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2012 Regional Seminar

How to Generate and Automate Content for Multi-platform, Multi-display  Distribution

Today’s consumers of motion imaging content have many options when it comes to service providers and display devices. They may subscribe to on-demand services via satellite or cable operators. PCs and the Internet are now very common sources for content, smartphones and tablets have matured and become almost ubiquitous. This creates many new challenges when it comes to producing and managing content. With this in mind, the 2012 SMPTE Regional Seminar is designed to provide crucial knowledge to help participants plan, produce and manage content so it can be effectively utilized with minimal regard to the distribution platform used or the display device viewed.

Come to this one-day seminar at any of a half-dozen locations  and get answers to these questions:

  • What are the technological differences between the types and formats of various multi-platform distribution systems and display devices?
  • What technologies and processes can I use to generate/automate content for correct display on the current variety of devices including iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone, set-top-boxes, satellite receivers, computers, and connected televisions?
  • What methodologies can I use to effectively plan workflows and technologies to support multi-platform distribution systems and today’s display devices?
  • What is the potential impact of new and emerging standards, including the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), on content produced for multi-platform/multi-display environments?

Seminar Agenda*

  • Overview of Business Aspect of Multi-distribution/Multi-display
  • File Preparation
  • Metadata
  • Transforms and How Metadata ties in
  • How to Automate from Mezzanine to Deliverable
  • Emerging Standards and the Future

* Agenda Subject to Change

Dates and Locations:

Tuesday 22 May - Chicago , IL
Instructors: Ben Davenport, AmberFin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation

Thursday 24 May – Washington, D.C.
Instructors: Ben Davenport, AmberFin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation

Tuesday 25 September - Melbourne, FL
Instructors: Bruce Devlin, Amberfin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation

Thursday 27 September – Montreal, Canada
Instructors: Bruce Devlin, Amberfin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation; Shaun Flagg, Cox

Thursday 8 November – New York, NY
Instructors: Simon Adler, AmberFin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation; Shaun Flagg, Cox

Saturday 10 November –  Toronto, Canada
Instructors: Simon Adler, AmberFin; Mark Darlow, Harris Corporation; Shaun Flagg, Cox

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Here is what attendees said about about SMPTE's Regional Seminars to date:

“One of the most effective and engaging technical seminars I’ve been to in my 22 years in the broadcast realm. Great job all!” - Toronto Seminar Participant

“Excellent seminar! Anybody will learn something, but professional from IT or broadcast will learn a lot.” - Montreal Seminar Participant

“Both speakers did an excellent job with the "Making Use of MXF" portion of the seminar; this was by far my highlight of the event.” - Toronto Seminar Participant

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