Trio in IBC software alliance



First formal meeting: (L/R) Lieven Vermaele, Barbara Lange, Brad Gilmer & Hans Hoffmann

By George Jarrett

The three biggest organisations in the world involved in driving digital workflow standards - the EBU, SMPTE and AMWA - have penned a formal agreement that will see them co-operating on future media-related standards, and establishing closer links with users to speed up the standard-setting process.

"The aim is to identify common points where we have issues to discuss, and digital workflows are high on the agenda," said EBU deputy technical director and SMPTE engineering VP Hans Hoffmann. "So are the evolution of media, new innovative technologies, identifying the best user input, and moving the standards process in a direction where it meets the demands of the market.

"This is about setting software standards, software life cycle management, and how we can define a common denominator across the world on user requirements," he added.

EBU Technical Director Lieven Vermaele wants the cost of integrations to reduce. "They are a big burden on organisations now," he said. "The three partners will exchange and maybe align our programmes of activities so we can get the maximum out of this alignment. Senior managers will come together annually and the agenda will be channelled down to the expert level."
SMPTE Executive Director Barbara Lange admitted that setting standards quicker was one of the issues reviewed. "SMPTE follows proper due process and we want to maintain integrity, but at the same time we recognise that speed is of the essence in some of these software areas," she said.

Courtesy of IBC Daily News 13 September 2011