UK Section Officers


Following the 2015 elections we will be welcoming the following members to the Board of Managers

  •       John Ellerton BT M&B.
  •       Tom Griffiths  itv
  •       Steve Plunkett Ericsson

who take up office on 1 July 2015


The officers of the UK Section are:

Chair Chris Johns, Sky

ChrisJohns has been with Sky/BSkyB since its inception in 1989 having started his career in broadcast with the BBC.
As Chief Engineer, Chris has been at the forefront of delivering broadcast functionality to the platform such as the Multi channel Digital Play - out facilities, Dolby Digital audio, Server based solutions, HD &3D.

Chris is now helping Sky enhance the entertainment delivered across a multitude of different platforms from a common core whilst maintaining the audio and visual quality the customer has come to expect from today’s technologies.

Chris was appointed a Fellow of SMPTE in 2013 recognising his outstanding work in the development of Television platforms and Innovative technology in the UK

Sec/Treas  Peter Weitzel,

Peter now consults for Broadcasters  and small manufacturers
– having had a long & very varied career in the "projects" area with BBC BBC T Siemens latterly as Principal Technology Manager Media Systems.
He has led standardisation of Teletext, DVB Subtitles  and the introduction of Audio Description. 

He has worked on the technology strategy of major broadcasters as they confronted going digital – in studio & OB  and Emission -  recently introducing Audio & Video over IP.
Peter has been arranging lectures for many years and is very keen on ensuring that all in our industries can keep up to date and share knowledge and experience.

In 2014 Peter was Awarded  The Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society, which recognizes individuals for dedicated service for the betterment of the Society over a sustained period of time
for for his instrumental role in re-establishing the SMPTE U.K. Section, and for his leadership in driving the growth of the Section and the quality of programming provided to its members over the first two years.



Andy Quested  BBC


Andy Quested started working as a Technical Assistant at the BBC in 1978. from 1983 to 2000 Andy worked as an VT editor across the whole range of BBC output but is possibly best known as the editor of Keeping Up Appearances! 
Since 2005, Andy has been leading the BBC’s high definition technology strategy as Head of Technology for HD (and now 3D)
Andy was asked to become an ITU Special Rapporteur with the task of examining the current world 3D production status   Andy also chairs the EBU 3D group and the  EBU Quality Control Programme. He is currently working on the techical challeneges of UHD1 and UHD2  for production and programme exchange

Andy was appointed a Fellow of SMPTE in 2014  recognising his outstanding work in the development of HD and UHD techniques and his work in DPP, EBU and ITU on this and Quality Checking.

Ben Roeder  Sohonet

Ben Roeder

Ben Roeder is the CTO of Sohonet   Ben started at Sohonet in 2000 and is runs Sohonet’s global technology programme. Ben has developed a number of groundbreaking QC and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries and has led the award submission process for SIGGRAPH and VES for many years.

Ben was previously part of the Oscar and Emmy award-winning core development team at Lightworks, then Tektronix and has worked on many research projects and written a variety of articles regarding the future of media production.

David Austerberry

 David Austerberry  was Editor Broadcast Engineering World - and is still  writing about the technologies of the media business  including Informed Sauce


Simon Gauntlett

Simon Gauntlett has been the Technology Director for the Digital TV Group in the UK since 2006, setting the technology strategy and roadmap for the UK Television Industry Association. This involves bringing together broadcasters, manufacturers, retailers and silicon vendors and agreeing interoperability standards for AV in the UK. He participates in several international standards forums and regularly presents at industry conferences. Previously, Simon worked for the BBC Research and Development department on projects including the introduction of High Definition and Digital Radio Cameras.

Simon is a fellow of the IET and an honorary fellow of the BKSTS

Simon has taken on the role of Centennial Co-Ordinator  - as we move to celebrating 100 years of SMPTE....


 Nigel Seth-Smith

.small_Nigel Seth-Smith_smaller.jpg

Nigel Seth-Smith  is a strategic technology manager at Semtech, with responsibility for video product definition and standards support.

He first digitized a video signal in 1977 at the IBA. Since then he has been working with pictures, and the numbers which represent them, in Canada and the UK, with Link Electronics, Scientific Atlanta, DPS, Snell & Wilcox and now Semtech. His current standards work concerns UHDTV transport and network based genlock timing.


Russell Trafford - Jones

small_Russell T-J.jpg

Russell Trafford-Jones is Head of Contribution Product Support at V-Nova - implementing solutions for Broadcasters whilst developing the product range. 

He has worked for BBC Technology/Siemens/ATOS, BMCUK and, most recently TSL Systems where he was a Systems Architect designing and managing bids for all types of broadcasters.

He is one of the member of the Graduate Intiative Panel - a resource for those starting in our industries


In addition to the managers the Section relies on other key Volunteers
these attend the Board of Managers meetings with full speaking rights
but are not able to vote.


Chairman Meetings

Bruce Kruger from Sky has been appointed  to lead the Group which plans the meetings,  and being the point of reference as individuals organise and run our meetings In London and in the clusters across the UK .


Chairman Membership

We need someone to coordinate our contact with  Members and Prospective members  both Individuals and Companies across the Industries in the UK 

We have already got volunteers helping with Supporting younger members as they transition to working and their first years in our industries


Organiser Regional Seminar

Tim Harris, MirriAd

small_Tim harris new.jpg

Tim is the VP Engineering  for MirriAd, -the only end to end solution for embedding brands in video content.
Tim has an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from the ISLI working with Snell & Wilcox and then AmberFin as industrial sponsor. His experience includes MXF and AAF support, video processing architectures, the business of video, and test patterns, and Grading systems for film and TV.

 He was a founding manager of the UK section serving from 2012-14.



At its meetings in April 2012 the Board of Managers  agreed that Board members should serve a maximum of two 2 year terms  
so promoting a good flow of new blood to the Board,
and guidance  on the chairman term ( 2 or 3 years)  and Hon Sec (typically about 5 years)

There is an outline of what  is required of a Managers of the UK Section

Contact Peter Weitzel for more information or  for details on how you or your employer can help SMPTE UK Section- we need more members to help  our activities  around the UK and in London