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Before you head off to NAB, remember to secure booth space for your company at the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition. With more than 60% of the booth spaces sold, the show is sure to be a sellout again this year.
Early-Bird pricing is only available through March 31!
The conference will again be held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel from 26 -29 October. Currently, we have many prime spaces left, but they are going fast!
Please visit: for information.
SMPTE Events

SMPTE Forum 2015
Produced in partnership with the FKTG with collaboration from the EBU's Technology and Innovation group
Berlin, Germany
7-8 May 2015

The internet is enabling rapid evolution of entertainment technology, driving a shift of power in distribution and impacting various aspects of media and content creation. European broadcasters and studios are exploring this new landscape of web delivered media while new media players join the market.  What does this mean for the traditional content creators and distributors and what is the technological impact?
Learn the answer to this and other questions at the SMPTE Forum 2015, Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age: A European Perspective, to be held 7-8 May 2015, hosted at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin, Germany.
The SMPTE Forum 2015 will feature keynotes from industry leaders, including Thomas Staneker of Deutsche Telekom and Chris Fetner of Netflix. There will also be an array of conference sessions that speak to the technical, legal, and social forces shaping delivery and consumption of media in Europe.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin! For program information and registration, please visit:


The Bits By The Bay conference returns in 2015 with a focus on technologies for news and content in the connected age. Streamlined, efficient and interconnected workflows are essential to deliver content quickly and accurately, not just for news organizations where pressures can be acute, but for all organizations that need to acquire and publish content quickly and distribute across a plethora of platforms.

If you are involved with planning, selecting, implementing or using technology in your company then we promise you'll find Bits By The Bay an invaluable way to brush up on your skills and stay abreast of the latest developments. For details and registration, visit:


Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age (ETIA 2015)
Stanford University, McCaw Alumni Hall
16-17 June 2015

The Race is On!

Explore the old, the new, and the future of entertainment technology!

Call for Papers issued for 2013 Annual Conference
SMPTE 2013 LogoThe Society has issued a call for papers for the prestigious SMPTE 2013 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, which will be held 22-24 Oct. in Hollywood, CA. Proposals for technical papers to be presented at the conference are being accepted through 21 June via the SMPTE online content submission tool located at
"As the premier annual technology event covering motion-imaging and media technology, production, operations, over-the-top content services, and the allied arts and sciences, the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference draws the industry's elite technology decision-makers and thought leaders," said SMPTE Education Vice President, Patrick Griffis. "Presentation of technical papers is a critical part of the conference and an ideal forum for showcasing new technical theory, research, innovation, applications, and practices specific to the industry."
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SMPTE Events Calendar


Don't forget to check the SMPTE Events Calendar for updated listings of SMPTE events, Industry events, and Section meetings. Sections are especially encouraged to add their meeting dates. To add an event, please email Roberta Gorman.  

Industry Events
NTS 2013
EBU Network Technology Seminar 2013 
The Media & IT Rendezvous 
25-26 June 2013 
EBU, Geneva

The EBU Network Technology Seminar is an essential annual rendezvous for broadcast experts dealing with specialized and IT infrastructure, as well as for IT network and storage specialists that deal with broadcast media content in production, contribution and B2B, and in primary distribution. NTS 2013 will cover the latest developments in this field and will focus on sharing the experiences of EBU Members through detailed use case presentations. It is a key meeting point for this community of experts and the industry.

SMPTE PDA Now Webcasts 
Live, interactive educational webcasts covering hot-topic technologies, issues and developments. Offered free to current SMPTE Members! 

Jim HoustonThe Academy Color Encoding System (ACES): What is it?

Guest Speaker: Jim Houston, Principal, Starwatcher Digital; Co-chair, ACES Project Committee

When: 28 March 2013 at 18:00 UTC/13:00 EST/10:00 PST


As digital cameras and displays grow toward higher dynamic range and wider color gamuts, what tools are in place for the new digital workflows they demand?  The Academy of Motion Pictures  Arts and Sciences has been working on this question through its Science and Technology Council.


This webcast will introduce the concepts and specifications of the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES),  which provides color management methods for up-and-coming digital workflows and digital file formats suitable for long-term archiving.


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PDA Now and Standards Webcasts On-demand Playback Videos

SMPTE captures every PDA Now webcast for on-demand playback. Our growing library of topics covers, storage, stereoscopic 3D, live streaming and much more. Members are permitted to download previously recorded PDA Now and Standards webcasts, free-of-charge. Click here to access.


SMPTE Virtual Classroom Cisco CCNA Exploration ProgramCisco Networking Academy Logo


One of the SMPTE Professional Development Academy's most innovative educational services is its Virtual Classroom courses. Through the Virtual Classroom, we are able to bring learning opportunities to you, anywhere in the world.


SMPTE Virtual Classroom programs are "blended learning" courses where you will spend a good deal of time studying independently, while also participating in live instructor coaching sessions online to assist with more complex topics and activities. Each Virtual Classroom offering has specific start and end dates and established learning goals. Successful completion of these courses is determined by completing course activities and graded assessments.


The SMPTE Virtual Classroom is one of a global network of Cisco Networking Academies. Course materials are written and produced by Cisco; offered and delivered by SMPTE and its instructors. We are pleased to offer you the acclaimed Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exploration program. 2013 Course Schedule
Class size is limited - Groups of 3, or more, receive a 10% discount:  Register today!


SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal March 2013

The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, image processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more. The March issue is themed, Advancements In Image Quality.


Click here to access the Journal.



Join the SMPTE Board of Editors


The SMPTE Journal is seeking members interested in actively participating in its on-line peer review process. Members of the Board of Editors have the opportunity to review and evaluate papers submitted for publication in their areas of expertise and interest. Board membership also provides the opportunity to suggest and discuss important issues in motion imaging to determine relevant topics for publication in the Journal. Working with the Editorial Vice President, Managing Editor, and your colleagues on the BoE in shaping and maintaining a high level of editorial quality in the Journal, you will provide a valuable service to all SMPTE members and the Motion Imaging industry in general. If you are a SMPTE member and would like to join this volunteer effort please contact Glen Pensinger, BoE Chair, at, for further information.


Standards and Products
Standards Technology Committees Meet at Hong Kong Design Institute


HK SD DI Group Photo  

4-8 March 2013 - Hosted at the award-winning HKDI campus in Tiu Keng Leng, SMPTE Standards Technology Committee members enjoyed a creative environment to work through committee reports and activities. The week's meetings concluded with a special Standards Seminar presented by Standards Vice President, Hans Hoffmann and Peter Symes. Stay tuned for a full Outcome Report to be published in the coming weeks. Special thanks to Terence Wong and his staff for providing an excellent venue for the first 2013 quarterly meetings.


Standards CoverNew Standards Documents Published

SMPTE 435-0:2012, 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface - Roadmap


SMPTE 435-1:2012 (Revision of SMPTE 435-1-2009), 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface - Part 1: Basic Stream Derivation


 SMPTE 435-2:2012 (Revision of SMPTE 435-2-2009), 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface - Part 2: 10.692 Gb/s Stream - Basic Stream Derivation



SMPTE 435-3:2012 (Revision of SMPTE 435-3-2009), 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface - Part 3: 10.692 Gb/s Optical Fiber Interface



SMPTE 2036-0:2012, Ultra High Definition Television - Roadmap  



SMPTE 2036-3:2012 (Revision of SMPTE ST 2036-3:2010), Ultra High Definition Television - Mapping into Single-link or Multi-link 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface



SMPTE ST 2048-0:2012 (Revision of SMPTE 2048-0:2011), 2048 x 1080 and 4096 x 2160 Digital Cinematography Production Image Formats FS/709 - Roadmap for the 2048 Document Suite



SMPTE ST 2048-3:2012, 4096 x 2160 Digital Cinematography Production Image Formats FS/709 - Mapping into Multi-link 10 Gb/s Serial Signal/Data Interface



SMPTE EG 40:2012 (Revision of EG 40-2002), Conversion of Time Values Between SMPTE 12-1 Time Code, MPEG-2 PCR Time Base and Absolute Time



The SMPTE Digital Library features integrated search functionality, allowing users to expand their search across the entire platform. Search results reveal the number of hits and the source of the information, whether it comes from the Society's Journal,Conference Proceedings, or the Standards book content.    


The SMPTE Digital Library provides one-stop access to SMPTE resources, informing professionals about the latest technology, products, and industry research as they happen. The Library ties together the various elements of the Society's products, including the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, from 1916 to the present, the Society's conference proceedings, and the full suite of SMPTE standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines.  


Visit the SMPTE Digital Library:
Click here for pricing and to purchase a subscription. 



SMPTE CamBook 3SMPTE CamBook® 3
Now available in the SMPTE Store

SMPTE CamBook 3 is a precision tool designed to help optimize image quality in:

* Align and set up cameras to REC 709
* Compare/match camera makes, models
* Test lenses for colorimetry and resolution
* Select the best camera for the job
* Use as an on-the-set reference
* Color correct images in post


SMPTE OneShot™ Pocket Chart SMPTE Pocket OneShot
Now available in the SMPTE Store

The DSC Labs OneShot chart is designed to capture as much camera and scene lighting information in one shot as possible so that dailies look as close to the DP's intent as possible.

Unlike most other DSC Labs charts, the OneShot is printed with a matte surface to reduce obvious reflections. Glossy charts offer improved dynamic range as blacks can be made deeper and whites brighter, but film-style production schedules don't generally allow the time necessary to shoot a glossy chart and eliminate reflections. A matte chart will still show some glare if held at an improper angle to a light, and the contrast range of the chart is not as high, but overall it is much faster to shoot accurately in a high-pressure and time-sensitive shooting environment.
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Membership Updates
Section Elections
Just a reminder that elections for SMPTE Section Officers and Managers will begin in March and run through 29 April. All voting members will receive notice of elections and electronic ballot instructions via email. 

Please be sure to cast your vote!


 SMPTE Speakers Bureau


A new resource for Sections has been added to under Members Only (you will have to login to use this resource). In the Speakers Bureau, you can find speakers for your meetings, volunteer to be a speaker, or nominate someone to speak at a meeting. Just follow the directions and the links on the main page.  


We currently have just a few speakers. With your help we will continue to build the resource, adding Speakers and organizing it by topic. Please contact Roberta Gorman if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more updates!


Be a Part of SMPTE's Centennial!


SMPTE is planning for its Centennial Celebration in 2016!  We're looking for members who are interested in participating on the Centennial Planning Committee. If you'd like to contribute your ideas, time, or knowledge, please contact us at


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Welcome to our members who recently joined the Society. SMPTE is happy to have you on board and we hope that you will find your membership to be rewarding.

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