Industry Event
Thursday, September 22, 2011 (All day) to Friday, September 23, 2011 (All day)

The 3D User Experience Technical Summit (3D-UETS) is a conference designed to assist those in the production pipeline in understanding the research done around the 3D human factors and applying them to their craft.

3D makes viewers 'feel'. Most of the time they feel great. A few times they feel not-so-great. There are psychological and physiological forces at work, that, once fully-understood, will be additional tools for 3D content creators and other parts of the production chain to make awesome 3D programs on a more regular and consistent basis.

During the Summit, attendees will:

  • Listen to and discuss the latest research into human factors, including that done in other 3D hot spots around the world;
  • Build an understanding of how the research will be applied to 3D content creation;
  • Network with the global 3D community under the International 3D Fair umbrella;
  • Attend social opportunities that will advance technical knowledge, but also industry camaraderie;
  • See the latest 3D products and the companies who are developing them
  • Have plenty of opportunities to ask their questions and challenge assumptions about the 'best' in 3D

Sponsored by the 3D@Home Consortium, the Summit will encompass presentations on findings from research around the world, particularly partners from Korea, Japan, Europe, and China. This event will feature several key social functions at Hollywood destinations for networking on an international scale in the center of 3D film production.

The 3D-UES is co-located with the 3D Entertainment Summit® and 3D Gaming Summit® and the Mobile Summit and their affiliated exhibits and programs with an expected attendance of over 1,000 3D professionals. 3D@Home Consortium is also pleased to present the conference as the 4th in a series of 3D Human Factors Summits sponsored by Steering Team 5.