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    SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

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    2021 Editorial Calendar

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    September Issue: Progress Report

    Welcome to the SMPTE 2021 Progress Report. What a year it has been. The emergence of vaccines against COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of documented, organized ways that large groups can work together toward a common goal. The vaccines gave hope that the world would go back to normal, but unfortunately, we are still a long way from globally returning to the pre-pandemic way of working. SMPTE provides various platforms for collaborative work at the member, company, group, and interorganizational levels. The enormous breadth and depth of the contributions to this edition highlight how different cohorts interact with SMPTE to help drive the media technology industry forward.

    Table of Contents


    Progress Measured by Games
    Barbara H. Lange

    Section Meetings
    Gene Bately

    Introduction to the 2021 Progress Report
    Bruce Devlin

    Reports from the SMPTE Technology and Task Force Committees
    Bruce Devlin

    Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Media Ops Industry Comments to SMPTE
    Glenn Deen

    SMPTE Global Inclusion Committee Update
    Renard T. Jenkins

    American Society of Cinematographers Motion Imaging Technology Council Progress Report 2021

    Report From the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Science and Technology Council

    Progress Report of the Advanced Television Systems Committee
    Madeleine Noland and Jerry Whitaker

    Consumer Technology Association Update
    Dave Wilson

    DVB’s Internet-Centric Vision Comes Into Sharper Focus
    Emily Dubs

    European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Update 2021
    Judy Parnall

    Update on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
    Pierre-Anthony Lemieux

    ITU-R Study Group 6 Progress Report 2020–2021

    Recent Activities of the Ultra HD Forum
    Nandhu Nandhakumar

    Recent Activities of the Ultra HD Forum
    Jordi Joan Gimenez

    Progress Report on the Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX)
    Jean Lapierre

    World Broadcasting Unions Committees—A 2021 Status Report
    John Lee

    An Update from the Entertainment Technology Center
    Kenneth Williams

    Streaming Video Alliance Progress Report
    Jason Thibeault

    Update from the Advanced Media Workflow Association, Video Services Forum, and Joint Task Force on Networked Media
    Brad Gilmer

    Remote Innovations on the Cloud
    Matt Herson

    2021 High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Progress Report
    Timo Kunkel and Patrick Griffis

    Utilizing Machine Learning for Video Processing
    Liam Morrison

    Report from IDEA—The Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance
    Austin Pahl


    SMPTE Almanac
    Michael Dolan