The Hollywood Post Alliance Announces Nominees for the 2014 HPA Awards

Gala Awards Event Takes Place November 6, 2014

Los Angeles, CA (September 10, 2014) - The Hollywood Post Alliance has announced its nominees for the 2014 HPA Awards, the 9th annual unveiling of these honors. The Awards honor excellence in post production while bringing recognition to the creative achievements of individuals and companies as well as creative excellence and groundbreaking technologies within the post production industry. The HPA Awards are considered the standard bearer for excellence and innovation in the industry.

The nominees in the 12 craft categories were chosen from a field of talented and innovative entries in color grading, editing, sound and visual effects for motion pictures, commercials and television. Judging was completed by panels of category peers and other experts.

The winners of the 2014 HPA Awards will be announced during a gala evening, November 6, 2014 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Nominees for the 2014 HPA Awards are:


Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film


“The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Jill Bogdanowicz // Modern VideoFilm



Steven J. Scott // Technicolor


“12 Years a Slave”

Tom Poole // Company 3

Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film (continued)


“Labor Day”

Natasha Leonnet // Modern VideoFilm


“Monuments Men”

Skip Kimball // Technicolor


Outstanding Color Grading – Television


“Game of Thrones – Mockingbird”

Joe Finley // Modern VideoFilm


“Outlander – Sassenach”

Steven Porter // MTI Film


“The Blacklist – Berlin: Conclusion”

Randall Starnes // ColorWorks, a Sony Pictures Digital Productions Company


“Reign – Pilot”

David Cole // Modern VideoFilm


“Castle – Veritas”

Anthony Smith // Encore


Outstanding Color Grading – Commercial  


Citibank “Bright Lights”

Dave Hussey // Company 3


Maserati “Strike”

Siggy Ferstl // Company 3


Southern Comfort “Shark Bite”

Tim Masick // Company 3


GE “Childlike Imagination”

Stefan Sonnenfeld // Company 3


Doosan “Heavy Industries”

Siggy Ferstl // Company 3


Outstanding Editing – Feature Film


“12 Years a Slave”

Joe Walker, ACE


"Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

Jeff Ford, ACE and Matthew Schmidt


"Guardians of the Galaxy"

Fred Raskin and Craig Wood, ACE


"Captain Phillips"

Christopher Rouse, ACE


"American Hustle"

Jay Cassidy, ACE, Crispin Struthers, ACE and Alan Baumgarten, ACE


Outstanding Editing – Television


"House of Cards – Chapter 26"

Cindy Mollo, ACE // Netflix Inc.


"Breaking Bad – Felina"
Skip Macdonald, ACE 


"The Sixties – The Assassination of President Kennedy"

Chris A. Peterson, ACE


"The Good Wife – Hitting the Fan"

Scott Vickrey, ACE


"House of Cards – Chapter 14"

Byron Smith // Netflix Inc.


Outstanding Editing – Commercial


NY Lottery “Toast”

Chris Franklin // Big Sky Edit


Pepsi "Rhythm of Now"

Steve Gandolfi // Cut+Run


American Express "What's Your 20?"

Chris Franklin // Big Sky Edit


Nissan Juke “Trigger”                                                             

Doobie White // Therapy Studios


Santander Bank "Movie Marathon"                

Chris Franklin // Big Sky Edit


Outstanding Sound – Feature Film


“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Jeremy Peirson and Skip Lievsay // Warner Bros. Sound



Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn

Tim Le Blanc, Gregg Landaker and Rick Kline // Warner Bros. Sound



David Fluhr and Gabriel Guy // Walt Disney Studios Sound

Odin Benitez // Formosa Group



Craig Henighan and Jill Purdy // Subsonic Sound Service

Skip Lievsay // Warner Bros. Sound NY



Glenn Fremantle // Sound 24

Skip Lievsay // Warner Bros. Sound

Christopher Benstead and Niv Adiri // Warner Bros. De Lane Lea


Outstanding Sound – Television


“Game of Thrones – The Children”

Tim Kimmel, Onnalee Blank, Mathew Waters, Paula Fairfield and Brad Katona // Todd - Soundelux


“Banshee – Homecoming”

Bradley North, Joe DeAngelis, Bill Freesh, David Werntz and Tiffany S. Griffith // NBC Universal StudioPost


“Toy Story OF TERROR!”

