SMPTE Taps Emmy® Award Winning Producer and Television Personality Robb Weller to Host the Society’s Honors & Awards Ceremony, Reveals 2012 Winners


October Event Honors Technology Leaders, Innovators and Visionaries

White Plains, NY, 15 October 2012 – The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE), the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the media, entertainment, communications, and technology industries, today unveiled the roster of outstanding technology leaders, innovators and industry visionaries who will receive the Society’s 2012 Honors and Awards.

SMPTE also disclosed that Emmy® Award-winning television personality, Robb Weller, will host the industry- and technology-leader-studded award ceremony, which takes place 25 October at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, Calif.

“During this very special evening, we have the honor of celebrating those who have excelled in the motion imaging industry and their remarkable contributions,” said Barbara Lange, executive director, SMPTE.  “We are very thankful to the SMPTE members who participated in the selection of these remarkable individuals, to IMAX, who is the sponsor for the SMPTE 2012 Honors and Awards event, and to Panasonic and GQC for providing equipment and service support.”

The following individuals have been selected to receive SMPTE 2012 Honors and Awards:

SMPTE Honor Roll

Honorary Membership, the supreme accolade of the Society, honors individuals who have performed eminent service in the advancement of engineering in motion pictures, television, or in the allied arts and sciences.

Honorary Membership was conferred on Charles E. Anderson in recognition of his many decades of pioneering engineering work in the television industry, including his key contributions to the invention of the first practical broadcast grade videotape recorder. Anderson passed away shortly after learning of this honor.  The Society will celebrate his contributions to the Society by adding his name to the prestigious SMPTE Honor Roll.


SMPTE Progress Medal

The SMPTE Progress Medal honors the recipient by recognizing outstanding technical contributions to the progress of engineering phases of the motion picture, television, or motion imaging industries, and is awarded for an invention, research, or development which has resulted in a significant advance in technology.

This year’s award will be given to David Wood, who recently retired as deputy director, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for his career as a scientific and innovative leader in the broadcasting industry, dedicating his life to educating all constituents and proactively seeking a fair consensus for all.

Technicolor - Herbert T. Kalmus Medal

The Technicolor - Herbert T. Kalmus Medal, Sponsored By Technicolor, Inc, recognizes outstanding contributions that reflect a commitment to the highest standards of quality and innovation in motion picture post-production and distribution services.

This year’s award will be given to Thomas O. Maier, retired from the Eastman Kodak Company, in recognition of the creation of mathematical and computer models of film and digital systems that were used in the development of new products and services at the company and his contributions to the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) architecture, including development contributions to the Reference Rendering Transform and benchmarking of the ACES and workflow against the traditional digital intermediate (DI) processes.

Samuel L. Warner Memorial Medal

Sponsored by Warner Bros, the Samuel L. Warner Memorial Medal recognizes outstanding contributions in the design and development of new and improved methods and/or apparatus for motion picture sound, including any step in the process.

This year’s medal will be presented to Robert Douglas Greenfield, of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. for his active participation in the science and craft of modern cinema sound, and for his tireless professional dedication to the support of others in the practice. Greenfield has devoted more than 30 years in the furtherance of innovation and quality in the field of sound for motion pictures. During his career at Dolby Laboratories, Greenfield has had a hand in nearly all cinema sound innovations, such as the applications of noise reduction to stereo variable area (SVA) recordings, analog optical mastering and distribution, the development of Dolby Spectral Recording (SR) noise reduction and its application to cinema soundtracks, 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Optical mastering and printing, digital cinema mastering and packaging, and digital theater tuning and calibration.


David Sarnoff Medal

The David Sarnoff Medal, sponsored By SRI International Sarnoff, recognizes outstanding contributions in the development of new techniques or equipment, which have contributed to the improvement of the engineering phases of television technology, including large-venue presentations.

This year’s award will be given to James M. DeFilippis for his contributions to digital television, including development of the Fox Network MPEG-2 splicing distribution system, his work as director of engineering for the Advanced Television Test Center, his ongoing support of SMPTE as well as activity in several other technology standards development organizations, and 32 years of engineering excellence in the broadcast television industry.

Kodak Educational Award

The Kodak Educational Award, sponsored by Eastman Kodak, recognizes outstanding contributions in new or unique educational programs utilizing the technologies of film in motion picture, television, high-speed and instrumentation photography, or other photographic sciences. This award recognizes an individual who advances the educational process at any level through innovative and inspirational methods.  

This year’s award will be given to William McDonald of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, for his dedication to student filmmakers striving to take advantage of the best of film and digital technologies. During his tenure at UCLA, McDonald has advocated for affordable access to the best production and post-production resources for film students, negotiating services with Technicolor, Deluxe, and FotoKem among others. He was also instrumental in bringing the largest fiber-connected Final Cut Pro platform at the time to UCLA to modernize post-production teaching.  In addition, McDonald has innovated collaborative education with industry professionals through the UCLA Cinematography Residence Program where students learn directly from award winning professional cinematographers from the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

SMPTE also announced the winners of four new medal awards that recognize current technology applications that are prevalent in today’s digital media ecosystem.

SMPTE Workflow Systems Medal

The SMPTE Workflow Systems Medal recognizes outstanding contributions related to the development and integration of information-technology file-based systems and infrastructures into production processes.

