastructure, Processing Architectures and much more.

For a full program line-up click here.

Pre-Conference Seminar: Digital Media Ecosystem Essentials

This year's pre-conference program on Monday, October 25, features experts in digital technologies representing a wide range of key ecosystem disciplines—from interoperability across multiple platform and format workflow functions to effectively utilizing non-traditional sources of video for broadcast. Speakers will focus on technologies and techniques which, though not yet the norm in the video world, promise to improve productivity and support innovative business models, such as "over-the-top" video streaming and consumer-generated content. Speakers will address specific production workflow challenges inherent in multiple delivery and display environments and, as portable display devices continue to evolve, repurposing content for the growing number of screens, both large and small. This program provides crucial insight about how to leverage the enhanced efficiency and revenue potential of the Digital Media Ecosystem.

For additional information, click here.

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The Expo Exhibit Hall will provide an invaluable learning environment, where exhibitors and attendees alike can discuss various applications, products and services that the technology delivers. Go to for more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring at this year's event. Click here for more information.

Lodging Information

This year's event will be held once again at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

1755 North Highland Ave.

Hollywood, CA

The SMPTE Group reservation rates are as follows:

  • Single/Double Deluxe Rooms:  $229
  • Executive Rooms:  $269
  • One Bedroom Suites:  $279

The cut-off date for reservations under the group rate is October 8, 2010.

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The 3D Experience

Annual 3D Entertainment & Technology Festival

September 24-26, 2010

Times Square, New York

For three days, top innovators, industry leaders and filmmakers will gather in Times Square to showcase the latest advances in 3D for 2010 and beyond. From Hollywood 3D screenings to in-home entertainment, professionals, 3D fans and the general public will be brought into the 3rd dimension like they've never been before.

Thursday evening, September 23

Opening Night VIP Reception, presented by LG

Friday, September 24

Executive Forum

AMC Empire 42nd Street

An in-depth view of the emerging world of 3D Technology from film, television, video games, mobile devices, sports and more. The Executive Forum includes an invitation to the NASDAQ Opening Night VIP Reception, presented by LG, and the exclusive side-by-side industry 3D TV Test Drive.

Special Guests Include:

  • Robert H. McCooey, Senior Vice President of New Listings and Capital Markets, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.
  • David Beal, President, National Geographic Entertainment\
  • Phil McKinney, Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard Personal Systems Group
  • Richard Gelfond, CEO and Director, IMAX Corporation
  • Ken Venturi, Executive Vice President of Interactive Media, National CineMedia
  • Jim Chabin, President and CEO, International 3D Society
  • Pierre Routhier, Vice President, 3D Strategy & Business Development, Technicolor

Click here for complete list of speakers

Special Rate for SMPTE members

Click here to pre-register for The Executive Forum for $595. A $200 savings!


SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment - Content Available

Conference technical papers and presentations are available for purchase in the SMPTE Store.

Click here for details.



23 September 2010

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern

Improving Broadcasters' Bottom Line With An Eco-Friendly Strategy

Incorporating "Green" technologies has become a frequent topic of discussion in many company strategy sessions. This is true in the broadcast world, as well. Not only does it make good sense from the perspective of global conservation and good corporate citizenship, but it also is a means to sustain and enhancing bottom line performance through reduced operating expense.

Please join SMPTE PDA Now's guest speakers, Keith Graham, AZCAR USA Inc., George Molnar, VegasPBS, and Thomas Schoeman, JMA Architecture Studios, in this follow-up to the recently published SMPTE's Motion Imaging Journal article. Don't miss this opportunity to hear about their strategies and practical experience with enhancing business operations through utilization of more efficient technologies and environmentally responsible facilities.

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Thanks to our SMPTE PDA Sponsor AJA Video Systems.


SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

The September Progress Report issue is here! This very informative issue, published annually, includes reports from the SMPTE Technology Committees, the ASC Technology Committee, ATSC, CEA and an array of updates from major facets of the motion imaging industry including 3D, Digital Cinema, Image Acquisition, Post-Production, IP Video, and more.

Click here to view this issue.


New Engineering Documents

The following SMPTE Engineering Documents were published during August, 2010. SMPTE members who have a current subscription to Standards on CD-ROM may access these documents at:

https:// Links to the documents in the SMPTE Store are noted below, but please remember that if you need more than one or two documents, the complete sets and subscriptions on CD-ROM provide much better value—and are heavily discounted for SMPTE Members (see

SMPTE RP 2042-3:2010, VC-2 Conformance Specification

Extract from Scope

This recommended practice defines the materials, procedures, and criteria for verifying conformance of SMPTE VC-2 video decoders. The documents that form this specification include this document, a register of test streams, a sample VC-2 stream generator and a reference decoder.

SMPTE ST 338:2010 (Revision of SMPTE 338-2008), Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 – Data Types

Extract from Scope

This standard describes the data_type field defined in SMPTE 337. This field describes data types that may be carried in an AES3 digital audio interface according to SMPTE 337. This standard defines supported data types, but does not cover formatting that may be required for each data type. References are included for additional standards that describe data type specific formatting requirements.