Axel Geddes // Pixar Animation Studios

Tom Myers, Gary Summers, Michael Silvers and Dustin Cawood // Skywalker Sound


“House of Cards – Chapter 14”

Jeremy Molod // Netflix Inc.


“The Good Wife – Dramatics, Your Honor”

Fredric Judkins, John Snider and Christian Buenaventura // Technicolor Sound

Larry Benjamin and Kevin Valentine // Smart Post Sound


Outstanding Sound – Commercial 


Honda Europe “Inner Beauty”

Anthony Moore and Tom Joyce // Factory


Lurpak “Adventure Awaits"

Aaron Reynolds // Wave Studios


Nissan Juke “Trigger”

Doobie White // Therapy Studios


Save The Children “Most Shocking Second A Day Video”

Jon Clarke // Factory


Three “The Ride”

Jack Sedgwick // Wave Studios        


Outstanding Visual Effects – Feature Film



Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Max Solomon, Paul Beilby and Stuart Penn // Framestore


“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”

Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, R. Christopher White and Eric Reynolds // Weta Digital



Adam Valdez, Seth Maury, Kevin Hahn, David Seager and Carey Villegas // MPC   


“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Russell Earl, Steve Rawlins, Johan Thorngren, Francois Lambert and

Daniel Pearson // Industrial Light & Magic


“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, Erik Winquist, Keith Miller and Paul Story // Weta Digital


Outstanding Visual Effects – Television


“House of Cards – Chapter 19”

James Pastorius, Andy Witkowski, Rusty Ippolito and Andrew Roberts // Savage Visual Effects


“Hawaii Five-0 – Ho’onani Makuakane”

Armen Kevorkian, Jane Sharvina, Andranik Taranyan, Steve Graves and Dan Lopez // Encore VFX


“Game of Thrones – The Children”

Joe Bauer // Fire and Blood Productions

Sven Martin // Pixomondo

Jörn Grosshans // Mackevision

Thomas Schelesny // Scanline VFX

Matthew Rouleau // Rodeo FX


“Silicon Valley – Articles of Incorporation”

Lawson Deming, Cory Jamieson, Bill Parker, Casi Blume and Seth Cobb // Barnstorm VFX


“Tyrant – Pilot”

Doug Ludwig, Lindsay Hoppe, Chad Schott, Gevork Babityan, Arutyan Arthur Sayan // Encore VFX


Outstanding Visual Effects – Commercial


Lipton “Be More Tea”

Ben Cronin, Charlie Bayliss and Russell Dodgson // Framestore


Qualcomm “Snapdragon – Unsung Hero”

Andy Rowan-Robinson, Euna Kho, Matt Pascuzzi and Shayne Ryan // Framestore


GE “Childlike Imagination”

Benjamin Walsh, Dominik Bauch and Brian Burke // Method Studios


Captain Morgan “Fireship”

Murray Butler, Raul Ortego, Mike Bain and Andy Rowan-Robinson // Framestore


Audi A3 eTon "Powerwalking’”

Simon French, William Bartlett, Alex Doyle and Kimon Matara // Framestore


In addition to the craft categories, winners of the highly regarded Engineering Excellence Award and the HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation in Post Production will be announced shortly.

Tickets for the HPA Awards will be available in late September. They can be purchased online at by calling the HPA at 213.614.0860 or by writing More information about the HPA Awards and the Hollywood Post Alliance can be found at

For information about the Awards or general HPA information, please contact Alicia Rock, or call+1(213) 614.0860. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2014 HPA Awards, please contact Garrett Randall,, or 310.882.9204.

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