Industry Event
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 10:00 to Friday, June 15, 2012 - 17:30

**SMPTE Members recieve a 20% discount on registration**

From June, 13 to 15, the international Dimension 3 Forum welcomes worldwide professionals and experts for a state of the art in equipments and applications. Event dedicated to new images, from creation to screens, Dimension 3 takes place in the Paris region at the Docks Pullmann in Saint-Denis.The Forum has become an exceptional networking hub in Europe for professionals using image new dimensions to their development strategy. Dimension 3 provides a gathering spot for creation, production, broadcasting and visualization. For its sixth edition Dimension 3 proposes a conference cycle, 3 days of workshops, a Festival... And for the first time the Forum opens its doors to a S3D content Market and an international recruitment space dedicated to new talents.



Why attending the Forum of new Images?


  1. Share your view on all new images technologies topics and new ways to communicate with worldwide experts and industry visionaries.
  2. Learn about wide-ranging informations on S3D, VXF, HDR, 3D Printer, Ultra High Resolution, augmented reality, interactive and immersive technologies.
  3. Acquire the latest techniques, tips, and technologies through live demos, workshops and conferences.
  4. Discover beta versions and the latest available worlwide products or applications.
  5. Develop your international network with people sharing your interest in new images, from a business and creativity standpoint: join your colleagues from around the world.
  6. Enjoy new opportunities for collaboration. (Networking events open to Forum attendees: Business dating – Young talents market - Festival Awards evening – Market place pitches…)
  7. Discover a worldwide images anthology of independent S3D contents: find inspiration and new contents to develop your business.A market place and a screening selection of S3D best programs regarding animated storytelling, documentaries, advertising and feature films… 



Dock Pullman
50, Avenue du President Wilson La Plaine Saint-Denis