This year’s medal will be presented to Brad Gilmer, executive director of the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), consultant, and prolific writer and speaker for his leadership in file-based workflow topics.  Gilmer’s early work on file based workflow while at Turner Entertainment became a model for many broadcasters to follow. Mr. Gilmer’s leadership of the AMWA has moved Material Exchange Format (MXF) implementation to the forefront of modern facilities, and begun a process that will complete the important work necessary to implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in widespread use through the joint work AMWA has begun with the EBU on Framework for Interoperable Media Service (FIMS).

SMPTE Digital Processing Medal

The SMPTE Digital Processing Medal recognizes significant technical achievements related to the development of digital processing of content for motion picture, television, games, or other related media.

This year’s medal will be presented to Gary Demos of Image Essence LLC, for his pioneering work in creating computer-generated digital special effects. For more than 30 years, Demos contributed to the development of high-speed film scanners and recorders, created computer-generated images, and created concepts to enable high-quality image compression and image processing and formats for high definition and beyond.

SMPTE Camera Origination and Imaging Medal

The SMPTE Camera Origination and Imaging Medal recognizes significant technical achievements related to invention or advances in imaging technology, including sensors, imaging processing electronics and the overall embodiment and application of image capture devices.

This year’s medal will be presented to Bryce E. Bayer, retired from Eastman Kodak and the inventor of the color filter array that bears his name, the Bayer Filter, which is a core technology incorporated into nearly every digital camera and camera phone on the market today. The advent of progressive capture and file-based workflows has allowed the Bayer Filter to thrive in current digital cameras for motion pictures and television.

SMPTE Archival Technology Medal

The SMPTE Archival Technology Medal recognizes significant technical advancements or contributions related to the invention or development of technology, techniques, workflows, or infrastructure for the long-term storage, archive, or preservation of media content essence.

This year’s medal will be presented to the U.S. Library of Congress, Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation in recognition of its leadership, dedication, and commitment to our media cultural heritage through their archive and preservation of the world's largest collection of film, television, radio, and sound recordings.

SMPTE Journal Award and SMPTE Journal Certificates of Merit

One Journal Award is presented annually to the author of the most outstanding paper originally published in the Journal of the Society during the preceding calendar year.

The SMPTE 2012 Journal Award is being presented to Pascal Carrières, Sara J. Kudrle, Marco Lopez and Michel Proulx, all of Miranda Technologies, for the Paper "Fingerprinting for Solving A/V Synchronization Issues within Broadcast Environments" published in the July/August 2011 issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal.

SMPTE 2012 Journal Certificates of Merit also will be presented during the Honors and Awards ceremony. The first Certificate of Merit will be presented to Dan Eakins and Mihailo Stojancic for their article entitled "Interoperable AV Sync Systems in the SMPTE 22TV Lip Sync AHG: Content-Fingerprinting-Based Audio-Video Synchronization," which was published in the July/August 2011 issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal.

The second Certificate of Merit will be awarded to Carlos Vázquez and Wa James Tam, for their article entitled "A Nonconventional Approach to the Conversion of 2D Video and Film Content to Stereoscopic 3D", which was published in the May/June 2011 issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal.

Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society

The Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society recognizes individuals for dedicated service to the Society over a sustained period of time.

2012 Honorees include:

·         Paul R. Beck of Emerson College, for his dedication and involvement in nearly every aspect of the New England Section’s activities and missions since 1975;

·         Michael Day of Network Ten Australia, for his consistent support and dedication to the Australian Section;

·         Ward Hansford of Ericsson Television Limited, for his outstanding contributions to the Australian Section for the past 17 years;

·         Franco Visintin, retired from the RAI - Radio Televisione Italiana, for his long-time dedication and support of the Italian Section; and,

·         Terence Wong of Hong Kong Design Institute, for his exceptional support and contributions to the Hong Kong Section.

Excellence in Standards Award

The Excellence in Standards Award recognizes individuals or companies who have been actively involved in advancing SMPTE standards activities and processes.

This year’s award will be presented to Bob Edge for his continuous and proactive commitment to the development and improvement to SMPTE’s engineering standards and practices. Edge has made major contributions in SMPTE’s engineering activities for many years. As a committee chair and active participant, he has been a leader in the development of standards for file formats and file-based workflows.

Louis F. Wolf Memorial Scholarship

The Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship is designed to help students further their undergraduate or graduate studies in motion pictures and television with an emphasis on technology.

The 2012 Scholarship will be awarded to Natalie Morningstar, who has studied motion picture film at Brigham Young University, worked in the video/film post-production industry, earned a certificate in digital multimedia production from Montgomery College in Rockville, Md., and has nearly completed an associate’s of arts degree in computer science. Morningstar has been awarded a multi-year scholarship funded by the National Science Foundation to attend the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she will study computer engineering with an emphasis on communication.

SMPTE 2012 Fellows

A Fellow of the Society is one who has, by proficiency and contributions, attained an outstanding rank among engineers or executives in the motion-picture, television, or related industries.


The following individuals will be inducted as SMPTE 2012 Fellows:

·         Jay H. Ballard, ESPN

·         Wayne E. Bretl, Zenith Electronics, LLC

·         John E. Ferder, CBS

·         John Hudson, Semtech Corp.

·         Xueming Henry Gu, Green International Consulting