SMPTE ST 2041-1:2010, Format for Non-PCM Audio in AES3 – MPEG Layer I, II and III Audio

Extract from Scope

This standard specifies an interface format for the transport of MPEG-1 Layer I and II or MPEG-2 Layers I, II, and III audio in professional applications using the AES3 serial digital audio interface. This Standard is limited to carriage of a single audio elementary stream.

SMPTE ST 2041-2:2010, Format for Non-PCM Audio in AES3 – MPEG-2 AAC and HE AAC Audio in ADTS

Extract from Scope

This standard specifies an interface format for the transport of MPEG-2 AAC/HE AAC data rate reduced audio streams contained in the ADTS wrapper and placed into an AES3 serial digital audio stream. This Standard supports the MPEG-2 AAC LC Profile, with or without the use of the SBR tools. This Standard is limited to carriage of a single audio elementary stream.

SMPTE ST 2041-3:2010, Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 – MPEG-4 AAC and HE AAC Compressed Digital Audio in ADTS and LATM/LOAS Wrappers

Extract from Scope

This Standard specifies the method of packing MPEG-4 AAC and MPEG-4 HE AAC data rate reduced audio streams contained in either an ADTS or an LATM/LOAS wrapper into an AES3 transport stream. It also specifies the content of the data_type_dependent field of the burst_info (Pc) word of the Synchronization preamble used to signal the wrapper type and other necessary information about the payload. The Standard specifies the repetition rate, reference point, decoding latency and use of Pause data bursts in interrupted streams. This Standard supports the MPEG-4 AAC Profile, the MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC Profile, and the MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC v2 Profile. This Standard is limited to carriage of a single audio elementary stream.

SMPTE ST 428-19:2010, D-Cinema Distribution Master – Additional Frame Rates Level AFR2 and Level AFR4 – Serial Digital Interface Signal Formatting

Extract from Scope

This standard defines the formatting and constraints of the DCDM SMPTE 428-11 AFR Level 2 and AFR Level 4 image Pixel Structure for transmission over the 1.485 Gb/s dual link serial digital interface SMPTE 372M or 3 Gb/s interface SMPTE 424M. The Serial Digital Interface (SDI) container parameters for DCDM AFR Level 2 and AFR Level 4 are given in Table 1.

SMPTE RP 227:2010 (Revision of RP 227-2007), VC-1 Bitstream Transport Encodings

Extract from Scope

This document describes the protocols for carrying video elementary streams conforming to the SMPTE VC-1 Simple, Main and Advanced Profile over MPEG-2 Transport Streams and MPEG-2 Program Streams. This document does not describe the video bit stream syntax. It describes the encapsulation and signaling of the video bit stream using the respective transport protocols.

SMPTE ST 2036-3:2010, Ultra High Definition Television – Mapping into Single-link or Multi-link 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface

Extract from Scope

This document defines UHDTV video payload mapping into Single-link, Dual-link, Quad-link or Octa-link 10G-SDI Mode D defined in SMPTE 435-2. This document also defines mapping of ANC/Audio Data, payload ID and other ancillary data formatted as defined in SMPTE 291M. The "basic stream" complies with the interleaved data stream defined in SMPTE 292 and is utilized as the input source streams for the 10G-SDI.

SMPTE ST 430-6:2010, D-Cinema Operations – Auditorium Security Messages for

Intra-Theater Communications

Extract from Scope

The Auditorium Security Message (ASM) specification enables interoperable communication of security- critical information (information necessary to ensure security of D-Cinema content) between devices over an intra-theater exhibition network. The specification uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) for authentication and confidentiality, and Key-Length-Value (KLV) coding for message encoding. It defines a protocol, a general purpose request-response message set and a specific message set for link encryption keying.


129th AES Convention Historical Event on Stereo Optical Film Soundtracks

The 76-year chronicle of feature film stereo optical soundtrack development will be crystallized by a 129th AES Convention Historical Event presented by Ioan Allen, Sr. VP, Dolby Laboratories. The two-hour event is scheduled for 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 4 at the Dolby Theater. Beginning with experimental recordings made in 1934, and moving through various stereo optical techniques including Perspecta Sound and Disney's Fantasound, Allen, an Academy Award-winning cinema sound pioneer and SMPTE Fellow, will guide participants through the stereo optical film soundtrack evolution to today's digital technology. Landmark format advances will be vividly demonstrated by classic film clips.

Visit for additional information.


Member Updates

2010 SMPTE Elections for Officers and Governors are open through September 20!

The 2010 Society Elections are now open! It is important that all voting members of the Society (Active, Fellow, Life, and Honorary grade members) cast their vote – even in an uncontested election. In past elections, ballot returns have been as low as 7%. However, with the implementation of our new electronic balloting system, returns have been up across the board. Please take the time to participate in this year's elections.

There is much work to be done by our elected Officers and Governors in ensuring the growth and improvement of the Society. SMPTE can only be as strong as those who lead it. Thank you to all those who are willing to volunteer their time to help lead and grow our Society.

Don't forget to cast your vote before the elections close on September 20, 2010 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.



In order to log in to the balloting site, you will need to use your username and your MEMBER NUMBER (not your password).

New Sustaining Members

Artel Video Systems


Dadi Oristar Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


New Members

Shilpa Agarwal

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Aleksandr Shapiro

Jerome D, Steckling

Zdenek Svachula

Alexis Michael Torres

Clayton Wagar

James G. Zumwalt


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