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The SMPTE documentary MOVING IMAGES will explore the excitement surrounding the development of motion imaging technology from turn of the twentieth century through the present while inquiring about what the future has in store. Through interviews with top filmmakers, historians, entrepreneurs, and engineers, the documentary will investigate the influence that art and science have on each other. 

Film and television have been the most popular art form and communication tool for more than 100 years. The Oscar and Emmy Award winning Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is an important part of that history. To celebrate our centennial anniversary in 2016, the Society is producing a feature length documentary.

Where We Are

SMPTE has named motion imaging technology and creative visionary Randall Dark as Producer. Howard Lukk, former Vice President of Production Technology at The Walt Disney Studios as Director. Randall and Howard have named Travis LaBella, Director of Photography; Richard Welsh, SMPTE Governor for EMEA and Central & South America Region, and Aimée Ricca, SMPTE Marketing and Communication as Associate Producers due to their dedication to the project. Chris Kenneally, who is best known as the Writer and Director for the acclaimed Justin Szlasa and Keanu Reeves produced documentary SIDE BY SIDE, completed the initial treatment for the film.

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2:1 Interview: Back to the Future: 1985, 2015, 2045 from MPAA on Vimeo.

The SMPTE Board of Governors has authorized initial funding for the project, which has included the treatment and initial production work. The intent is to produce a 90-minute theatrical feature, as well as an abbreviated television version. A 'first look' exclusive preview of MOVING IMAGES in 4K was featured at the 2015 NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema, produced in partnership with SMPTE.

The preview, edited by Bobby Hewitt, provided a brief glimpse into what will be the final feature length documentary to be released in coordination with SMPTE’s centennial next year. The audience was captivated by the four-minute preview, featuring George Lucas; an interview with Mark Schubin, self described engineer and explainer; and an actual working Kinetograph from the Malkames Camera Collection filmed in 4K.



Pete Ludé, co-executive producer, Lukk, Dark, producer,with LaBella and Hewitt were on hand for a brief discussion after the preview. The filmmakers received an enthusiastic applause.

SMPTE successfully completed a 60-day crowdfunding campaign in February, with a total of $66,382 raised on Indiegogo, as well as additional funds donated directly to the Society. SMPTE’s MOVING IMAGES ranked as the #7 most funded film project, by a verified non-profit, on Indiegogo

It was because of the generous of individuals and corporations that this campaign was so successful. Words cannot possibly begin to express how much it means to us, that this project means so much to so many of you! 

The Indiegogo campaign lasted just 60 days (its an Indiegogo thing - we can't change that). You can still be part of this valuable contribution to the industry: If you missed the original campaign, you may now contribute directly to SMPTE by selecting, "Moving Images" The SMPTE Documentary, on our donations page. As a supporter, you will become part of the SMPTE legacy of industry education and setting the standard for motion imaging. 


The playlist below are the video pitches we used for the Indiegogo campaign and features MOVING IMAGES, Director, Howard Lukk; Associate Producers Richard Welsh and Aimée Ricca; and Dr. Corey Carbonara of Baylor University, who shared a video produced by his students:

We now are in production and gearing up for the exclusive preview of MOVING IMAGES at the 2015 NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema, produced in partnership with SMPTE. View exclusive behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

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