SMPTE October Conference To Showcase the Latest Research, Technologies, Tools For Entire Digital Media Ecosystem

Next-generation digital cinema architectures, 3D updates, new wireless acquisition, production, and distribution approaches, and IP-based video distribution among multiple topics

25-28 Oct. Hollywood Registration: Early-Bird Discounts Available

White Plains, NY, Sept. 2, 2010 - Providing a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders and experts about the latest research affecting the communications, media, and entertainment industries - as well as technologies and tools for monetizing new opportunities across the entire digital media ecosystem - the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) today announced its 2010 Technical Conference and Expo and a special pre-conference seminar to take place 25-28 October, 2010 in Hollywood, Calif.

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"High-quality video and audio and rich media content are transforming business models across the communications, media, and entertainment industries - as well as capabilities and spending priorities in adjacent government, healthcare, and security sectors," said Barbara Lange, Executive Director of SMPTE. "Bringing together science, technology, art, and commerce is vital to ensuring the efficient monetization and leveraging of resources in this digital media era - and the hallmark of this conference."

Pre-Conference Seminar: Digital Media Ecosystem Essentials
Kicking off the SMPTE gathering will be a pre-conference seminar that will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving digital media ecosystem and how the latest tools, technologies, and techniques can be used to create an efficient future-proof media workflow. Among the many topics will be those addressing technologies and techniques for improving productivity and supporting innovative business models, such as over-the-top (OTT) video streaming; digital rights management; the changing landscape of digital journalists; and content pre-production for multi-platform delivery and display environments.

The SMPTE Pre-conference Seminar will be held on 25 October - a day before the opening of the 2010 SMPTE Technical Conference and Expo - at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, Calif.

Annual Conference: Technological Insights Across the Digital Media Ecosystem
The three-day 2010 SMPTE Technical Conference and Expo will feature deep insights from technology and scientific experts addressing next-generation digital cinema architectures; 3D updates regarding in-theater, broadcast, and in-home approaches and infrastructures; HD and ultra-HD; new wireless acquisition, production, and distribution approaches; next-generation broadcast, cable, and satellite networks; and next-generation broadcast opportunities via the Internet, mobile TV, and other personal video devices, IP--based (OTT) TV services; and, the infrastructures required to support them all.

The 2010 SMPTE Technical Conference and Expo also will feature an update of the work by SMPTE on a stereoscopic 3D Home Master standard that will be key to enabling 3D feature films and other programming to be played on home television and computer displays regardless of the delivery channels. A complete description of the sessions is available at:

"With digital content moving out rapidly over more platforms and in more formats than ever, the conference is the only deep technological dive that can address the entire digital media ecosystem from the vantage points of researchers, practitioners, and business decision-makers," said Lange.

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