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2020 Editorial Calendar

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Current Issue

September 2020 - 2020 Progress Report


The current title for this publication is SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, providing peer-reviewed articles on topics in 3D, imaging processing, display technologies, audio, compression, digital cinema, and much more


Message from the Executive Director: Progress in 2020
Barbara H. Lange

Section Meetings
Tony Meerakker

Introduction to the 2020 Progress Report: The New Normal
Hans Hoffmann

Reports from the SMPTE Technology Commitee
Bruce Devlin ; Lars Borg ; John F. Snow ; Dave Schnuelle ; Steve Llamb ; Jack Watts ; William C. Miller ; Brian Long ; Bill Redmann ; Dean Bullock ; Phil Warren ; Tatsuji Yamazaki ; Fred Walls ;Thomas Kernen ; Leigh Whitcomb ; John Footen ; Paul Gardiner ; Chris Witham ; Florian Schleich

SMPTE Periodical - American Society of Cinematographers Motion Imaging Technology Council Progress Report 2020
Curtis Clark ; David Reisner ; Bill Bennett ; David Stump ; Greg Ciaccio ; Jesse Korosi ; David Morin ; Michael Goi ; Mike Sanders ; Joachim Zell ; Tim Kang ; Emily Stadulis ; Adrienne Klotz Floyd ; Jay Holben ; Matthew Duclos ; Pete Ludé ; Lou Levinson ; Joshua Pines ; Eric Rodli ;Michael Zink ; James Fancher ; Gary Mandle ; W. Thomas Wall ; Gary Demos

Report from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Science and Technology Council
Craig Barron ; Annie Chang ; Theodore E. Gluck ; Leslie Iwerks ; Jeff Taylor ; Andy Maltz

Progress Report of the Avdanced Television Systems Commitee
Madeleine Noland ; Jerry Whitaker

2020 Update from the Consumer Technology Association
Dave Wilson

2020 Update from DDP
Rowan de Pomerai

Targeted Advertising for Broadcasting Industry in DVB Markets
Angelo Pettazzi

Expanding DVB’s Repertoire as The Market Evolves
Emily Dubs

Report from Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), Video Services Forum (VSF) and Joint Taskforce on Networked Media (JT-NM)
Brad Gilmer ; Thomas Edwards ; Felix Poulin ; Neil Dunstan ; Peter Brightwell ; Gareth Sylvester-Bradley ; Wes Simpson ; Rick Ackermans ; Andy Rayner ; Bob Ruhl ; Ievgen Kostiukevych

ITU-R Study Group 6 Progress Report 2019–2020
Yukihiro Nishida ; Amir Nafez ; Paul Gardiner ; Andy Quested

Recent Progress in the European Broadcasting Union Technical Committee
Judy Parnall

Update from the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3)
François Daoust

Streaming Video Alliance Progress Report
Jason Thibeault

UDHA Alliance Progress Report
Michael Zink

Report from the Entertainment Technology Center
Kenneth Williams

Media Coding Industry Forum Progress Report
Jonatan Samuelsson

New MPEG Codecs and Immersive Application Standards for 2020
Xavier Ducloux ; Thierry Fautier

VRIF Guidelines on Live VR Services
Ozgur Oyman ; Mauricio Aracena ; Tom De Koninck ; Igor D. D. Curcio ; Thierry Fautier ; Mick O’Doherty

Display Technology 2020: The Winds are Shifting
Peter H. Putman

Toward the Practical Realisation of Next Generation Audio
Paola Sunna ; David Wood ; Stefan Meltzer ; Adrian Murtaza ; Tim Addy ; Jason Power

Progress in Lens and Cameras: 2010-2020
Laurence J. Thorpe

Completing the Accessibility Jigsaw Puzzle
David Wood

Worldwide 5G Broadcast/Multicast Trials Come Online
Mohamed Aziz Taga

HPA "Lost Lederhosen" Short Movie: From Camera to Cloud - From Production Through Post-Production and Finishig in 1 Day
Joachim Zell 

SMPTE Almanac
Michael Dolan